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  1. urban.spaceman


    Yeah till Spurs ruined him.
  2. urban.spaceman


    This lot
  3. urban.spaceman

    Also in the news

    They also charge a ****ing fortune for parking.
  4. urban.spaceman

    Also in the news

    So basically has had no new ideas in the last 40 years? Sounds familiar.
  5. urban.spaceman

    Let's have a films thread.

    I don’t know what this means but I am so ****ing excited.
  6. urban.spaceman

    Also in the news

    Nah, we should bring her back in the same capacity as the claims to have fulfilled in Syria - as a housewife for a terrorist. I’m sure Our Jeremy will know someone.
  7. urban.spaceman


    That sounds epic! I personally feel that time away from a project can be a good thing as hopefully the ideas percolate in your brain and develop without you realising, then (in theory) you can come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes to improve it. The trick is finding the right people to read it to help move the project forward, especially if you’ve been stuck on it for quite a while.
  8. urban.spaceman

    Also in the news

  9. urban.spaceman

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    The fashion industry is actually evil. A bunch of grotesque narcissicists who exist purely to make money off their own egos as a front for the exploitation of those in extreme poverty. Just look at this perverse creature that was just on the news.
  10. urban.spaceman


    I desperately need to procrasitnate right now! Short breaks help me get back to work! I’ve entered a few competitions but not really had much success there (but then there’s so many entries they only read the first 10 pages). I entered ScriptShadow’s top 250 amateur scripts competition 3 years ago (screenwriting blogger) and made the ‘almost top 25’ list (mine’s called Itchy Feet). I’ve got a few more script ideas up my sleeve but I want to actually make stuff before I do them. (Hoping to get involved with some shorts this year too) Preparing a submission for tomorrow to a BAFTA competition, so I’m having to find my best 10 pages and edit the shit out of them while also writing a treatment (which I find terrifying). I suppose that’s why I opened the thread up for all disciplines - I love writing in script format but have no desire/competence writing prose!
  11. urban.spaceman

    Also in the news

  12. urban.spaceman

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Hive of activity at the minute - as it’s such a huge site with a complex geology there’s a lot of earthworks going on and will continue to go on for some time. I went past the other day and there’s a few dozen cars parked there with TARMAC trucks going in and out and JCBs moving shit from one place to another. Here’s the planning document with the schedule at the end: https://pap.charnwood.gov.uk/AnitePublicDocs/01004133.pdf Actual construction begins on April 15th (which is when I expect some sort of announcement with Top and/or Susan and/or The Birch photographed with a shovel and a hard hat - though with that being close to Vichai’s birthday they might do this early). Completion date is June 29th 2020, just in time for pre-season to start next summer.
  13. urban.spaceman


    Curious if there’s any FTers out there who’s into writing? I mean it could be anything - blogging, travel, journalism, creative writing etc. Any discipline for any platform. Could be at any stage too - you might just have a shitton of notes and not know what to do with them or have something written and need advice on publishing/producing. I’ve written 3 screenplays and am determined to get into the industry this year. So I thought I’d start this thread to see if there’s anyone else who writes anything and could do with a thread for encouragement or distraction. Cheers.