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  1. Completely agree, the idea was floated around on here a while back but I can't see it either. There was speculation on here about that when the pandemic started. Thailand doesn't seem to have reported that many cases so travel in the region might be OK; you'd hope that after SARS in the 2000s that KP would have made contingency plans to diversify their income in times like these. I think they could afford to put in at least £30m a years personally.
  2. Joking aside this is a very interesting read. The effect of winning the league and playing CL football is very clear, as is the increased revenue from transfer dealings and jump in expenditure around the time the training ground broke ground. What would be handy is a comparison with our expected chart had we just been a mid table side the whole time, or if we compared our progress with say Southampton. Looking at the match day revenue we're going have a £14m black hole in our finances; we'll still be luckier than some other teams whose stadiums bring in much more (this is why Spurs have had to take a loan from the government). I think this may well lead to either a change in sponsorship or a renewed KP shirt deal and/or kit deal. There are rumours that the KP sponsor deal expires this year and it's quite a modest one compared to others - we're 16th (£4m/yr) in comparison to the rest of the league; 7th-20th are £10m and below while Spurs to Man City get £35-45m a year and Man Utd get £64m from Chevrolet. Given our current placing and future there's a huge argument that we could be commanding a deal £25m and over. Same with the Adidas deal - there was an article (can't find it) in 2016/17 that stated we brought in the biggest profit for Puma, because it was a small (£1m) deal but we brought them the most exposure and money because of our title win. Not sure on the current deal but if we keep progressing, it could lead to a better deal and perhaps bespoke kits. Also interesting is our highest paid director salary has fallen in the last few years - £259k in 2019 (vs £325k in 2018) according to this. When you take into account that Susan Wheelan probably earns the highest, and she negotiated £80m up front for Maguire with Ed Woodward, who earns £3.5m a year, that just tells you how ****ing lucky we are to have her. All in all, very interesting read.
  3. Empty page. Are our finances that bad these days or is this a report from 2002?
  4. They've definitely got pre-made holes in.
  5. Now that’s something I can get behind.
  6. We definitely need some extra firepower to take some pressure off Vardy, especially if we're in the Champions League. How he'd fit in with Iheanacho and his brilliant form this season, I don't know.
  7. Congrats on your 1000th post!
  8. Careful not to fall down the hole of 'there's no way that X player from X club is not worth X amount'... Players are worth whatever their club values them at, and we've sort of set a precedent for the 'smaller clubs' holding their ground and getting a lot of money for not that brilliant players...
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