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  1. Farrington fox

    Vardy loses thousands in dodgy car deal - The Sun

    Used to pass him often when he lived at Melton in his Blue Bentley. He drove it like a grandad
  2. Farrington fox

    Europa League Qualification. Worth it or not?

    Never mind Europa. First priority is to get 40 points!!
  3. Farrington fox

    Gordon Banks RIP

    A genuinely decent bloke who pretty much redefined goalkeeping. His humility knew no bounds. To think, someone of his stature had to sell his medals to raise money later in his life is incredibly sad. RIP Gordon Banks, Leicester legend.
  4. Farrington fox

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Mendy for Barnes would be a disaster. If he does that he’s gotta go!
  5. Farrington fox


    Yep did good yesterday.
  6. Farrington fox


    Early indications are he'd be a great signing, if Rudkin can weave some magic and make it happen.
  7. Farrington fox

    After today....

    Yes, look at Blackburn, and they threw a lot of money at winning it, back in the day.
  8. Can't get the video to work
  9. Farrington fox

    Next Club Captain?

    If he’s still here, Maguire
  10. Farrington fox

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    You’re bang on with this. I can’t remember anyone else picking up on Ricardo’s cockup which led to their 2nd. And it’s not the first time he’s made a bad decision that lead to us conceding. I just hope, that given Barnes missed chances today, he’s not dropped against Palace, Puel stuck with Chilly last season whilst he was inconsistent. So I am hoping that bodes well for Barnes. When he gets his first, he’ll fly.
  11. Farrington fox


    Absolutely right, Wilf looked half liberated, he even managed some accurate passes! What injury did Mendy inflict on himself?
  12. Farrington fox

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    With goals so hard to come by, how are we gona win this one?
  13. Farrington fox


    All I hope is that Puel saw enough in the middle of the park today to not have any thoughts about bringing Mendy back against Palace.