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  1. Anyone been to the police yet, to confess to them that you once said that you reject the teachings of Allah and therefore you're directly responsible for the murder of 22 people on Monday night, moreso than the person who actually detonated the bomb?
  2. Helps if you know who Drake is...
  3. "He was a really nice bloke until he saw Dave from Luton's Facebook post about being offended by the Burka, and then he came to the obvious conclusion that an 8 year old girl at a pop concert is a fair target at which to express his rage at this"
  4. Apparently we are all ISIS.
  5. Play for a top 6 team Be on the bench for a top 6 team Be at the under 23s for a top 6 team Fart in the general direction a top 6 team. Basically.
  6. Watched 'The Keeper" documentary series on Netflix. Powerful and horrifying stuff - the Catholic Church is beyond redemption. Pure evil.
  7. I'd F**KING LOVE to see Was in a Scout's uniform!
  8. Fans Performance of the Season Sevilla. I'm not able to go all that often but that was without a doubt the best atmosphere I've witnessed for 20 years. Such a privilege to be a part of it. LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR. Team Performance of the Season Sevilla, Liverpool or Man City Individual Performance of the Season Ndidi vs Liverpool Ranieri/Shakespeare Performance of the Season Ranieri - Man City - a return to the basics, which made it even more baffling when we strayed away from that afterwards. Shakey - tempted to say Liverpool for returning to the basics but Sevilla he got everything right. Absolute Scenes of the Season Probably the final whistle against Sevilla. The two goals were mental but the cheers and the look of everyone's face was just unforgettable. Pandamonium. I will never, ever forget that game. Understated Hero of the Season Would say Albrighton but he does get some plaudits. Otherwise - Simpson's usually very consistent under the radar.
  9. £12.5m for Jeffery Schlupp.
  10. It's essentially grooming.
  11. Michael Moore debunked the video game link to violence 15 years ago in Bowling for Columbine.
  12. Nigeria doesn't have PayPal.
  13. @Union FS I think you have your next Tifo.
  14. Second device found at Cathedral Gardens nearby, will be destroyed by controlled explosion.