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  1. This, teams that low block are always going to have high tackling/blocks/interceptions, p90 stats are great for comparing mids/attackers, but it’s a finer art when dealing with CBs, who usually require more video analysis as part of their assessment.
  2. Disagree, Barnes rattled off more shots (2.4 per 90 mins) in the PL last season than Kane, Vardy, Sterling, Sane, Higuain, Rashford, Jimenez and Salah. First pre-season game, again he's finding pockets inside the area and his press created the goal for Hamza, not forgetting his perfect cross to get Kelechi off the mark, at West Brom as soon as he found the net the goals started streaming in, I'm confident he'll get at least 10 PL goals this season and be a regular starter (predominantly on the left). Both Barnes and Phil Foden have the unique ability of finding space in between defenders and midfielders.
  3. We’re not spending £70M+ on Zaha, let someone else waste their cash and watch his head drop when things don’t go his way (remember Man United?) ’Prem proven’ is a myth. KDB, Hazard, Eriksen, Salah, Kante, Mahrez, Bernardo Silva etc - none were ‘prem proven’
  4. Same farmers leagues where we got Kante and Mahrez, arguably the two best ever players to wear a Leicester shirt?Sure thing?
  5. I’ll leave this here: Maxwel Cornet last 10 games Ligue 1 goal contributions p90 based on NPxG90 + xA90 Player (Mins) p90 Mbappe (840) 1.5/90 Cornet (721) 1.06 Neymar (821) 0.94 Cavani (764) 0.92 Depay (785) 0.88
  6. Exactly and it was under McClaren Thauvin has 57 combined goals and assists in the last 63 games, Zaha has never scored more than 10 league goals in a season!
  7. Doesn’t play well as an out and out winger (similar to Mata), hence doesn’t fit many PL clubs systems.
  8. Better wingers and cheaper: Hakeem Ziyech Leon Bailey Thauvin Malcom Maxwel Cornet Zaha is overrated for his dribbling, he’s basically Gray with more contribution, but not enough to warrant over £45m. Let another team overpay.
  9. RoyFox


    Townsend in the analytics community is ridiculed for his shot locations, he's as bad as Gray for shooting from 35 yards out, however that could be coached out
  10. RoyFox


    Congerton and Rodgers will be open (from what I've heard they're quite inclusive) to the scouts views, and that would include Mladen. Townsend is 28, they'd be little resale value after the contract . Doesn't fit our current age model, there's plenty of talent in Europe under 26 at a similar price range with more upside.
  11. RoyFox


    Severely doubt Mladen Sormaz (New head of analytics) will let this happen.
  12. RoyFox

    Ferran Torres

    Regarding Torres....Please use per 90/min stats, he only played 863 mins in La Liga last season as he came on as a sub, so of course his ‘per game’ stats aren’t going to look great if he only played for 10 mins in some of those games. His p90 key passes of 1.6 isn’t bad for his age in a competitive league, and that’s more than Vardy, Ricardo, Chilwell, Gray and Tielemens managed last season.
  13. A good preseason and Barnes has the left spot sealed, it’s the other side up for grabs (and needs improvement). Hopefully the Thauvin rumours are true, he’s been on fire for 2 seasons...
  14. I think the worry here is Benkovic ankle issues are starting to repeat, a fit Soyuncu and Benkovic, yes. But we also have to remember Wes and Evans will likely pick up knocks/injuries as they get older.
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