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  1. 03/03 - Full Time Results Championship: Josh Knight (6.3 - 68 mins) - Wycombe 0-2 Watford Admiral Muskwe (0 mins) - Wycombe 0-2 Watford George Hirst (0 mins) - Rotherham 2-1 Sheff Wed
  2. Yes probably when you are a fully established top 4 side and you are able to bring £50million players into the line up like most regular top 4 side can, not when you are a newly competing side having to deal with a massive injury list, congested fixture list, and a small amount of squad depth in terms of players who can come in and play with the quality we need Look at some of the squad players we are having to use tonight and in other games and tell me how many of them are likely to even get into Burnleys starting eleven? Amartey, Mendy, Choudhury probably on their bench, Fofana t
  3. Would probably help if half of them weren't currently injured though
  4. I can't believe that people expect us to be able to go to Burnley with a decimated squad where we are missing our most creative players and expect us to be able to just brush Burnley aside, sense of entitlement amongst our fans is ridiculous at times
  5. West Ham then Villa, Liverpool then Fulham
  6. Not particularly good, but in the end the only reason they scored was through a mistake by us One point to stop the rot, Fofana back and no more injuries On to Brighton!
  7. 03/03 - Tonights Games Championship: Josh Knight - starting for Wycombe vs Watford Admiral Muskwe - on the bench for Wycombe vs Watford George Hirst - on the bench for Rotherham vs Sheff Wed
  8. Imagine expecting Leicester to be able to rotate like Juventus and Man City can...
  9. Sums up how a lot of Preston fans feel after the game about Iversen even after the error
  10. 02/03 - Full Time Results Championship: Daniel Iversen (4.9 - 90 mins) - Preston 1-2 Millwall - Apparently had a bit of a stinker for the 2nd Millwall goal, was a bit slow coming out for the ball and the Millwall striker beat him to it and headed it past him Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall (7.5 - 90 mins) - Luton 1-0 Nottingham Forest Matty James (6.2 - 19 mins) - Coventry 1-2 Middlesbrough League One: Darnell Johnson (6.4 - 62 mins) - Wimbledon 1-1 Shrewsbury League Two: Callum Wright (6.8 - 76 mins) - Chelt
  11. Yet another win for Burton! 1-0 vs Bristol Rovers Finally out of the relegation zone and now 2 points clear!
  12. 02/03 - Tonights Games Championship: Daniel Iversen - starting for Preston vs Millwall Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall - starting for Luton vs Nottingham Forest Matty James - on the bench for Coventry vs Middlesbrough League One: Darnell Johnson - starting for Wimbledon vs Shrewsbury League Two: Callum Wright - starting for Cheltenham vs Southend
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