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  1. Adrien Silva

    This: https://www.theguardian.com/football/in-bed-with-maradona/2018/feb/16/sporting-lisbon-academy-ronaldo-figo-ballon-dor Is also where Adrien Silva came from.
  2. V The Blades - Match thread

    GOAL! Vardy!
  3. Man City Away Match Thread

    Poor 2sd half + weak Schmeichel...
  4. Man City Away Match Thread

    But yes, portuguese commentators are really bad. Most of them are benfica fans, so they're really shitty.
  5. Man City Away Match Thread

    They said: 'o filho de Peter Schmeichel' It means: Peter Schmeichel son. I think its correct. Peter Schmeichel played in Sporting CP. That's why portuguese commentators talk about kasper's dad.
  6. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Marco Silva is a piece of sh*t. It's his usual behaviour: goes to a new Club, wins half dozen games and then he wants to move to a next team or starts to put the players of his agent or who he likes, not the best players. He was in Sporting CP and after 14-15 games he started to think he was 'the new Mourinho' and started a fight against Sporting board/President. There's no Sporting fan that thinks he's a good manager. He's not bad as a manager, but as a man and a professional/ commitment to the Club he's really bad. He only think in himself and how to get more money, he doesn't care a bit with the Club he's working.
  7. Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    He's used to play against small clubs.Still its funny. Sporting CP this season in portuguese Cup played against a 3rd tier league club, in a small stadium that was full with 2000 people. Against a team with a 300.000€ season budget. And that game was only 8 days after Sporting CP played against Barcelona in Camp Nou. Its always a bit funny playing in those different 'worlds'.
  8. Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    A Sporting fan here? I guess we all want to see Adrien play again.
  9. Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    Funny to see Adrien Silva, an european champion, and who played against the likes of Real Madrid and Borussia last season, playing against Fleetwood. Hope he gets back to his pace soon. He's really good. Silva should play as an '8'/midfielder, not a '10'/forward. I think Okazaki in to help Slimani in front and Silva in midfield.
  10. Who's your current favourite player?

    I've been watching Silva playing for ages.. I've selected Slimani too because I know how good he is from his performance at Sporting CP.
  11. Who's your current favourite player?

    1- Adrien Silva, the skipper. 2- Mahrez, the magician 3- Vardy, the LCFC player 4- Slimani, the prolific CF 5- Okazaki, the happiness of playing 6- Ndidi, the worker
  12. Owners sign Leonardo Jardim as a manager. Top 6 in first season, top 3 in second season.
  13. Newcastle (A) Match Thread

    Goal! Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk