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  1. 3-0 win: 2 goals from set pieces and a Hamza 20 yard rocket.
  2. Tierney just got a free kick for heading the ball??
  3. This is ridiculous now. If this was Fifa I would say it was rigged.
  4. Sounds like he could be watching Arsenal vs Arsenal.
  5. Really good half to watch that. More of the same this half please! Imagine Nacho will be on at 60 mins.
  6. I think Grealish was the most mentioned player in that half time analysis and he's not even playing!
  7. Excellently put.
  8. I need a higher allowance of reactions when we win a game like this.
  9. Ran out of reactions, but I agree!
  10. Thought today was one of his best games for us. Which says a lot because he his so often brilliant.
  11. The cheeky fiver I put on at half time for us to win looks shrewd now haha
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