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  1. If it’s true it’s being kept very quiet as corporate staff are not aware of this. Which makes me think it’s not true.
  2. It wouldn’t be Leicester if something like this didn’t happen
  3. Feel apathetic to everything covid related now, which I suppose is everything full stop. When the roadmap was announced I was ecstatic but it’s still going to be rubbish after June 21st anyway. Couldn’t care less about the prospect of sitting in a half empty pub not able to leave my chair, might as well cancel my festival tickets and holiday as well considering I won’t be able to go if a dodgy test decides I’ve got covid
  4. Pathetic and embarrassing. How stupid can a city be?
  5. How does that donkey mings get a look in for England. He’s so shit
  6. Well I certainly hope so. I’m a huge advocate for vaccine passports once we have all been offered one. Imagine losing all your freedom for the sake of copious amounts of selfish idiots.
  7. Did a first aid course this morning and at the start the instructor asked us who would be taking the vaccine. Only me and a guy in his 30s said yes, it was 14 people in total all in their 20s and very cool popular personal trainers likely to have influence over others. Pretty shocking really, if that is any indication of the general attitude in that cohort, I struggle to see us getting out of ongoing restrictions in the later stages of the roadmap. It’s especially concerning when you consider that Chile is back in severe lockdown and they have vaccinated more people than us.
  8. 12 for me, can't bloody wait! Although I suspect il end up coming back in a worst mood than anything from the past 3 months
  9. This is what I can’t abide, facing shortages with countries butting heads on supply and the precious ones we have are turned down. Makes me fvcking seethe. 2000 doses binned is a disgrace and the people of Leicester should be utterly ashamed.
  10. The Andre Gray tweets were completely different, I believe he was calling for gays to be burned. Bowen hashtagged a phrase that was widely used at the time. Obviously using that language is wrong but children say silly things all the time. Common sense needed from the FA.
  11. They love a moan on blue moon, always the victims. Most of the posters are convinced that there is a conspiracy against them from the FA.
  12. Really hoping the international break doesn't halt his momentum because even after everything, 25 million is looking like an absolute steal right now. He contributed so much against SU and yanited, played like a man possessed. Gwan Kel, go and get another 10 goals this season
  13. What do you mean so ****ing what? That or something similar is what life is all about for everyday average people in this country. If all the most vulnerable people are vaccinated why shouldn’t we see friends or family again. Otherwise what’s even the point of the ****ing vaccines? Also, you don’t get banned from social interaction during a war. Stupid comparison.
  14. No I’m referring to him claiming through his agent that he wants to leave right before a huge Champions league game
  15. Worthington golden tan, fans idol, ladies man. Met him at the RICOH when we played Cov, I didn’t know who he was at the time but my dad was completely starstruck like I’ve never seen. Lovely bloke as well, happy to engage with everyone. RIP
  16. Bollo*ks. He’s on loan to spurs. Players go on loan all the time, he has no obligation to stay at Spurs beyond the agreed period of time. People are always desperate to equate Pogbas antics with trivial stuff like this.
  17. Christ, at this point AZ might as well adopt the skull and crossbones as its sigil. PR nightmare from start to finish.
  18. They clearly are, it’s undisputable. Classic antifa.
  19. The be been a firm critic of Nacho before but the guy has been absolutely exceptional the last few games.
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