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  1. I’d like to see Under get involved. Hope he’ll feature v Brentford
  2. Vardy is probably past his very best now, but still formidable. He's been a one off. 'A million quid, it has to be the best footballer investment ever. He is irreplaceable and Brendan can only strive to bring in the best he can. Would be great if he sticks around on the coaching side or something.
  3. Another great win and the boy Barnes can’t stop scoring. Could end the season as top scorer. 👏👏
  4. Tavares, christ, I remember dancing to them in 70's or was it the 80's.
  5. The Red button, if only a press of it would destroy them.
  6. Was there not a Newcastle player offside when Carroll scored? Surely he was interfering with play. It seemed like Kasper though the same.
  7. Sky sports hate us. They’re full of woke bullshit. Frankly I’d rather not watch the game than watch on sky
  8. Shame we let them score. But another great away win
  9. This is what I don’t get about Brendan. That change smacks of complacency
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