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  1. It's the big day and I'm still looking for a code if anyone has one they're not going to use. I've asked a few times, but keep missing them when they come up, so please DM me if you have one. Thanks very much
  2. I'm still looking for a Now TV pass to use for tomorrow, if anyone is not going to be using theirs. Thanks
  3. Hi @gw_leics772 - if you still have a spare Now TV pass going, could I have one please?
  4. Looking for a Now TV pass if anyone has one spare. Pretty please
  5. 30 available on LCFC website in block H right now!
  6. Last minute change of plans so we have a spare u18 ticket for tomorrow. Would have to meet at Crystal Palace if anyone interested.
  7. I have a spare u18 (£20) in Putney End P6 as my son can't go now. Might be able to upgrade to adult (£30 total) if I have a definite buyer by Sunday (tomorrow) night. Could meet at Leicester or Fulham. Please DM me if you're interested.
  8. So beautifully done today. So proud of this club, city and inspirational Vichai. Thinking of all the families and loved ones affected by the tragedy. Top and Apichet were so brave and strong today. Immense love and respect xxx
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