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  1. And he pretty much failed at all of it.
  2. Wait till you realise Wasylevskys is on the list.
  3. Disgusting. For balance tho: Areema deserves better than these two reprehensible cvnts. She was a better human than the pair of them combined.
  4. looks like the club are doing one every week on Sporcle. Newest one is naming each player to make a Champions League appearance for the club. https://www.sporcle.com/games/LeicesterCityFC/leicester-citys-champions-league-appearance-makers Got them all with 50 seconds to spare!
  5. Tongue was firmly in cheek Finn...
  6. Labour - who Jezbolah has been telling us is the only party fighting for social justice - is now the only political party in Britain that has never had a female leader. Except for the BNP. Who are also the only other party in Britain to be investigated by the EHRC for institutionalised racism. Legacy.
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