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  1. urban.spaceman

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I've been here 25 years, can I have a loyalty bonus?
  2. urban.spaceman

    Girls of 2018

    I beg to differ...
  3. urban.spaceman

    England v Belgium

    What are the permutations of finishing first or second?
  4. urban.spaceman

    Fourth Summer Signing... Who and When?

    Is there actually anyone new on the horizon, ITKs?
  5. urban.spaceman

    Japan v Senegal match thread

    Shinji's on the bench
  6. urban.spaceman

    World Cup violence 2018

    Currently a massacre in progress in Nizhny Novgorod.
  7. urban.spaceman

    Balkans Tensions

  8. urban.spaceman

    Balkans Tensions

    If it does kick off again I'm pretty sure it will end up being our fault according to some useless political commentariats. Probably Owen ****ing Jones.
  9. urban.spaceman

    Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Lunin

    You seem like you need cheering up. Have you seen this video? Haven't seen it posted anywhere.
  10. urban.spaceman

    Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Lunin

    Think I read somewhere that this guy has gone to Real Madrid.
  11. urban.spaceman

    Robert Huth to Aston Villa?

    We should try and make them bid £10m for a laugh.
  12. urban.spaceman

    Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Lunin

    Any chance of us going all out for this guy?
  13. urban.spaceman

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    To get people believe in something you have to provide people with hard evidence that it actually exists. That’s why the number of atheists is soaring in the Western world as well as the Middle East.