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  1. Can we clone him about 8 times so in 20 years or something we have can have a team of Ricardos + two CBs and a keeper? Might need to do some for subs too actually.
  2. Should be content because a draw is a decent result, especially with no Ndidi and being 1-0 down. But I can't help but feel a bit disappointed with the two big chances we had (Evans' header and Barnes' 1 on 1).
  3. Maybe that's what we need to do when we lose: segregated post match threads! A rant one and a stoic one.
  4. Frustrating but sh!t happens. We've been in much worse positions than this.. Still stuff to play for. Bring on Chelsea!
  5. Aesc

    FIFA 20

    After packing that Headliner Salah, posting this will probably not make me many friends, but... Might buy a Euromillions ticket this week!
  6. Enjoyed (most) of that. Played some lovely stuff. Also looks like Barnes has arrived! Ricardo has to be one of the best right backs in the world, he's Kante level good for his position. Also, that performance is even more impressive when you consider the extra pressure our previous two results must have put on them.
  7. Kasper still looks fuming he didn't get a clean sheet.
  8. I think this commentator may be a Leicester fan, was actually saying "we" when talking about us.
  9. Kasper calling the ref a f***ing c*nt Such a soft penalty.
  10. Aesc

    FIFA 20

    So I've never really had much pack luck, a few decent cards but no one to build my team around, then today I was bored so did the 81+ upgrade and... André Almeida, quality! Bit gutted it was on my phone and not the Playstation. Also would have been handy if it had been before I did the Bernardo Silva Moments, also before the weekend league would have been helpful, but I shouldn't complain 😬
  11. Hahaha had to be Harvey! Love the confidence to run it past Mee. Hopefully that will give him more for the future.
  12. A Foxestalk 5-a-side game! Get the petition started!
  13. So our next 8 games are all on TV. We are massive.
  14. Aesc


    Todd Cantwell is Tom Odell with an alice band.
  15. Wiiilllfff nooooo 😭😭😭
  16. Great goal too! I reckon we should buy him for that finish alone.
  17. A win against these and it's 41 points: safe for another season.
  18. Great football from the lads. Just hope we get out of this with no injuries now.
  19. I'm not one to usually complain about refs, but some of the decisions today have just been ridiculous.
  20. How the hell does that Targett foul deserve the same outcome as Iheanacho's (which shouldn't have even been a foul)?
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