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  1. The OH Leuven Thread

    I'd argue that he's smack bang in the middle of his career having had the best part of 2 years off after losing the best job he'd ever had for non-footballing reasons and basically through no fault of his own; with 4 months in the middle at a club that wasn't willing to give him the time, resources, trust or even breathing space to do what he knows he can do. Personally I think this is a perfect appointment for Nigel - it's a new experience in a new country, but it's also a chance for him to build a new dynasty at a new club with owners he knows and clearly still has a great relationship with and knows will grant him everything he needs. What's more I think this will give him redemption on both a personal and professional level
  2. The OH Leuven Thread

    You can expect him, with the resources, time and trust of King Power, to do the following: Improve the club's training facilities Improve the club's recruitment philosphophy Improve the club's sports science department Build a squad with a winning mentality Build a squad with a strong team spirit Build a squad with a strong work ethic Seriously mate, this is a massive appointment for Leuven. You'll be competing in the top tier within 5 years - and not just for survival. Just be patient and believe in him - yes he is flawed like many have pointed out on here, but a) who isn't? and b) he always learns and he always improves. Just look at his time(s) at Leicester City - he's a top manager and right now he needs to prove himself. Many of us are very pleased for you! Oh and one more thing - Are there any wolves in the wilds of Belgium?
  3. The OH Leuven Thread

    Bloody hell that's come out of nowhere! Best of luck to him - What he did for this football club should never be forgotten or underestimated. Like many I'd welcome him home with open arms.
  4. Let's have a films thread.

    Honestly one of my favourite films of all time! (Probably because I grew up watching it - I used to rent it every other week from Hollywood Video in Syston, before I could find the VHS in the shops in town). It was one of the few films I shared and bonded over with one of my best friends at Uni. A few years ago I took her to a screening at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square which apparently they hold regularly. People came dressed up as the characters (the winner was a woman in jeans and a black rollneck jumper holding a sofa cushion) and quoted along with the film. I'm gonna have to watch this today now.
  5. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    And I bet the only thing on the last page was either: "Kind regards, Jon Rudkin" -or- "----------------FOR OFFICE USE ONLY-----------------"
  6. Display Space - Union FS

    My old 55th Leicester Scout HQ in Thurnby Lodge might be big enough - it's now called the "Forgotten Estates" after it was reclaimed by the local community when they tried to turn it into a mosque. Not sure how much it's used these days but they've got quite a large hall which might be big enough for prepping. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheForgottenEstatesThurnbyLodgeNetherhall/about/
  7. How about, instead of pre-empting people being offended by something that is clearly innocuous and never designed to offend anyone ever, you allow people to be offended by it and then explain to them afterwards not only how stupid they are but also how culturally ignorant it is to be offended by it in the first place? Nobody has the right not to be offended.
  8. On this day 2014

    Had to do a "rap" in front of the whole company a couple of weeks after starting my internship in Cape Town. I made a video instead, and used a clip of Stringer commentating Vardy's goal ("... Jamie Vardy, you're in on goal son, finish it in front of the Kop , JAMIE VARDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! FOR LEICESTER CITY!") which got a HUGE laugh and cheer from 300 South Africans who probably had no idea what they were watching - this was in the February of the title winning season. This will always be one of my favourite games ever. Unforgettable for me on so many personal levels.
  9. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Nige heading it in himself!
  10. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Last time we played Leeds at home in the League Cup we lost 6-0 in Garry Parker's one and only game in charge at Filbert Street. For that reason I want a strong team and a big win.
  11. We love a worldie against Liverpool evidently

    His positioning was absolute too.
  12. We love a worldie against Liverpool evidently

    Vardy's volley is unbeatable IMO. Literally fell off my stool in the pub (as did everyone else). Absolute wonder strike.
  13. We love a worldie against Liverpool evidently

  14. Mark Sampson sacked by the FA

    As ever with the FA, there's something more important than winning.