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  1. Ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot Basically a "shock absorber" for the foot that helps you walk, so I imagine if he is having issues with it whenever he puts weight on his foot it probably hurts
  2. Definitely wouldn't take the suggested return period for any of our players seriously haha Ricardo was injured in March and other than the 45 minutes against Zorya in December he didn't play a full 90 for us until February But yeah I think what happens with LT will massively depend on our transfer dealings (signing a new LB) and how JJ recovers
  3. He was on crutches so... doesn't fill me with hope
  4. Has he actually scored a free kick this season? In fact when was the last time we scored a free kick?
  5. Realistically though JJ isn't going to be playing much football for us before 2022 if Ricardo is anything to go by, so even if we do sign Gosens, an injury to him and we are back to where we are right now without even having the option to use Thomas if he gets sent out on loan I do think it is an option we could look at in January, but until we see JJ is fully back from his injury I wouldn't even entertain the idea of sending Thomas out on loan
  6. I think the fact they were 9th in the league after spending £200million probably had a big factor in why he was sacked. Destroying this club, jesus christ, what was Puel doing to it then when we finished 9th?
  7. Probably the worst post I have ever seen on FT. Using a once in a lifetime event in our clubs history to try and downplay the good work Rodgers has actually done with the club. Come on then, bring out the suggestions of who could do better? Atleast try and be realistic.
  8. Yes. Because then every chance we get another Puel in who has us barely scraping top half. Imagine not being annoyed if we lost the manager who even got us into a position to fight for champions league football ffs Team has barely changed from when Puel was in charge yet you are all acting like anyone could get us in this position
  9. I mean since January Klopp has lost to Burnley, Brighton, Everton, Fulham, and drew with West Brom and Newcastle at home
  10. Gosens when he next gets a phone call from Rudkin...
  11. Kind of stuff you hear from entitled scummy 6 fans
  12. Imagine calling for him to be gone ffs
  13. Luke Thomas moaners absolutely fuming, great work and ball into Vardy Only decent thing to come out of this crap https://streamgg.com/ib/DBEVhJvMoI
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