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  1. So the only place in the world where you can't legally watch the Arsenal vs Leicester match live is in the country where it's actually happening, save for the 60,000 people inside the stadium. Genius.
  2. Like him or not, he's been here for 13 years and been a very important figure for 10 consecutive seasons. He's been an integral part of the squads that have been relegated to League One, won League One, suffered heartbreak in Cardiff, the turbulence of Sousa, Sven and the return of Pearson, suffered absolute heartbreak at Watford, cruised to the Championship title, endured 6 whole months at the bottom of the Premier League, kicked off the Greatest Escape with his winner against West Ham, started last season off with a bang and established the engine of the team with Drinky to be replaced by Kante, made crucial cameos when we needed him on our way to the Premier League title, and has represented the club in the Champions League. The only thing he hasn't achieved with us is a goal in Europe. He's never complained about losing his regular starting place a few seasons back - he's only ever been fully prepared to make his contribution when asked. Don't underestimate too his contribution behind the scenes - he may not be captain but he is a senior figure in the dressing room and a very important voice. I hope he finishes his career here - when's his testimonial?
  3. You can see why Merson lost so much money when he was gambling.
  4. Nice and knackered for Wednesday. Lovely jubbly.
  5. Hahaha fvck off Arsenal.
  6. VAR arguments becoming stronger and stronger.
  7. Have I mentioned before how much I hate Arsenal?
  8. We're out of the Champions League and now only have our pride to play for. We need to finish as strong as possible to make a statement of intent for next season. I'm going for 8-0 to us and a selfi celebration every time.
  9. Let's turn it into a pilgrimage for a laugh.
  10. Jenas is so utterly deluded it's actually beautiful to watch.