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  1. Only need to look back at Maguire’s red card at their place last season, accidental trip but it is still a foul
  2. Wood clips the right foot of Evans
  3. You can see Wood clip the right foot of Evans
  4. Easiest way it seems like is to ring up the Burton ticket office
  5. The amount of Turkish interaction with our social pages sky rockets when it involves Cags Most normal posts by Leicester get about 500 likes on twitter, then anything with Cags in the numbers are much higher and full of replies with people posting the Turkish flag, like this one that was posted this morning already has over 5000 likes Its like Mahrez and the Algerians all over again
  6. Most likely scenario is we will do what we have done with Maguire, give them a new longer contract on increased wages, keep them at the club for a year or 2 while we also bring in a replacement who gets time to setlle in(Cags and Benkovic), then sell for the asking price we set with maximised profits Most sustainable way of doing business for a club of our size
  7. One of those risks you have to take these days with quality players They are a lot less likely to take contracts made up of incentive driven perks when they know they could go to another club for more money upfront We took the same route with Vardy, offering a 31 year old our highest ever paid contract on a 4 year deal could have been a massive risk, luckily it has worked out well for us
  8. - Hired as sporting director 7 months ago - Heavily involved in the sacking of the old manager - “Draws up the shortlist for new managers” - Hires himself as manager One hell of a play to get his way into a Championship managerial role
  9. He doesn’t even count as home grown due to his time playing in Portugal Imagine using a foreign player spot in your squad registration to fit that waste of space into your squad
  10. We were linked to him in April https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/who-leicester-city-target-omar-2799775 He was probably one of the players on the list of back up right backs until we got Justin He was also linked with Celtic previously We are probably only thrown into the list because we have prior interest from the club and also the manager
  11. Interesting appointment by Reading... he is/was their Sporting Director... he has appointed himself as manager
  12. Her reply is the equivalent of when you were on msn as a kid and you would ask someone out, they would say no, and you would say “hahaha that was my friend sorry”
  13. Also being expected that this is her as well... https://www.thesun.co.uk/author/the-secret-wag/ A columnist who reveals a lot of stuff going on in the private life of footballers...
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