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  1. Quite an entertaining game that.
  2. We were cack, they were good. Had hoped we could get something, but didn't expect it. We have shown we can bounce back, so roll on Thursday.
  3. Imagine how much worse that could have been if we had an injury crisis like those poor souls at Liverpool. I can't imagine what it must be like to have an injury crisis and have multiple players injured and actually have to delve into an expensively assembled squad of players to make it through the injury crisis.
  4. Madders just doesn't affect the game as well from the right. I think it would have maybe been better to start him on the left and have Praet on the right.
  5. If I hear them mention Liverpool's "injury crisis" again, I think I'm gonna have some sort of crisis! They're missing 4? Henderson, TAA, van Dijk, Salah? We're missing 4? Ndidi, Soyuncu, Ricardo, Castagne? I know it's been the same in the media for the last week or two, but no mention of our "injury crisis" too even in the commentary. Edit: forgot Gomez
  6. The timing of his challenges are almost always perfect!
  7. Good result even if the performance dropped off
  8. The state of that AEK who just screamed over nothing by the touchline. Embarrassing
  9. Premier League quality officiating this...
  10. Mendy's got a right leap on him! Won two headers in a row there
  11. Excited for this, LOVE US BEING IN EUROPE!
  12. At this rate I'm gonna have to let Brendan know I'm available.
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