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  1. Hopefully they have a wobble in the second half like they did against Salzburg.
  2. Praet looks like a proper good all round player.
  3. Great result. Lots of good performances, including Brendan. That's my preferred starting line up and I think he made good subs too.
  4. Am I the only one who thinks the ref's actually doing pretty well?
  5. That lineup is pleasing to mine eye
  6. Aesc


    What a strike that was! That will do his confidence the world of good. Got to start him to build on that now; he'll start banging them in. He can play wing, inside forward or striker, so system shouldn't be an issue.
  7. So glad he scored the equaliser, imagine how he'd be if we'd lost! He scored a great header and had a good second half. He may be gutted now but he didn't seem to let it affect his performance too much. Hope he stays with us for years, seems a great lad and he's a top quality player.
  8. They look like they are really disappointed they didn't win. 3 points would have been great, and we could have won, but a point at Stamford Bridge is nothing to turn your nose up at, especially after that first half!
  9. On the plus side, Vards always scores against the 'top 6' teams, so we've got a chance!
  10. I am no football manager, but for me the extra ability keep the ball with just one defensive mid and two better on the ball outweighs the extra cover you get when you play two defensive mids. I think you just end up having to defend more with two defensive mids because you just don't keep the ball for as long, which negates at least some of the benefit. I do understand the fear of getting ripped apart but we just offer so much less threat, which also encourages them to push up and gain confidence. Maddison created so many chances last season but, as we all know, he is just wasted out on the left.
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