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  1. I hope he isn’t going to constantly chop and change. I think the best we’ve looked this season was against Bournemouth. Should have started with the same 11 imo.
  2. Given it’s the cursed 12.30 ko and Spurs are rampant atm, it’ll be a damage limitation exercise. They’ll win by 2 goals.
  3. Don’t fancy spuds next week either, and to make matters worse it’s that dreaded 12.30 ko.
  4. Can’t risk Gray again. He’s a mutton headed fvcker.
  5. Disappointed to have not come away with a point.
  6. Get Gray off and Barnes on ffs. Sort ye fvcking selves out ndidi, Tielemans!
  7. Yeah turn it down, it’s deafening, do you hear!
  8. Looking forward to motd, barring any last minute disaster
  9. Bit tough on Hamza. But I can see why he’s gone with this lineup. No real excuse for not banging at least a couple in. Coyb.
  10. We’re not scoring fluently atm. For that reason I’m going 1-1.
  11. We need to get our sh1t together on Saturday more pace and more efforts on goal.
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