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  1. Transfer Window - January

    Laurie Whitwell is well informed, there’s definitely something in this rumour now with Ben Arfa. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5112717/Leicester-consider-PSG-outcast-Hatem-Ben-Arfa.html Personally I’d take the risk, it would be a loan initially and Puel had him playing to peak levels at Nice (17 Goals & 6 Assists from 33 league games). Downside is he’s 31 in March, but his favoured position is as a CAM. With two of Iborra/Ndidi/Silva protecting in a 4231, the potential of Vardy, Gray, Mahrez and Ben Arfa on attacks could be devastating against the non big 6 teams (against the big teams it would be too risky to be so expansive).
  2. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Iborra and Pep were speaking in Spanish, hence they didn’t need to cover their mouths.
  3. Expected Goals

    Reading this is hilarious. The best coaches use it, Pep more so. Using expected goals allows you to enhance your teams ability to score, as it’s tied into; location of shot, the number of defenders present at time of shot, situation (counter etc) and angle to the goal. Ever notice that most of the Man City’s chances are gilt edged? Also the ball is never crossed high, but low into strikers? There’s a reason for that. If Gray is coached properly to shoot inside the area rather than taking pot shots from outside (2/3% chance of scoring), he’d score a lot more goals. Thankfully Vardy has the natural instinct to shoot from good locations (he’s one of the highest xG strikers in the league). Okazaki also adopted this at the start of the season (he said in an interview as much), hence his goals have picked up. Expected goals isn’t the ‘be all and end all’, but it can give you a good guide to how a team is truly performing and whether a current win or losing streak is due to variance (luck). Eg Burnley will regress very soon, their expected goals (for and against) isn’t sustainable, they have been lucky with recent results. Likewise coaches can use this to analyse expected goals against. Can the team change the positioning on the pitch of the back line? Will blocking in certain zones enhance the teams ability to prevent opponent strikers shooting from high % situations?
  4. Certainly not crazy to think we’re in with a shot at 7th or 8th....
  5. Matias Almeyda

    ‘Marco Silva who does he fink he is Geoff, some no mark with no Prem experience. Games gone, it really has Geoff’
  6. Manuel Pellegrini

    That's bull. I've moved prices with less than £50!
  7. Next City Manager?

    1.15 onwards... 'We have our wage limits' 'we wanted to keep Gray, but that's the reality of the club' Bitter, much?
  8. Next City Manager?

    Or Everton fire Keoman and we're in direct competition with Everton for candidates....
  9. Next City Manager?

    Mentions the family situation being far from ideal, and a bit of a dig at finances and squad size. He also desperately wanted to keep Andre Gray and couldn't keep Keane. Wouldn't have the same amount of poaching here...
  10. Next City Manager?

    Pretty revealing this... http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/burnley_fc/news/15608322.Sean_Dyche__open_minded__about_his_future_but_Burnley_boss_refuses_to_rule_out_Leicester_move/
  11. Thoughts on Dyche?

    If Dyche signs for Leicester...
  12. Next City Manager?

    Agree here, of all the European 'names' he's probably the most likely as he's out of work, of the others Tuchel/Ancelotti wouldn't touch us at the moment. And Rudkin does no scouting whatsoever on up and coming European managers. Polar opposite of Les Reed at Southampton, who has a rolling dossier of 5 managers that fit the system/ethos and would likely join if offered. Light years ahead of our reactive and 'square pegs in round holes' approach to recruitment.
  13. George Thomas

    Exactly, he's a similar build to Waghorn and Ryan Fraser, low centre of gravity and stocky.
  14. Wilfred Ndidi

    Ndidi made 11 tackles against Huddersfield and Liverpool. King 2 vs Huddersfield and 0 vs Liverpool. No wonder he isn't performing to his peak, with that amount of pressure put on him playing a 2 CM formation.