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  1. Aesc

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    I'm gutted because it feels like such a missed opportunity. But it's nice to have some optimism about the national team again. Add a bit more consistent creativity in the final third (and maybe more of a clinical edge) and we have the basis of a a decent team for years to come.
  2. Aesc

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Oh bloody 'ell
  3. Aesc

    West Brom away match thread

    Diabaté on for Okazaki at some point please.
  4. Aesc

    FFP Champions 5 - 1

    Strange change at half time and Kasper has had a 'mare. I think that was the first time Man City had a full 7 days between games since the international break in November, and even then most of their players would have been playing in those internationals, so they were always going to be fresh and fully at it. So I was expecting them to batter us anyway. We didn't make it difficult enough for them though, especially in that second half after the substitution. I thought Ndidi, Diabaté, Dragovic and Vardy still came out of it with some credit though. Even Mahrez looked at it when he came on, whether it was as an audition or not I don't know, but as long as it's in a Leicester top I don't care. Iheanacho looked alright too. Anyway, shit happens, so let's go full strength on Friday and take it out on Sheff Utd!
  5. Aesc

    Man City Away Match Thread

    Kevin de Bruyne should be illegal.
  6. Aesc

    Man City Away Match Thread

    That fist pump from Dragovic after he made that goal line block! Gerrrim in!
  7. He should have finished his statement with "so stop to tell bullshit". Missed a trick there.
  8. Aesc

    Swansea H match thread

    Sorry everyone. The exact moment I found a stream, they scored. My fault.
  9. Aesc

    Everton (A) Match Thread

    Kick them up the backside at half time, if nothing has improved in the ten minutes after the restart, Silva on for James and Diabaté on for Gray or Albrighton. Then maybe even Iheanacho on for Vards if he hasn't had a sniff after 65 minutes, or even for Okazaki if he's not having an influence.
  10. Aesc

    Adrien Silva

    I think he had a good game overall. Closed down well in the first half, got around the pitch and supported attacks. He did get caught in posession a few times, and had less influence in the second half, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and will put that down to a lack of competitive match fitness. I don't think it helped that, as much as I like him, Iborra wasn't at his best today. If I'm remembering correctly, he wasn't giving an easy pass option as often as he usually does. At one point Silva was under pressure after receiving a pass, so turned into centre mid to find no one there and then ultimately lost the ball. I think that's when he chased back and slid to block the low cross. I don't remember what happened before that, so maybe Iborra had a reason to have been higher up the pitch. I think the first half Silva will be the one we see more consistently through matches once he's completely up to speed though.
  11. Aesc

    Diabaté Signs

    Played in his debut as if he had played in the team for years. Great all round confident performance. Looked assured in possession as well as lively off the ball.
  12. Aesc


    His touch and his general link up play were better today. Good determination to get into the box for Fuchs' cross. Picked the more difficult option of shooting instead of passing to Barnes, but scores anyway. Funny what confidence can do.
  13. Great professional performance overall, other than a lackadaisical 20ish minutes at the start of the second half. Iheanacho looked sharp and showed some nice touches, two of which were excellent finishes. That cross from Fuchs was a thing of beauty. Maguire didn't have much to deal with, but what he did do, he did very well. I think Silva was a massive influence. He set the tempo, closing down from midfield and, other than a few moments when he got caught in possession, he passed it around nicely and with purpose. He knicked the ball from a throw in and drove forward before the first goal. I like how he pushes up to the edge of the box and plays those little passes in tight areas. He gets around all over the pitch almost effortlessly, he's great to watch. Him and Ndidi would be my preferred pairing now. On that note, I was pleased Wilf got a goal. He's deserved one with how he's been playing. Now, Diabaté. What a debut. I don't care what league the opposition are in. To come in at a young age, to a different team in a foreign country, and play that well, without a hint of nervouness, shows he has something about him. In that 90 minutes he showed evidence of great technique and dribbling skill, pace, good movement, selflessness, good decision making, and an eye for goal. Hopefully he'll show it consistently and against better opposition; with the mentality shown in how he approached his televised debut, I think there's reason to be optimistic he can. It's only one game, but he didn't look out of place playing alongside those of our players who have proven themselves at a high level. Man of the match, can't ask for much more.
  14. Aesc

    Diabaté Signs

    Always knew he'd be a world beater.