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  1. Farrington fox


    You little fvcker, get back to the King Power and play like this, pleeeeese.
  2. Farrington fox

    Exit Rumours

    Why, lets face it, he was pretty underwhelming last season and didn't really show any improvement.
  3. In answering the original question. We won’t need too. He’s won’t be leaving.
  4. Farrington fox

    Exit Rumours

    We need to get some shifted out, pronto.
  5. Farrington fox

    James Maddison Confirmed

    This lad looks like he’s got it all.. fingers crossed he’ll do the business.
  6. Farrington fox

    Gray to Lazio

    Wouldn’t bother me too much if we let him go.
  7. Farrington fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Would have been done by now!
  8. Farrington fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Mahrez won’t be going Man City.
  9. Lets hope we don't need points from the last 3 to stay up...
  10. Farrington fox

    Marcus Rashford

    Ffs, why do these cretins push this sort of rubbish.
  11. Farrington fox

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    I wouldn’t even consider resigning him. Besides, his ego clearly exceeds his ability. He Made his bed Now lie in it.
  12. Farrington fox

    LCFC Internationals 2017/18

    Englands 2nd half was inept. To slow going forward, too many wayward passes, no imagination. Southgate has some work to do if we are to progress further than the group stage.
  13. Farrington fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Nope, and I doubt it will be!
  14. Farrington fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    They've been saying that all week....
  15. Farrington fox

    Jack Grealish

    I don’t want him here.