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  1. Currently he is more of a left back than he is a right back, played 31 games at left back this season and only 2 at right back, but I would say he is probably equally capably of playing either side
  2. Sign him, loan him back to Luton for the season in the Championship, then he can come in to replace Fuchs as 2nd choice next summer
  3. Could be a very good summer for Hull just from us, £9m for Maguire deal and then £15-20m for Bowen, could be the difference between mid table mediocrity again or pushing for the playoffs Although the owner is a bit of a tool so probably wouldn’t get to use any of it anyway
  4. Hull City get 15% of any profit we make on selling Maguire, if we were to get £75m, they would get £9m from the £58m we would make. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/football/manchester-city-harry-maguire-windfall-2886172
  5. Only managed to make 16 league appearances this season and only scored 3 goals, no injuries as well, although I guess it would be because he has Werner to contend with Found this article on him from December, has some discipline issues as well that annoyed a lot of the senior players, would steer clear of him tbh https://bulinews.com/news/1535/report-augustin-is-unpopular-among-his-teammates
  6. Nathan Redmond but not James Maddison, great banter there from Southgate
  7. Yeah you are right, you can agree deals with players and clubs whenever you want to, like Ricardo last year was all agreed and announced on May 19th, but you have to wait until June 9th for him to officially move to the club
  8. At the time they signed him they had just been relegated, so very well could have a clause, just depends if it had an expiry date, but a lot of them with that kind of clause tend to run until the end of the players contract
  9. If Derby don't get promoted would take a punt on that Bogle lad at right back, would be a good understudy to Pereira
  10. I wonder if we had any clauses in the De Laet / Lawrence deals for if Villa / Derby get promoted
  11. If Derby and Leeds don't go up wouldn't mind us taking a shot at getting Bogle from Derby and Shackleton from Leeds, decent youngsters
  12. Still at the club on football manager
  13. Makes me laugh when I occasionally go on the Wolves forum and some of them talking about getting that Joao Felix lad... yes he will definitely pass up the chance to go to United, City, Juve etc to go to Wolves Everton fans are just as bad, if not worse as well
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