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  1. If Amarty had played the ball forward down the line & not back to Ndidi Choudhury wouldn't be getting slagged off.
  2. No why play Daniel "I can only pass the ball backwards or to the opposion" Amerty why?
  3. Think they need to change the name to Screaming Slavia Prague.
  4. Didn't see that coming after the first 70 minutes but won £33 on the 3-1 so happy days.
  5. Left it about 70 minutes too late to take Albrighton off. Gave the ball away constantly.
  6. Need to play him & not Mendy against big physical sides when ndidi isn't fit. He had good first half considering he hasn't started for ages.
  7. It was like watching boys against men out muscled the whole game.
  8. Dirkster the fox. Stadium expansion has nothing to do with many tickets are sold for a 5.31pm ko a week after Christmas against Wigan in the FA Cup, we could re-build Filbert Street it was. It is to do with how many home league games have sold more than 90 percent of tickets in the last four seasons.
  9. The Kev show, he is world class when he is on his game you have no chance. He was the difference today no shame losing to them.
  10. Think you might have got 5000-1 tonight on Chilwell scoring 1st goal & City winning 0-9 away.
  11. We went a couple of weeks ago it is about an hour.
  12. Not the best of ideas having 4000 people stuck under a polythene sheet with no air flow in August maybe okay in January.
  13. It was polythene and hot like being stuck in a greenhouse it wasn't nice being under it.
  14. Had my doubts when I seen he was in the starting 11 but he and Claude proved me wrong he had y great game.
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