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  1. He was terrific at Brentford, where he was required to pass the ball and set up transitions. That’s what got him the attention. He’s very comfortable with the ball, it’s not his fault he currently plays in a low block and he’s asked to launch it to beat the press.
  2. It’s the hope that kills you, the guy we should have bought when Mahrez left
  3. Half of Rome offering to drive him to Leicester, the only player that worked out for us that was bad mouthed was Evans (but that was salty baggies having to accept Leicester were a bigger and better proposition at the time). Loves fouling, doesn’t like heading and he’s awful at interceptions. Not a bad passer, but I’d rather have someone who can defend properly without being a liability.
  4. RoyFox

    David Brooks

    We need to put Trincao out of our minds, it’s so unlikely to happen sadly. Brooks has better goal scoring ability than any of our wingers, and bar Maddison and possibly Tielemens, he’d be our best final third passer in the team. Smart football IQ Brooks is also comfortable playing attacking mid, we struggled for creativity without Maddison. Brooks versatility could be invaluable. Side note he also won the England Toulon tournament with none other than Hirst as striker and Barnes left wing, clearly he’d gel with the team immediately https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dreamteamfc.com/c/news-gossip/232160/england-toulon-tournament-ivory-coast/amp/
  5. No CL will have ruined any chance sadly
  6. RoyFox

    David Brooks

    Much better passer and creator than Perez. He can also play central if Maddison is out. Shame we wasted £30m on Perez to be a sub next season.
  7. It’s a no from me...
  8. in: Buendia, Eze, Morelos & a FB prospect out: Chillwell, Gray (give James Justin starting spot for LB).
  9. So obvious it hurts, loan to buy and The fee would be under £25m. At 26 he’s still in his prime.
  10. We’re only 4/5 wins away from Top 4, thanks to the inconsistency of teams below us. I’d rather we went for someone in the summer that follows the same successful model of late (21-24 years old, with upside (helped by decent coaching), and potential to threaten the starting XI CB’s long term. Plus potential for profit and reinvestment).
  11. Has Congerton forgotten that he hasn’t left Sunderland yet? Woeful signing he’s average, Southampton fans already laughing at us. 27, he’ll have no sell on value when we want rid eventually.
  12. RoyFox

    Dani Olmo

    Although he has played centrally more than wide, he does drift out, and seems to be a technically gifted dribbler - a lot of the clips has him on the wing taking on players.
  13. RoyFox

    Dani Olmo

    I was wrong initially, he looks very good https://statsbomb.com/2020/01/olmo-and-stevanovic-and-chalov-oh-my-transfer-targets-you-should-know-from-easter-europe/
  14. Better to use per 90 stats not per games, I’ve also not included European and Cup Games where he’s been better. Defo still raw, but has more to offer than any of our true wingers atm.
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