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  1. Thomas' crossing is pretty damn good. Always seems to think about what he's doing with it.
  2. Happy with Perez coming on but I would have preferred Nacho to stay on while we're chasing a goal. 12 players would really help us, I think.
  3. 49th just to kill any optimism after keeping it level at half time. But then we'll win 2-1
  4. Some shite luck again. That'll fire them up. Keep the faith!
  5. 2-1 Leicester. Vardy, Barnes, and Kane.
  6. Fantastic stuff. Played very well all over the pitch and kept their nerve even after missing chances, which could have caused a bit of bit of a wobble towards the end.
  7. Barnes lacking confidence. We need to finish one soon!
  8. Did someone put Bonucci in a Bennett costume at half time?
  9. Something tells me Youri REALLY wants Champions League. This is the reaction we wanted so far! Hopefully Brendan will keep them confident so they don't get nervous about a repeat of last time.
  10. Youri's great when he's in this mood. Playing with some aggression and grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck. Taking responsibility and hitting passes with confidence. Driving forward a few times too.
  11. FUUUCCXKKK YESSS! WHAT AN ASSIST! Edit: Decent finish too
  12. It is good to see Wes on the pitch. Reckon he'll pop up with a cheeky scuffed winner after a corner.
  13. I for one think it's good of the lads to let it get so tight to keep it entertaining right up to the end. Time to start winning now though, eh?
  14. In short: Kasper said his mistake had changed the game and apologised. Said it's a wake up call. Brendan said they didn't have the right mentality and it surprised him. Wasn't quite chucking them under the bus, but was hardly trying to take some responsibility himself. Usually managers will take some responsibility, particularly if they made a change at half time that could have been a factor.
  15. Fair play, Kasper coming out and apologising. Shame Brendan couldn't do the same, and instead blamed it all on the players' mentality, as if his change did not affect that by allowing the inevitable Bournemouth reaction to get a foothold. It changed the flow of the game when we should have been putting it to bed, but of course it doesn't justify the ridiculous brain farts that occured!
  16. What was Soyuncu doing backing off for their second?! Covering a hypothetical square ball as if it were more important than a CLEAR SHOT ON GOAL!
  17. I'm usually pretty positive. I sometimes disappointed when we're crap. But I think this is the first time I've felt genuinely angry. Completely our own doing. Utterly embarrassing. For the first time in a long, long time I'm not even looking forward to our next games.
  18. He better apologise for that change at half time. And I can't get my head around how a professional keeper can't kick a dead ball properly, and why would you even try to kick it when your own player is stood right in front of you?! There was no rush!
  19. Well done lads. ****ing throwing it away, in the most embarrassing way. 👏
  20. I'm glad I booked the day off work tomorrow, might even book the week off now. Can't bear to show my face for a while now.
  21. ****ing embarrassing. Absolutely pathetic. We don't deserve Europe anyway. It would be almost as embarrassing as this shitshow.
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