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  1. Why can't we play top six teams every week?!
  2. Yeah I would guess they got the timings from the 'black box' which I imagine would have had its timings set to Zulu/GMT, so they haven't amended for BST.
  3. Most definitely. They need to be remembered. I have no doubt that if Vichai was still with us, it is something he would definitely ensure happened. I'm sure Top will see it the same.
  4. Such a touching post, put so eloquently too. Can't imagine how he's feeling. The fact he's talking about seeing himself as having the mission to carry on the legacy left by his father shows the strength and character of the man. Traits he obviously shares with Vichai. I have no doubt that in the coming years he'll be successful in that mission. If there were anyone you'd want to take up the reins after such a tragedy, Top is the man. It will clearly be very difficult for him for quite some time, but from all of the tributes he has seen, at least he knows he has the support of all of us, for what it's worth. No matter what happens from now on, through bad times and good times, he will always have our backing. He'll forever be a fox. We got you, Top.
  5. Thoughtful and eloquent. Great bloke.
  6. I watched one on Youtube before I went to play 5 aside tonight. It made me smile and brought a tear to my eye at the same time. Watched the highlights of the Sevilla game too, which I was lucky enough to be at. Amazing memories all thanks to an amazing man. Now I want us to win the FA Cup in his honour.
  7. Really nice, sincere words from Riyad. Pleased he scored.
  8. Wow. Reading these at work is not a good idea.
  9. I was holding it together until I read Kasper's tribute. Then I read Wilf's saying how Vichai went to watch him at the World Cup and then there was no stopping it. Such heartfelt words from Kasper. Absolute class act this man. We all appreciate what Vichai achieved with the club and all his charitable acts, and then words like his really show what a great man Vichai was on a personal level. That is what makes this so hard to accept for me, even though I never met him. I never used to understand people getting so upset at the passing of famous people they had never met. Now I do.
  10. RIP Such a tragedy. I feel for their families and loved ones.
  11. ****. Reading the tributes has really made it hit me. A great man and the best owner a club could ever have. We were lucky to have him. Because of him I have so many great memories that I will treasure forever. He has affected so many people's lives positively, through what he achieved with this club and through his generosity and charitable acts. I never had the honour to meet him, but by the way those who did meet him describe him, he seems like the type of person we should all aspire to be like. Rest in peace, Khun Vichai. Thanks for everything.
  12. So, so sad. RIP to all who were on-board. Vichai, thanks for the some of the best memories of my life and for all that you did for the city. Thoughts are with Top and the families and loved ones of those involved. Got a lot of respect for all the opposition fans posting their condolences here; you're a credit to football fans everywhere.
  13. This is still so surreal. I can't sleep. I'm devastated and I don't even personally know any of the people potentially involved; I can't imagine how their families must be feeling. This is ****ing shit.
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