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  1. Just bloody sign anyone.....
  2. NOOOO
  3. 😆😆
  4. Good signing. But its players we need, 1 or 2 weeks before pre season and we've signed 1 player. Someone needs to pull their bloody finger out.
  5. No thanks.
  6. Get rid, never going to command a regular place.
  7. And saying the lad is 29. 80k a week, nuts.
  8. Inevitable. One of,if not the most exciting player we've ever had. Thanks for the memories and good luck 👍🏼
  9. Can't think anyone will want him.
  10. Spot on imho, have to say there are some fickle fans on here 😉
  11. I hope we leather these ****ers.
  12. Sorry, my bad. You're right.
  13. Its not in Lincs though..........
  14. Look, Mahrez is in my opinion the most talented flair player we have, and probably have ever had. This season he has blown hot and cold theres no doubt about that, however its worth the frustration for the moments of sheer brilliance he delivers. I hope he stays, as I think he's pretty much irreplaceable. But if he wants to go, then at least I trust we'll get a fair price, unlike Kante!!!
  15. If Kasper goes we should be going after boy Pickford. He is quality.