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  1. https://vm.tiktok.com/Jj7yLkY/ an uncomfortable watch
  2. Possibly, they have real momentum though. Will be interesting, especially because it’s a one off tie.
  3. I reckon there’s value in wins for Rangers Roma and Basle tonight. German and Spanish teams have not played competitively for a while. Wolfsburg looked well off the pace yesterday, and Rangers and Roma played competitively a few days ago.
  4. Thought exactly the same thing. Clearly a monumentally tragic accident.
  5. No I’m pretty sharp as it goes. From your post it seems that you find Riley’s condemnation of anti-semitism more offensive than Wiley’s disgusting rant. He needs educating... hahahaha he’s 41, not some kid. I suspect that if the writer was Tommy Robinson and the subject was Literally ALL Muslims, you would be calling for a lot more than a bit of education.
  6. ‘The right side of the argument’ Oh my god! It’s not up for debate whether it’s ok to incite hatred and violence to a whole religion. I suppose it’s only the Jews though eh? What the **** is wrong with you.
  7. I’ve sucked it up for 4 months Easy to say if your livelihood and mortgage doesn’t depend on face to face public interactions!
  8. Had a big day/night out planned with mates for tomorrow, it was supposed to be the first night out, with the weather being nice presumably pubs will still serve groups on outdoor tables? But honestly I’m so over this, I know people have suffered but we can’t just keep going like this.... locking down then opening again then closing again, It’s no way to live.
  9. So Surely Indoor Pubs/bars will have to shut then??? Or is it just based on the assumption that social distancing will be taking place in public places but not households? How hard is it to clear this up in the same announcement. Jesus wept.
  10. I’m absolutely ****ing sick of this. You’ll have to excuse me but I’ve been holding this rant in for years. In our era of wokeness there remains one group of human beings who are still almost fair game for vilification. It is almost socially acceptable. Most people will know exactly what I mean. I’m ashamed to say I have (former) friends in different friendship groups who will go into war to repress criticism of certain communities or religions and I don’t necessarily have a problem with that. However, after a few drinks and other things they will have no problem dropping, to quote a few.... “That’s so Jewish” “Him and his Jew nose” “We need to talk about all these Jews” “FIFA tournament- no Jew goals though” Look at the comment section on the LCFC Facebook page when they recognise Jewish holidays. So much hate. And then there’s the Labour Party..... Even today I’m seeing so much support for Wiley on social media with comments like “Big up my man Wiley” and “Real talk” etc etc People who just last a couple of weeks ago were holding signs with messages like “we are all equal” etc. His comments were not aimed at Israel so people can’t use the anti-Zionism excuse either. Im sick of the hypocrisy. I want to see protests and riots. I want to see confirmation that the PL stand firmly against anti-semitism, and I want to see Twitter reprimanded for their appallingly slow response. remember, silence is violence and if you don’t speak out against it then YOU are part of the problem. I have ties to the Jewish community through my girlfriend, and some of the more sinister anti-semitism they have suffered is truly disgusting and VERY frequent. Jewish schools have to hire private security firms for god sake. Graves are vandalised almost weekly etc. Overt displays of racism like this are usually global news. Wiley MBE is a hugely influential figure, right at the top of the hierarchy for grime music. Dare I question whether there is an issue of systemic anti-semitism in grime?
  11. If that’s the correct frame then it is inexplicably that it wasn’t properly looked at
  12. My gran would have known to show Son outside there. Jesus Christ.
  13. Usually how it is with him, misses countless easy chances and then he finds his feet when everyone’s gave up on him 🤣
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