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  1. We are not children, we understand that suffering is relative. We are allowed to be frustrated with the disruption to our lives for over a year, and having an Indian slum shoved in our faces to show us how lucky we are imo has an air of moral superiority, which is unnecessary. Sorry Line-X I just really want to go to the pub 😊
  2. I’m not suprised. It seems to me that most of your own posts absolutely reek of it.
  3. Very weird. Repetitive and condescending as well.
  4. I did no such thing, my response was to a different poster who questioned the general relevance of her being white. My point was that it is absolutely relevant in the context of proactive crime prevention. You then went off on one about Tommy bloody Robinson.
  5. Yes which is why I said the victim is usually white, which they are. I’m aware that Sikh Hindu and even Muslim girls have also been targeted.
  6. Not really no, because your points are irrelevant. Pinpointing POTENTIAL victims in order to safeguard would be a PRE-EMPTIVE step. Those in certain areas who may be at risk could be saved before they go down the rabbit hole that the abusers dig. Its ok to record a victims ethnicity, sociological and criminological research relies on that data. It does not compromise the victims anonymity.
  7. Oh what a shock someone makes this about the far right 🤣 🤡
  8. People coming from red list countries via non red list countries.
  9. Just get the jab bro. It literally is our ticket to normality
  10. DOGE to be listed on coinbase in 6-8 weeks. It’s happening. Next stop is Tesla . 💎 🙌
  11. I think it is relevant tbh, in these kind of crimes the victim is usually white underclass. If it was a racist attack on a BAME individual the race would be relevant. I think it’s helpful in terms of prevention to ascertain as much information about a potential victim as possible wouldn’t you agree?
  12. He has 1.5 billion invested in btc, he’s no fool and he’s up to something. I would cautiously say it’s a fantastic time to sensibly buy doge nano and cardano
  13. No he was just being rested completely. Tuchel did the same with mount against Man City, left him out the squad then started him next game
  14. If the rioters stop the game again then Liverpool should absolutely be awarded the 3 points, and Utd should have points deducted. Second could be back on.
  15. Yes I realise that. But when it finds it’s way to older people who aren’t vaccinated it will translate into higher hospital admissions and death. SAGE will flap and the government will panic.
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