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  1. The lad is suffering a dip in form and confidence, it shows. He's a yard off his former pace and unfortunately keeps giving the ball away cheaply and we're being punished as was evident against Villa, and again yesterday. Hopefully with no midweek game we'll recoup, come back and batter Burnley who are on a really poor run of form.
  2. Didn’t know about this. How bloody arrogant and disrespectful can you get. I’d sack whoever was responsible.
  3. I realise that, but VAR is, from a fans perspective I feel ruining the game. Never a game goes by without. Stop start, goals disallowed by someone being offside by millimetres. It should be restricted to penalty claims only.
  4. Absolutely sick of var. bin it at the end of the season.
  5. This var is ruining the game. Even though we’ve benefited this time.
  6. The last few post match interviews Brendan has done, he says we were slow. Nothing changes! Ffs get in to em.
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