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  1. Don’t want it, and I don’t think the club do. Watford can have it.
  2. They just don’t want 7th, and who’d blame em!
  3. Yeah you're probably right, but lets not forget, it's a big step from the Championship to the EPL.
  4. I think he’s made the step up to the Prem really well and seems to have taken it in his stride. He’s got it all, except a goal or 2 but they will come. Just needs a bit more finesse with the final ball.
  5. For me it was between Chilly and Ricardo. I voted for Chilwell on the strength of his improvement from last season, and establishing himself in the England side. Ricardo has been brilliant especially going forward, defensively though, there have been a few howlers.
  6. From what I've seen of the highlights we weren't as bad as some in here are making out. Vardy was dead unlucky with one effort, Barnes too, had one of them had gone in it would have been a different story.
  7. You can’t win em all and at the end of the day does tonight really matter. Well to those who want 7th it will. But Personally l don’t want to be playing unknown teams in July. Look how it affected Burnley. If BR gets things right this Summer we could have a hell of a season next.
  8. So even the mighty Tielemans is well below par?
  9. We’ve lost this I reckon, it’s one of those nights.
  10. Ricardo is guiltily of the odd howler or 3!
  11. Yeah, no pace. Surprised Soyunco isn’t on the bench. I would like to have what him and Maguire could do.
  12. Wells, what a player he was. Him and Wortho, superb.
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