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  1. What about Newcastle’s Saint Maximin. He’s got skill pace and a eye for goal. Straight swap for Perez
  2. The boy Grealish would certainly be the cream, but would carry a huge price tag. Has to go to the Euro’s.
  3. Todd Cantwell. Great player, if Norwich go down, get him in!
  4. How long is Wilf expected to be out?
  5. I’m getting really pissed off with the EPL playing games at stupid times all over the weekend starting Fri ending Mon because TV dictates. 2 sodding games today, none at 3pm! Too much football on tv, var. it’s going to rack and ruin.
  6. On the evidence of the extended highlights (were there any!) my feeling is, we’re woeful at defending corners, Ricardo was our only player with any real intent. God help us if he departs in the Summer. Perez is way to lightweight. The whole team lacks pace atm. God knows what’s happened but something has.
  7. ‘Players can’t wait for the end of season’. In mid Feb!! If that’s the case they’re in the wrong job.
  8. How we going to recover our form from 3 months ago. We’re regressing that’s for sure. Vardy is a shadow of his former self. Lacking pace and incentive. Only positive from that is we didn’t concede, unbelievable. Sort it out Rodgers ffs.
  9. Jesus we’d be scrapping the bottom of the barrel if that lad got in.
  10. Vards has been shite for some time now.
  11. Wtf were we doing letting Elliot Moore go. He’s having a blinder.
  12. The Premier League need to look how the rugby folk deploy it. Much more efficient! As for the standard of some referees in this league, they’re a joke! I thought they were appraised and sanctioned if they cocked up!
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