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  1. If only he could divert his efforts on goal away from the keeper he'd be complete
  2. How do you better that, this season? Beat Liverpool at Anfield, maybe
  3. I’m in shock. 3 pens, when did that last happen
  4. Ya might as well give him the golden boot now
  5. The poor bugger would still manage to injure himself.
  6. Gerrim out on loan. He’d do well in lower reaches of the championship, Forest or Derby.
  7. Has that Wolves has been, gone back? Can’t remember if he was just on loan til the season end!
  8. Seems to have up'd his game, still a bit slow to get forward and often goes sideways, but looks solid.
  9. Praet needs a good run in the side now. He’s coming into his own. Surely Perez will make way for Maddison.
  10. Absolutely agree, he is a legend, but wayward clearances aren’t exactly rare.
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