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  1. Aesc

    FIFA 20

    Ah, never realised Monday games weren't included. Cheers
  2. Aesc

    FIFA 20

    Harvey not getting in the TOTW is an outrage! I have half a mind to send EA a relatively strong worded email.
  3. I didn't have enough pixels working on my stream the even see the air shot!
  4. As soon as he said that I was thinking commentator's curse here!
  5. Good to see Wilf back starting. Always feel more confident with him in the team.
  6. We've gone stale! I'm usually pretty positive, but that performance made me want to do a vomit. Chilwell is so predictable. It's painful to see him constantly just swivel around his right foot. I thought Praet was alright. And seeing Ndidi get an interception and a tackle in within seconds of coming on was maybe the highlight of the game.
  7. Praet has played really well.
  8. ****ing laughable. The inconsistency is pathetic.
  9. Can we clone him about 8 times so in 20 years or something we have can have a team of Ricardos + two CBs and a keeper? Might need to do some for subs too actually.
  10. Should be content because a draw is a decent result, especially with no Ndidi and being 1-0 down. But I can't help but feel a bit disappointed with the two big chances we had (Evans' header and Barnes' 1 on 1).
  11. Maybe that's what we need to do when we lose: segregated post match threads! A rant one and a stoic one.
  12. Frustrating but sh!t happens. We've been in much worse positions than this.. Still stuff to play for. Bring on Chelsea!
  13. Aesc

    FIFA 20

    After packing that Headliner Salah, posting this will probably not make me many friends, but... Might buy a Euromillions ticket this week!
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