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  1. I don't want Youri or Wilf to ever leave!
  2. Love seeing us play with such confidence, speed and aggression!
  3. This is effin fantastic! This is super football
  4. It's been said a thousand times but Tielemans is absolute class
  5. This forum has been ruined by greed. It's just about the reps now. I remember when it was all about the love of talking shit. There needs to be some reform and independent regulation. And there needs to be PUNISHMENT!
  6. European Super League? European SHIT League more like! Or European Shithead's League. Or European All Gone To Shit League. Or some other such name emphasising the shitness and so on.
  7. I hope this wasn't the plan all along to get more concessions (even if it was, I think it backfired). I really hope it was a genuine attempt but they completely underestimated the reaction. Woodward going seems like it was a genuine attempt gone wrong. I can't believe how stupid and detached from reality they were to think that the players and fans wouldn't kick off about it. How ridiculous is it that they didn't test the water with the players properly?! Without the vast majority of top players being up for it, it was never going to work. More money than sense these arrogant pr***s.
  8. Actually laughed out loud at this. These next few hours are going to be golden.
  9. Love how proper football fans from all areas were united by this bullsh!t. Things still won't be great in terms of fairness with the new Champions League plan, but at least it looks like everything won't end up as a steaming pile of sh!te now.
  10. Hahaha what a bunch of w***ers! All of this starting to crumble is great to see.
  11. I have a question. Although it may well be a load of crap, so please excuse my ignorance on these kinds of matters. But if this does go ahead and if these teams do get kicked out of the league/cups by the Premier League and Uefa, does that mean that although the players will be registered with the 'Super League' teams, the FA may not recognise such a registration? So in their eyes they would essentially be a free agent? If so, does that mean in theory a player who wanted out of an ESL club (if they happened to not just be about money) could down tools and just sign for/regist
  12. I'll still be happy only being partly right
  13. That was a statement. With important players out injured too. What a performance. What a result.
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