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  1. Some West Ham fans are saying this is fake news, all from a dodgy tweet. However, I think Iheanacho would probably want certain first team football, I'm not sure we can offer that.
  2. Really? Who bid for Bruma? Was thinking £25m each, but when a PL club comes sniffing...££££££££
  3. Sell for £45m and use the cash on Bruma and Ziyech (forget last night, no Ajax players were making runs for him to feed. Pathetic manager tactics).
  4. His first touch is dreadful, that's his biggest flaw, it's so glaringly obvious. I had hope for him initially, but I was kidding myself. CSKA fans warned us on here that his two issues were - touch and end product. They were absolutely right.
  5. An out and out No.9, he'll want to start every week and he wants a three year contract?Trust me, him and Vardy would be getting in each other's way. Iheanacho is a much better option, over 10 years more playing time too.
  6. He's not mobile enough to play our style, pretty shoddy at tracking opposition runners, against Reading he let them waltz past him. In a tippy tappy possession based packed midfield he's fine, but for us he'd be a slightly better Andy King. Players like Seri, Silva, Ziyech, Boudebouz can offer much, much more. The gulf from the EPL is significant. Hence why most PL teams look overseas nowadays. Matty James is a decent PL backup player when fit, Barnsley thought he was the next Lampard!
  7. Think it will be be closer to £25m. Can see at least half the PL wanting him.
  8. Watching this you notice just how unselfish he is, always looks for the better positioned player, suited to quick breaks as he has very decent pace. Could actually work with Vardy...
  9. Still under investigation, highly doubt our owners would take a risk.
  10. United have done that already, they took the Chief Scout, Rolan Janssen in November. He found Ndidi, Colley, Bailey, KDB, Koulibaly and Courtois.
  11. If Lukaku goes then there's no chance of signing him, Walsh will pick him up and Sigurdsson. Painful.
  12. Excellent player, very strong shooting accuracy and positioning of shots. Unselfish, quick, doesn't kick up a fuss when benched. Long term successor to Vardy and he'd adapt in the interim to a No.10. Small sample size, but shows he gets into excellent positions and isn't wasteful. He's also decent with key passes and assists, he'll give the ball to another player, rather than take pot shots outside the area (unlike some of our players!).
  13. Unlucky not to have won the game based on the xG map (expected goals). A lot of chances in the second half (including a perfectly onside goal from Vardy).
  14. He's been excellent in Europe this season and last, very mobile.