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  1. We are the same. Only paid a deposit up to now. Might right it off. I ain’t keen on travelling abroad whilst they are still checking temperatures on arrival etc and there’s a possibility of me spending the week in a quarantine hotel if I’m deemed a risk. I also assumed when we booked that things would be well back to normal by June.
  2. The young lad Steward at full back looks like being a great player. The youngster coming on at scrum half was great too. Nice to see some academy lads making the grade after a few seasons without any really making an impact.
  3. Be annoyed if the game is off given we’ve chosen to go with a weaker team mid week, understandably with two days rest, and would be expected to benefit from that on Sunday against a team playing tonight.
  4. Don’t know the names but I’ve had to sit through a couple of episodes of Emmerdale this last week and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of lasses in it who I would love to see more of.
  5. I’m looking forward to the sequel to this question next year. Would Ranieri have won the league with Brendans 2020/21 Premier League Champions team.
  6. For all the VAR decisions made this season the penalty yesterday must have been the most clear and obvious error it’s had to over turn so far. Really what VAR was brought in for unlike many of its other interventions.
  7. Anybody who bets horse and dogs and watches races knows the dangers of judging very close finishes from tv pics that are not in line with the winning post. The angle of the pics used to rule that goal out are ridiculous. No way on Earth they can be anywhere near 100% accurate. The camera needs to be in line.
  8. Improving all the time. Got to the stage now where if we were to put our strongest 11 out I’d be wondering whether he’d be playing full back and Ricardo playing ahead of him in a more attacking winger role to accommodate them both in the side.
  9. Not just London as Peterborough are in tier 4. No real warning and banged into a new tier.
  10. This is all happening to late for me. Could have done with this banning Xmas shit a few weeks back when the clowns were bigging up the Xmas freedom will happen. I’m committed now to a day I dread with the extended family talking bollox and eating nuts all day. At least I’ve got Boxing Day on my sofa to look forward to.
  11. Was sold to us so they got away with the lockdown in November without to much opposition. The lockdown they promised would end on 2nd December, no matter what, but actually became another lockdown with the promise Xmas will be able to be enjoyed with family. Now they are on the verge of withdrawing that promise. Quite funny really.
  12. Yes I’ve had to use accounts in all my families names in order to get bets on. So I’d say the majority of accounts in female names are being used by people like me. The firms know that as well. I’ve lost count of the rings they’ve made us jump through to get paid.
  13. Life is for living. I don’t see being tucked away doing nothing as much of a life. I’m fed up after 9 months of this shit but my parents feel it’s turning into the biggest waste of a year they’ll ever have. Being told it’s not safe to do what they love doing is ageing them faster than it should. Creating memories is what they want to do. Watching tv doesn’t create anything to look back at fondly.
  14. I’m convinced the cheer for the winner is the loudest noise made in any ground during the post Covid games.
  15. Thought the same but then remembered he’s barely played and was probably blowing.
  16. Got a horrible feeling about it this game. Can see an injustice coming our way
  17. Our corner problems is a big reason why we need Wilf back.
  18. Soft corner given away as well. We know it’s their best chance of scoring.
  19. Under should really be starting after his lively display on Thursday. I’d like to see him given the chance in our strongest side with the likes of Barnes, Vardy and Maddison also offering threats. Oh for a lucky shinned goal early on to take the pressure off of us and force them to play.
  20. Why are we all expected to take this vaccine yet when it comes to the flu only the vulnerable themselves are expected to take it? Surely the flu is close to being, if not being, as deadly to these vulnerable people as what the present Covid is. Yet nobody would dream of enforcing everyone to take the flu vaccine. My 20 year old nephew who lives with my parents will be a potential carrier of plenty of other viruses but the only one that seems to matter is Covid.
  21. You’ll need a vaccine passport in order to have casual sex pal.
  22. I can sort of see both sides of this vaccine debate. I’m not keen on it and certainly won’t be rushing to take it but ultimately accept that I’ll take it. Age wise I’m probably at a stage where if I looked at the pros and cons then taking it is the correct decision. However, if I was a fit as a fiddle person under 30 I’d probably look at it very differently. Easy for us that feel slightly vulnerable to criticise them that aren’t vulnerable and aren’t keen to take it. Is there any vaccine we ever have taken, out of interest, that we don’t need but will help protect others ?
  23. I think the government said themselves back in the summer that there would be a trade off and the pubs/hospitality would be closed to reduce the upsurge in cases when the schools reopened. It’s going to be a long winter now. Such a shame I couldn’t be in a pub for the last minute equaliser last night
  24. The rise in cases after schools quite rightly opened I’m sure proves they were a big reason.
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