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  1. Fair enough. I meant it as purely a contract upgrade in order to boost his ‘release clause’, with the promise of bonuses if we qualify for the CL. Having said all that, one might already be in place You’d like to think so, in a perfect world. He’s a clever guy and could earn a lot more at Man Utd and Arsenal, without a doubt. But he’s already quite wealthy, and very ambitious in his career. Man U and Arsenal both have more money than sense, as you say. Dreadful recruitment, dreadful management from top to bottom. Just throw money at the problem - which is at the minute benefiting us. We all know he wants to manage an elite club, but at the minute, turning us into one is his best and most attractive chance to get that. Nigel and co started off with a blank state and accidentally built a Premier League winning team. Ranieri perfected it, Shakeu maintained it, Puel, err, maintained and added to it too. Brendan, Davies and Kolo have a club with high hopes, low expectations in the club and fanbase, an incredible recruitment team, the best owner in the world and the best training ground in Europe coming soon.
  2. I suspect we might offer him an interim deal until the end of the season just to secure him at the club, then depending on how we finish the season give him a proper raise as required.
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