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  1. I wonder if he'd get on well with Vardy? Chat Shit get banged and all that.
  2. Now dat's racist!!
  3. I find your assertions that the post was racist and offensive, should I report your posts too? The problem most people had was, the picture was a juxtaposition a woman wearing an Islamic religious headscarf and holding a Tesco bag with bacon emblazoned across it; given the propensity for the absurd belief that pork is forbidden by God, that's where the humour was. Literally nothing about it was racist, in any conceivable way, and yet you decided to whine about that and claim to be offended on her behalf. Ironically your meltdown was 10 times funnier than the actual photo.
  4. Finally. Just a handful more players and we could legitimately enter!
  5. Good luck everyone.
  6. I hereby set this thread a target of 100 pages.
  8. Boxing Day, 1994. My dad had taken me to Filbert St for a previous match but it had been so long since he'd been, he didn't know that you had to actually buy a ticket, and got turned away at the gate. We had to walk to the nearest phone box to call my mum to pick us up. Lucky that we didn't go as I think we lost 4-0 at home. So my first actual game was sitting in the top tier of the double decker watching us against Liverpool on Boxing Day 1994, which we lost. And I was hooked. 23 years later, 5 years as a season ticket holder, 3 European matches (Madrid 1997 & Sevilla 2017 being my favourite ever games), 5 visits to Wembley, 2 League Cups, promotions, relegations, administration, name change votes, 17 managers, lifting the League One and Championship trophies, and witnessing Leicester City win the Premier League from the middle of the Botswana bush (and still have the scars to prove it). Wouldn't change it for the world!
  9. Kalechi, wooooaaah, Kalechi, wooooaaah, He always finds the net, His image rights r complex, Kalechi, wooooaaah....
  10. He hasn't signed yet, He hasn't signed yeeeeeet, Iheanacho, He hasn't signed yet.
  11. Not true. If you watch TV on any device, as it broadcast live, then you have to pay the licence fee. I think the same applies to any iPlayer content. But you can still own a tv without having to pay the licence fee.
  12. Fixed.
  13. TWELVE PAGES TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Bugger! I mean....