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  1. He never failed to condemn it. Thats a myth
  2. That does show that Duke interpreted Trump's campaign a certain way. I interpeted it as restoring patriotism and conservative values, not to do with race. Duke obviously felt differently There is no quote there showing anything Trump has said that aligns with white supremacy Interesting in that article David Duke was unhappy with Trump's response which condemned the violence, shows he clearly thought Trump was not defending Duke's cause
  3. https://www.heritage.org/health-care-reform/commentary/why-trumps-executive-order-health-care-positive-step Same website with an article on his initiatives.
  4. I've been having a read of what Trump has done regarding healthcare. Here is an article stating he has added options and flexibility to the system which has benefits in that people dont have to také just what the govt. offers, which can result in rising costs for people According to this its not as straightforward as Trump destroying Medicaid and taking healthcare away from people. Curious to know if this softens your opinion of him on this issue.... https://www.heritage.org/health-care-reform/commentary/why-the-left-desperate-sabotage-trumps-health-care-plans
  5. I'm not being facetious. I didnt follow this one closely at the time. Has Trump projected a white supremacist thing? Got any quotes for that? Because Richard Spencer came on and said Trump is not for the white nationalist cause. So not all white supremacists like him obviously. Although no doubt some do. Did Trump really campaign with that lot in mind? Seems to me its something the media sticks on him more than anything I'm not flat denying your claim, just asking if there is any tangible evidence in things Trump has said that states alliance with white supremacist views. I guess one could say his 'bad hombres' kind of thing could be picked up by them. But its not explicit in that sense, its just saying all these refugees are not innocent angels and security is needed
  6. What did Trump say that encouraged that guy? Genuine question because I dont know, it could have been in the news but I missed it because I wasnt paying too much attention in general at the time
  7. Haha, i get you leicsmac The subject within that could be endless couldnt it? So many factors. Some people are appalled Trump pulled out of these deals. But some people have said that the Paris was bad for the US with no real return ecologically And some have said that the ACA actually made things worse, so to pull out of that and not replace it is fine, if you hold that perspective Trump did something nice about kidneys recently apparently, also getting his organs mixed up amusingly enough. A slight improvement to healthcare in america in that field. I'll give him a brownie point for that
  8. Ducked out of this one? @Carl the Llama
  9. Well, maybe, but Clinton had a much more involved relationship with Epstein, so surely Hilary would be a worse offender in that regard and Trump is perhaps less associated than she? So by that criteria you must be pleased she didnt win
  10. Even as someone who likes Trump I would agree with this If politicians and the media spent more time honestly assessing policies and their effects it would serve the people a lot better I'm not even sure if its been mentioned on here that whilst all this has been going on Trump has made a move to cancel asylum from Central American countries. This isnt getting a lot of media time because they are talking about his tweets, its incredible
  11. I would argue revoking a bad policy is better than leaving it there. Ive heard accounts that ACA made things worse, added on costs through extra bureaucracy Just because these Acts sound nice doesnt mean they are good. Shouldnt keep something just because its politically correct. A strong politician doesnt give in to things just because they sound nice
  12. I had a brain fart there and was half thinking about something else I was reading, my mind inserted a completely irrelavant word, edited it as soon as I re-read it So forget that. Do you think she was right to use the term Never Again? Do you concede she was invoking the holocaust regarding these camps that people are flocking to? As far as I remember Jews werent running to the camps in droves from far and wide. Pretty sure they were forced there agains their will
  13. Have you got these on a permanent clipboard leicsmac? I think you can strike off the Paris Agreement one at least. And the Affordable Care Act, which was a disaster
  14. What does discontinuing the camps mean? No borders? And I like how you have completely avoided acknowledging how shitty it was of her to use the phrase Never Again, which is synonymous with the holocaust. That alone could be said to incite the man with the gun who firebombed the place Thats why she couldnt condemn the attack probably, because she would then have to answer questions as to her inflammatory rhetoric I doubt AOC is aware tbf, think she is just a giant idiot
  15. AOC claimed it though. She used the term 'Never again'. I assume you are aware of this term?
  16. Jesus christ. You really think its comparable? Trump didnt set the facilities up anyway. And they wouldnt be so under prepared if dems had supported funding earlier. But no, they denied there was a crisis and called Trump a scare monger or whatever I posted an article earlier that characterised his presidency thus far. Give it a read
  17. Yes, that makes sense But if i dont think he's racist im not going to agree am I? The squad, on the other hand, dont care about american values, they want to limit people's notion of what tjey can say based on the prescribed views they believe they should have based on things like ethnicity. That is truly racist. Heard a speech where one was saying something like "if you are black, we dont want you unless you want to represent your people. If you are muslim, we dont want you unless you represent muslims" etc... i cant find the speech atm but will try They want to define everything through race. Much more troubling than anything Trump says
  18. But these women arent doing that. They arent doing anything positive. I dont see you guys coming on here criticising AOC for her concentration camp comments which funnily enough preceded an attack on an ICE facility Trump is actually doing an ok job of working in Americans interests with the economy and trying to sort the border issues Judge them by their fruits
  19. I knew you were going to draw that distinction. Seems a bit of an empty one to me. If you say i support racists im going to take that as you saying im racist. Why would i support racists if i wasnt? He wasnt calling all Mexicans rapists. He was talking about the rapists in the caravans, or was it the criminal element within illegal immigrants? Not sure. Either way, plenty of Mexicans in America didnt find it racist because they know he was talking about Mexican rapists and not Mexicans Majority of women are getting raped en route illegally to the US btw. And a third of the kids are not actually related to the people they come with. To deny there is a significant criminal element is wrong. Yes his language is provocative, doesnt fall nicely on delicate ears... I and many others dont believe Trump is a racist. Its a subjective opinion you and many others have along with the msm
  20. I will say fair enough about Omar rumours. You did say you think you've never used the word racist in regarss to Trump whilst stating in the same post "if it walks like a racist supporting..." Come on, thats an implication that Trump is racist right there. Along with saying "racial undertones". Also calling Prussian racist supporting which he obviously isnt. But because he supports Trump he is racist. You have to play fair with this
  21. Agree. I think it would have been fine had she just left it at the apology and said this isnt the right way to do things. Seems to have annoyed people that she mitigated the apology
  22. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1154774/Bristol-latest-BBC-news-Climate-Change-protest-Extinction-Rebellion-activist-roadblock Climate protestors undermining their own movement
  23. I actually agree that its not right. But I think there is a trolly aspect to it, like there is to Trump's presidency I dont think they mean it sincerely. They know it winds people up and its just an insult to Omar She is a US citizen, she may be a nasty cow, but she is a citizen and has her rights. I dont think anyone really denies that
  24. He is not the one implicated That sex scandal is only even seeing the light of day because Trump beat Clinton in the election. Bill is much more likely up to his neck. Trump banned Epstein from his resort after falling out with him years ago
  25. Im talking about AOC and the likes not condemning it. Not talking about you because you're not as crazy as they are. I know you would condemn it without having to ask The reports say its he failed in his application. Either way it seems evidence is building from reports ive read. We'll see. She has deflected from it like she always does by saying its about racism. Just like AOC does. Race race race. If you criticise me you're racist
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