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  1. Well this looks ridiculous: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/zack-snyder-army-of-the-dead-trailer/?fbclid=IwAR1ak8BS3aBJfuc5-QLIggm7_t7BeYt3L8sfCRwXfgvaC4V2huDxhmSyOe4 of course I’m going to watch it.
  2. Stacy Dooley doc about people on the Psych ward on BBC2 now. Harrowing to see what people are going through. Quite a bit resonates with me to be honest.
  3. Just having 3 more episodes left feels like a violation of my human rights.
  4. Whoever keeps making these threads every 6 months...
  5. Could be a smart move by the club - even despite our history of Fireman Stan, La Manga 2, Casinogate and The Bangkok Racist Gangbang incident - making 'a house party during COVID restrictions' the new standard for bad behaviour should send a clear message just how high our standards are to be from now on.
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