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  1. I think ive answered it really by saying that as he's come up against leftist ideologues, to use his term, he's consequently been in a state of opposition to a group of people on the left, so incidentally people on the right using a very low level of analysis could use his image and co-opt it with their views, thinking that as he's not on that left team he might be on their right wing team I think its exactly that and nothing more. As the man himself says people extreme right wingers detest him as much as the extreme left wingers do
  2. If you listen to the content of what he says it doesnt lean to the right. In fact if you listen to or read him extensively it starts to boggle the mind that there is such kick-back against him when he is so well intentioned. I think its more indicative of how polarising debate is currently that he's construed on the right of the political spectrum Maybe in opposing certain insane leftist ideology some right leaning people are drawn to that, more incidental if anything; even if there is a substantial right wing group of individuals clinging to what he's doing which I think its negligible
  3. Footage the director is saving for Leaving Neverland 2
  4. Not confirmed. I'm still holding out for him and sitting on the fence. Please dont be a nonce Michael
  5. Sorry, totally derailed the gravity of this thread with this tripe havent I?
  6. Ronaldinho is going to marry two women at the same time What A Baller
  7. I'll accept his foibles because he has much to be said for him and will only improve But take him off corners cos they're always s***
  8. it did feel a bit wrong and shameful. Was being slightly tongue in cheek so i left it there I apologise to all relevant posters Sorry again
  9. Mods? Ive been suspended for less retarded stuff than this (note i said less, conceding that ive made retarded posts)
  10. I dont mean to say that the manager has made no difference. Its too early to tell anything about Rodgers (if i was to be critical you could say when he tried a new formation it bombed) The signs of improved play came with Tielemans Today is no different really to how our season has gone. Giving a goal (red card in this case) away early on with a silly mistake. We played well today and Rodgers handled it very well and got the subs spot on But it could have gone another way. Ndidi very lucky not to give away a pen As you say maybe Rodgers has made a big difference tactically, i'm not sure there is massive evidence for that. I dont see enough to say "wow, Puel really was shit, Rodgers has come in and got us ticking", just doesnt look like it to me, but each his own Again, the players have been at fault for many results this season and i dont know why i need to go back and acknowledge anything else about that We were down to 10 in 5 minutes. We were lucky not to concede a pen (definite contact from Ndidi). Things went our way today, but it could easily have been the sort of result Puel got hammered for. Its not often Madderz bangs in such a wonderful free kick or we get a lucky deflection on a cross that Wes can get on the end of I dont want to be taking away from the performance which was good in many ways. And im supportive of Rodgers Im.not seeing this "see, Puel was shit after all" though. We needed Tielemans and if we had him in August i really think the season might have gone a lot differently for us and Puel Sorry if you dont like that opinion
  11. Agree. Good sub there. Cant think of anything better to do than that really and we need fresh legs with 10 men
  12. Still look like we could get something from this game tbf
  13. He was through on goal, no doubt Maguire allowed their legs to touch from behind I cant see how the ref had any choice but to give a red for that
  14. Did you comment that on any of the 10 posts talking about Puel not playing the same team at the start of this thread? Im not going to check, but i bet you didnt
  15. I'd say that was a near perfect performance from Gray aswell
  16. Looking forward to how Puel gets blamed for this one
  17. Glad he's gone for that lineup And now we know Sean from Enderby was in the Puel camp. His info has left with Puel
  18. Im not too optimistic if its the line up that sean has predicted (of course it will be, Sean is never wrong), but I hope to be proved wrong If we go with that 3 at the back and we look good with it then fair play to Rodgers
  19. Men being more violent than women is of course true, thats a completely separate thing to this crime - you've watched one too many gillette ads Christchurch is about ideology and racism. Shoehorning the gender debate into it hours after it happened is reprehensible, or rather, it would be reprehensible except she doesnt realise how bad it is because she is probably so obsessed with this absurd gender debate that goes on these days she doesnt realise she looks at everything through that lens Ive stated it simply as these rhetorical points im making dont seem to be landing. I think what she has said there is completely absurd and so ive given examples of things i think equally absurd
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