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  1. I think the government said themselves back in the summer that there would be a trade off and the pubs/hospitality would be closed to reduce the upsurge in cases when the schools reopened. It’s going to be a long winter now. Such a shame I couldn’t be in a pub for the last minute equaliser last night
  2. The rise in cases after schools quite rightly opened I’m sure proves they were a big reason.
  3. People are not the problem. Leicester and other big Cities are going to struggle. We have kids going to schools they don’t live near. Being driven from all over the City to a school they don’t live within 3 mile of. Schools are big spreading places. These kids then go home and spread it more and because of our schools system they are going home and spreading It to different communities all around our City. We also have massive factories and warehouses and other huge workplaces so when these kids bring it home The parents then go to these places of work and spread. The nutter who won’t wear a
  4. I think like all the reality programmes. They have been ruined over time or plainly just run their course. X Factor started to be a farce towards the end. Not like the original format where young kids did appear from nowhere and woo the judges. Instead when u googled the contestants in latter years most of them had worked in the industry to varying degrees.
  5. I remember reading Shayne Warnes’s book on holiday one year and he was on the Aussie version apparently. Anyway he said when he came out and watched bits back he couldn’t believe how things were edited to suit the producer’s agenda.
  6. Please batter them and let me enjoy listening to them moaning for the next week because they have players missing and think they are the only team in the country to suffer with players not being available.
  7. My family have decided the big day itself is happening. There’s normally just over 20 of us from about 7/8 houses if you count the kids who live with their other parent. I hate the day myself, being a miserable sort who just wants to talk sport and gambling and instead the young kids take centre stage which bores me 😆. I’m holding out hope that I pick up a mild cough or cold on Xmas eve and will use the Covid as an excuse to send the Wife as our sole representative. I’ll be happy watching Netflix in peace. If it’s illegal come the day they will still be doing it. Some will think it’s madness
  8. They all know how to act now. I never watched the early editions but today’s entries are to sterile and false for me. You get the odd good type on the show but mainly it’s full of desperate souls. I like the rich ex and present sport stars best. People I expected to hate pre show like Denis Wise, Eric Bristow and Amir Khan spring to mind. They were natural as they didn’t give a to$$ about winning.
  9. This lockdown isn’t getting lifted until March is it ? They might change the structure of it in December with a tier system but I can’t see any big Cities or Towns being in anything other than a tier system that is similar to where we are now. They might treat us and open up Golf Courses which must be packed during December and January! Seriously though if your chosen policy was to lockdown Pubs and Shops through November then surely logic says ,now the main damage is done, you may as well continue this policy through December as the positive effects of the closure will be totally w
  10. I’ve given up trying to make sense of any of it now. I’m more concerned with how we pay the bill for all of this. The tax the motorist story I was reading yesterday suggesting motorists will have to pay per mile they drive got me concerned.
  11. I’m in Countesthorpe this afternoon. I’ll try and find out.
  12. A big thing now that wasn’t the case a few months ago is we all know plenty of people who have had this economy killing virus. I know of at least twenty people personally who’ve tested positive. Forget the scientists, forget the media and forget the clown running the Country. I’m far happier forming my opinion from first hand experience of cases I know are true. I’m sure there’s people on here who know of hundreds who’ve had it. I’m sure these people will also be making their decisions and forming their opinions on these first hand accounts.
  13. The Villa game I was amazed at how easy I found legal streams. I use the word legal as they were like the equivalent of ITV or BBC I player over here. I’ve recently needed a VPN for work and by simply using that And basing myself in the relevant countries I Found two foreign countries showing it live and had an HD quality stream for free. Like Strokes says the power is in our hands.
  14. I’m cleaning my boots. Are black ones with metal studs still allowed?
  15. Depends what you decide is fair. Personally I think they pay more than their fair share.
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