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  1. With a baby and 7 hour round trip. OK.
  2. Until they raise the points!
  3. 19 points, gutted
  4. That's Sean's other account...
  5. Elneny is a superb passer of the ball, deeply underrated. A CM quartet of Drinkwater, Ndidi, Iborra and Elneny, is much better than one that contains King, James or Amartey. Also that quartet has the versality to switch to a possession based 3 man midfield if required. However, anything written by the Sun is usually way off the mark.
  6. The metro is about as accurate as the teenage kids writing for HITC.
  7. I like watching Roma, much prefer to cheer on Mahrez in Serie A (as long as the price is upwards of £37m) than squirm when he turns Fuchs in an Arsenal shirt. I'd rather he stayed tbf, hopefully Appleton and Shakey can work their magic on his frame of mind.
  8. He had a great pre season last year as I recall. Sadly all the speed in the world means nothing if your first touch is Championship standard. Would love to be proved wrong of course.
  9. I've never Welshed on a bet in my life mate. If it's stipulated, it's honoured.
  10. Not what we needed, we have enough CM's who are more defensively minded than creative.
  11. Few days late, expect confirmation shortly.
  12. Boudebouz or Ziyech for less than £30m, younger, for just over half of what Sigurdsson's wages would be, are the best alternatives IMO.
  13. A guy I respect massively for his data analysis and predictive analytics for the PL, Stephen McCarthy, landed the Head of Analytics position at Roma recently, to work alongside Monchi, doesn't surprise me if he had some involvement in this.
  14. It's potato head
  15. Not done yet, right you are.