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  1. Was Captain at Anderlecht when he was 19, and captain of Monaco last season under Henry, one of those players that just commands the pitch and the players around him
  2. Our Foxes Travel coach having an absolute shocker heading home First our coach managed to hit someones car just after leaving so we ended up sat around for 30 mins while they swapped details with the car owner Now the driver has gone round in a circle and we are literally 5 minutes from Stamford Bridge... Our coach left over an hour and a half ago!
  3. Look nice! Will still get people kicking off because it has a bit of pink on it though
  4. What about when the ball went through Vardys legs from about a yard out? Pretty sure we looked like we could score then
  5. Looks like they will be playing another 30 minutes!
  6. No, and you don’t need to be pedantic. I am simply showing that his passing is not as crap as a lot of people seem to believe it is. Except maybe a bit of a better improvement in his 80% passing completed (out of 100 passes he does not complete 20, only 4 more than Maddison, only 6 more than Tielemans, who are both expected to be better passers) his passing contribution is more than acceptable when it isn’t his main job, yet he is also still in the higher rankings of players getting the game moving forward. With how unreal his defensive contribution to our team is, he deserves a little bit of leeway regarding his passing and not being bashed for it constantly. His passing has actually improved last season compared to the season before, no reason to believe it won’t keep improving. People just seem to be stuck to the idea that his passing is terrible and can’t move away from that idea, so the instant he makes a bad pass (which unsurprisingly all players do) they jump on it and make it a bigger thing than it is.
  7. 819 passed forward last season, Maddison managed 922 Top 30 in the league for forward passes last season More than Gueye, Matic, Fabinho, Rice Only 50 less than Henderson who was lauded for his forward passing last season Very good numbers as well when you consider the football and system we were playing under Puel
  8. His passing isn’t even as bad as people make it out to be, for some reason people seem to be of the opinion that he only manages to complete like 50% of his passes, where as he is actually not far behind Maddison in pass completion With a higher average of passes per game of course he is likely to have a slightly lower pass completion (more chances for it to go wrong)
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