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  1. I imagine this will be the next step for us soon, rather than a provisional restart date
  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if more players with contracts ending in June do this I imagine if they are willing it wouldn’t be too hard to get them onto rolling contracts for as long as needed to see out the season
  3. Looks like they are willing to continue into the summer to complete the season if needed
  4. Something I looked into this morning, should the league get voided and UEFA decide to use coefficient to decide who gets European football, we would still actually get Europa League These are the current rankings...
  5. Specifically this paragraph peaked my interest... All the better if UEFA are pushing for the completion of the season, increases the chances of us getting our deserved European football
  6. Oh god, it’s going to turn into what it usually does during Internationals and the Summer...
  7. 5 members of first team staff, including goalie Artur Boruc self-isolating due to symptoms
  8. I don’t think they would be able to get away with voiding it in that manner, the amount of uproar from clubs like ourselves, Liverpool, Leeds etc. would be unreal You can’t even say finish it as it stands because then clubs like Man Utd and Villa etc who can still possibly achieve champions league/survival will then kick off It will end up being a postponement, whether it is long term or short term, as that is realistically the only way you could do it without shafting at least 1 team in some way
  9. Ahh okay I wasn't too sure, was it mainly playing staff and anyone who had contact with the owner?
  10. I think it is likely that Watford would kick up a fuss as well as they wouldn’t want the risk of infection either
  11. I think we are now the only top league in football who hasn’t put some sort of measure in place
  12. You do know transmission from droplets in the air via coughing/sneezing makes it an airborne virus right?
  13. We have 3 players with symptoms, if any of them do actually have it that will be our entire club, and any Aston Villa club member close to them on Monday having to be self-isolated and tested Chelsea cancelled training after squad member may have come close to someone with symptoms Already had the Arsenal V Man City game suspended due to fears after the Forest/Olympiakos owner confirmed having it, which also resulted in entire Nottingham Forest staff being tested What on earth are the FA actually doing? Waiting for someone to actually be confirmed as having it, possibly passing it on to all their teammates, and then suspending the league? Absolute farce.
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