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  1. RoyFox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    He’s a winger. Maddison and Barnes are better suited attacking centrally.
  2. RoyFox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    As @Abrasive fox mentioned recently we are scouting Luka Jovic, he’d be an incredible signing only 20 but potent in the Bundesliga. Also would also give Vardy some much needed competition. However most top sides especially Bayern Munich will be all over him. Leandro Paredes - desperately wanted him when I watched a number of games at Roma (and there were rumours Leicester were close to bidding), a defensive midfielder who’s technical very able and can play box-box (11 assists already this season for Zenit). Would have to pay close to £30m and £80/90k/wk. Let Ndidi and Mendy fight it out to be his midfield partner. Nakajima - links recently, has been one of the most creative prospects in the last two seasons in Liga NOS, would provide a lot more creativity then Gray and Albrighton. A trusted scout I know Tiago Estavao has been beating his drum since last season. 27 goal contributions in the last 38 league games. Carries risk, as we know it’s a big difference between Liga NOS and PL, but for under £18m he’s worth it. Clyne - I’d definitely take him for around £15m, Big Dan will be out for a long while and Ricardo is good to have as an option playing both FB and Winger (he started his career as a winger). Recall Harvey Barnes, we’re lacking match winners off the bench and Harvey is arguably in the top 3 performing players in the Championship this season. I’d consider selling Gray for £25m +, he’s still very low on chances created per 90 (0.7), Ndidi has created more (0.9 per 90), which says a lot. Great dribbler but we’re still waiting for his decision making to improve. Also let King and possibly James go (unless James can prove his agility/fitness after multiple surgeries). Silva also doesn’t seem to have the same agility since his ACL at Sporting, he’s getting outpaced playing in a 2 man mid, hence Puel has been cautious. A real shame but I’d let him go if the price was around £14/15m.
  3. RoyFox

    Save The Marks Electrical Mural

    Signed, also shared elsewhere
  4. RoyFox

    Caglar Soyuncu

    This guy is immense, has been earning rave reviews. He’s got it all, quick feet, sticks to his man like glue, has a nasty side to him and plays the ball with ease. Arsenal fans are already going ape sh*t that we might sign him.
  5. RoyFox

    Adnan Januzaj

    La Liga is a good standard, he also showed up when getting an assist and MOTM during the 3-0 hiding of Atletico Madrid. Of course there is risk, but the lads only 23 and has shown real progression in the last year.
  6. RoyFox

    Adnan Januzaj

    Use Per 90 mins otherwise you’re using false info, he played 1584 minutes which is actually 17.6 x 90mins (games) Januzaj 3 goals 5 assists 1584 mins 0.45 per 90 Gray 3 goals 1 assist 1680 mins 0.21 per 90 Albrighton 2 goals 7 assists 2551 mins 0.31 per 90
  7. RoyFox

    Adnan Januzaj

    The simple version is last year he was streets ahead of Albrighton and Gray in build up play, chance creation, assists, and finishing. If he plays like that he’d offer a new dynamic. Obviously there is risk as under Moyes he was a shell of himself having been shipped to Dortmund, then landing at Sunderland.
  8. RoyFox

    Adnan Januzaj

    If it’s the 17/18 Janujaz, hell yeah...
  9. RoyFox


    Wolves most likely, can’t see him being anywhere near ready for Utd as he’s off this week too.
  10. Started 1 out of the last 161 games as a true winger (vs Watford), has played some games deeper as a right mid, but would scream of ‘square pegs round holes’ if we tried to play him as an attacking winger. Benching either him or Maddison in their best positions would also be a waste of resources, although we’re pretty good at that.
  11. RoyFox

    Rachid Ghezzal

    Crudely yes, but you do have to also account for build up play and the PL being a better standard. Mahrez is still the best player for his build up (last season he accounted for 50% of Leicester goals in terms of setting up the pass before the assist, assists and goals). But it does show that Hazard and Ghezzal are better at creating and scoring goals than both Gray and Albrighton.
  12. RoyFox

    Rachid Ghezzal

    Expected is usually a better guide as it includes shot location, eg overall difficulty of shot, was the assist so good it laid up a one on one, or did it set someone up to shoot from 18 yards out with 3 defenders in the vicinity? This accounts for that. It’s usually a more stable guide, as it doesn’t over inflate players on hot streaks who actually aren’t that great. (eg Joshua King at Bournemouth)
  13. RoyFox

    Rachid Ghezzal

    I’ll leave this here: Expected Non-penalty goals and assists per 90 mins play (Production). Ghezzal 17/18 0.48 16/17 0.38 15/16 0.69 T. Hazard 17/18 0.50 16/17 0.40 15/16 0.54 Gray 17/18 0.32 16/17 0.25 Albrighton 17/18 0.26 16/17 0.22 15/16 0.34 Mahrez 17/18 0.43 16/17 0.36 15/16 0.55
  14. RoyFox

    Paco Alcacer