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  1. Christ this is a positive place tonight. What with Madders breaking covid regulations. Now Brendans off to Spurs! Think I’ll get back to Corrie
  2. Maddison comes across well in media interviews. However he has a certain arrogance about him. But in general, what pisses me off is that whilst the rest of us have suffered hardships during all this, these privileged sods have carried on unhindered earning a massive wedge in the process. It’s a disgrace and personally I hope they’re fined at least 2 weeks income.
  3. Hope this isn’t going to turn into an end of season collapse like last year.
  4. Just hoping we don't concede a sloppy early goal. Got a gut feeling JV will end his drought today!
  5. The most recent I can see on the LCFC website is Liverpool.
  6. RIP Frank Worthington. He was a legend for our club. Pretty sure I also remember him scoring for England when we had 3 players in the side, Whitworth and Weller. Sad day.
  7. Tbh I feel quite embarrassed to think Earlier in the season I was saying it’s time to move him on. I’ll just go and warm my humble pie
  8. Really pleased for him. Looks a different player tbf. Has something just clicked or has Brendans input been key.
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