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  1. Just picked it up, really looking forward to playing the create a team mode!
  2. Referee is Stuart Attwell - yet to ref a game for us this season 4th Official is Simon Hooper VAR is Stephen Child - can find hardly anything on this guy, either seems to more regularly be a linesman or the assistant VAR
  3. moore_94

    Luka Jovic

    Works brilliantly on Football Manager though
  4. moore_94

    Luka Jovic

    Earns around £170k a week, can't imagine we would be willing to pay him more than Vardy is on?
  5. One thing that this game definitely has over the first is that the combat is much harder with the big group encounters, they stressed me out so much more than any encounter I experienced in the first game Try all guns blazing and multiple people will flank you and just batter you, can't even back yourself into a corner because then they just molotov you Try and be sneaky then you have the chance that a dog can catch your scent, then you have to keep moving whilst staying out of site and not making any noise, trying to take people out with no one else seeing you do it Doesn't quite have the story telling of the first game but still a very good game for me, just started my 2nd playthrough to get any collectables I missed for that Platinum trophy
  6. A bit weird that they extended his contract for this period then, could've already joined by now and got settled in rather than just spending his time at Liverpools training ground
  7. I think it is because his original loan contract ended in June and they didn't extend so they probably feel the promotion clause is no longer in tact due to corona delay etc. but I imagine Leipzig will fight it and claim force majeure etc. There are also now rumours that if they do get out of it there will still be a hefty multi-million penalty clause to pay
  8. Definitely on his way out of Arsenal then it looks like
  9. Money wise the difference between Champions League and Europa League is massive, not including TV revenue which is obviously going to be much more in the Champions League Champions League: You get a base fee of around €15m just for being in the Group Stages Europa League: You get a base fee of around €3m for being in the group stages, and the total from winning the entire thing is around €13m I believe We could win the entire Europa League and still make less than you would if you just turn up in the Champions League Group Stages
  10. Leeds are trying to get out of having to pay £21m for Augustin from Leipzig if they get promoted If they end up having to spend that on him, they defintiely won't be going in for Edouard as well
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if Lille take an interest in Edouard, meant to be getting around £50m for Osimhen from Napoli
  12. Norris so close to getting inside the 5 seconds
  13. This is incredible, Latifi could actually get points
  14. 7 cars retired, Bottas and Hamilton are being told not to drive on the kerbs due to sensor issues, very good race!
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