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  1. Just need to sh!thouse an ugly ass 1-0 win from a Ben Mee own goal
  2. Tbf with it (finally!) including people who became self employed in 19/20, the time will be needed to redo all of the calculations, which is fair enough.
  3. Wow. Clearly not confident on the June 21st target then.
  4. Absolute shit show all round with this idiot spreading the Brazil variant god knows where.
  5. Cheers, I decided to store it in on trust wallet as I’m just going to be holding my BTC indefinitely.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/olympics-2020-sports/article-9309623/Tokyo-2020-Jamaicas-Yohan-Blake-willing-MISS-Olympics-Covid-vaccine-required.html Why even indulge idiots like this by reporting on it. Let’s give more people a nudge towards vaccine rejection shall we
  7. My coinbase decided it needs to verify my account again. How about binance? I've just bought BTC through the binance app, not sure if that means its just stored on the exchange or if its safely in a wallet provided by the platform
  8. Total noob, can someone please advise whether the coinbase wallet app is secure?
  9. Yes I’ve seen some of plea videos and although they were very good, according to the numbers, the earliest ones haven’t made any real difference even amongst the most vulnerable of already vulnerable ethnic groups(!) I also worry that such campaigns won’t even reach the most determined to refuse the vaccine. Outside of those communities in the majority demographic, people will be more reluctant to inflict societal pressure on BAME communities for fear of minimising their concerns and eventually being labelled racist. In America there’s already pre-emptive articles absolving responsibilit
  10. Not sure about ignoring restrictions but lack of vaccine take up amongst BAME people is certainly a big cause and will only get worst as we go down the age groups. It’s a bit of a taboo topic of discussion but it’s seriously likely to delay the easing of restrictions, and could mean bad news for new strains according to what the scientists are saying.
  11. I like JVT, but christ his football metaphors are shocking.
  12. I’ve brought this up in the past and you are the only other person I’ve seen draw attention to this. They won’t because they see anti-semitism as acceptable and funny (unless of course it’s coming from a far right white bloke). The amount of so called left wing people I’ve known, worked with and been associated with who have laughed at Jew jokes and even said incredibly anti Semitic things is gargantuan. Every time I call them out immediately and every time they just stand there with a gormless look on their face as if it’s just a given that Jews are inferior. They all would go to war to
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ApgJMVkM0 More (very well explained) real world data showing that the pfizer vaccine cuts asymptomatic infection by 72% 21 days after 1 dose and 86% after 2 doses, in front line health care workers.
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