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  1. Older than I thought. Thanks.
  2. How old is the lad? Seems like he's been at the club for ages.
  3. Won’t make any difference. They earn over 26k a year. Might have to be able to speak the lingo though.
  4. I’m so fvcking pleased it’s come good for him, he’s been written off time after time. He’s rejuvenated under Rodgers.
  5. Yup, klop will be sniffing with van dyke out for the season
  6. To say I’m shell shocked doesn’t come close. What an incredible win
  7. Wtf was Rodgers thinking playing Barnes as striker
  8. Best that can be hoped for is 0-0 cos can’t see where we can score. Hope I’m wrong.
  9. Jesus, those were the days, my first ever game was 1969 home to Bristol city can't remember but we won 2 nil Rodney Fern and Lenny Glover got the goals.
  10. What is the English league equivalent of this side?
  11. Going backwards, good championship player.
  12. You can easily sort the wheat from the chaff.
  13. I for one and the whole of Twitter, it seems are sick to the back teeth of this bloody virtue signalling ‘taking the knee. It should have stopped at the end of last season. BLM is Marxist political movement, do they really support that?! Please tell me they’re not still having drinks breaks? Haven’t watched a game other than the burnley one, don’t remember it then.
  14. On the evidence of the last 2 games I’d settle for that.
  15. Last 2 home games lost both conceded 4 scored none.
  16. Just knew that would happen. Fvck off barkley
  17. This playing in empty stadiums is beginning to grate with me now. Let’s be honest, it’s shit.
  18. Shouldn't have this many injured so early in the season. Wonder if this has anything to do with Rennie not being here. FFs get it sorted.
  19. Did Barnes get a knock or something? Featured in the squad initially, then not even in the squad.
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