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  1. Lingard, no thanks. If we’re still in a decent position with a fit squad come Jan, I’d leave things alone til the Summer.
  2. We’ll remain 2nd for the next couple of weeks at least!
  3. We’ve got the 2 best attacking fullbacks in the Premier league, bar none. Look at how many attacking moves start with them.
  4. If they can’t adapt and iron out the problems this season it should be scrapped for next.
  5. The trouble is Brendan will become the most wanted man in football if he keeps this up. But surely he’ll know he’s got something a little bit special here.
  6. If it finishes like this, I’m gona love watching motd tonight, love it..
  7. They’re gona take some breaking down.
  8. This could go either way. Bloody Ozil in there side.
  9. I would guess Top would move heaven and earth to retain Brendans services, in the event anyone comes sniffing. My biggest worry is if either Soyuncu or Evans picks up an injury.
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