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    Well that is a very polite way of him snubbing Spurs and Man U! What a polite young man. He definitely wants to sign here, doesn't he? Doesn't he?? Yep no doubt about it. He wants to spend the rest of his career here. That's what I'm getting from that quote. Right? No I'm not in denial, YOU'RE in denial!
  2. Close this thread! I don't wanna hear it!
  3. If this does happen, I think the combination of Robben and Ricardo could be filthy. Both obviously got great technique and Ricardo's overlapping runs would open up space for Robben to cut in, or you know he would find Ricardo with a reversed through ball. The one twos would be a thing of beauty.
  4. That was one of the most entertaining games I've ever watched. It was non-stop manic!
  5. I would lose my sh!t if we managed that
  6. https://m.imgur.com/PNzIR6k Show them this and get another 0 added onto the price! The Malian Neymar. I had such high hopes..
  7. If I'm reading this right, it also looks like Aubameyang and Lacazette had more touches in their own box than ours.
  8. There could be four or five different players people will have as their MOTM, with a valid argument too, which just shows how good they all were.
  9. Brilliant from them all, even before the red. Ricardo is ridiculously good. Hamza had a great game. I really hope we don't only have two more games of Tielemans!
  10. And to think I got laughed at when I put Vardy down as my scorer on our football predictor at work! 6 points towards my score and bragging rights for me, cheers Vards
  11. Why can't we play top six teams every week?!
  12. If we are interested in Tielemans and they are potentially trying to squeeze more moolah out of us, of course Puel is going to be saying nice things about the centre mids we already have, so we don't seem desperate for this Youri lad. This works the other way too, it doesn't alienate Silva (any more than he already has been!), in case the deal falls through and we need to call on him at some point. Rather than transparency, Puel's priority here is to help get the best deal for the club and to try to not make Silva feel even less wanted, if that is even possible. Not sure this is the thing to be slagging Puel off for, he is saying what any other manager would and should say in this situation. Probably even what the owners/Rudkin want him to say too.
  13. Yeah I would guess they got the timings from the 'black box' which I imagine would have had its timings set to Zulu/GMT, so they haven't amended for BST.
  14. Most definitely. They need to be remembered. I have no doubt that if Vichai was still with us, it is something he would definitely ensure happened. I'm sure Top will see it the same.
  15. Such a touching post, put so eloquently too. Can't imagine how he's feeling. The fact he's talking about seeing himself as having the mission to carry on the legacy left by his father shows the strength and character of the man. Traits he obviously shares with Vichai. I have no doubt that in the coming years he'll be successful in that mission. If there were anyone you'd want to take up the reins after such a tragedy, Top is the man. It will clearly be very difficult for him for quite some time, but from all of the tributes he has seen, at least he knows he has the support of all of us, for what it's worth. No matter what happens from now on, through bad times and good times, he will always have our backing. He'll forever be a fox. We got you, Top.
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