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  1. Starting to think Trump has really colluded Russia and implanted democrats with brain chips so he can control what they do and make sure he wins the next election Warren wants to decriminalise illegal immigration. That will really coax all them Trump voters away
  2. That is ****ing abysmal And I'm no atheist
  3. Last question as im labouring the point now. But i have to know! The Mighty Boosh had a bit in their live tour where a guy in a rabbit suit would jump out, chase Noel Fielding around the theatre and "rape him" Is that a morally repugnant bit in your eyes?
  4. If Trump is innocent of this charge he has every right to be callous about it That second paragraph is just nonsense to me. I dont mean to be rude here, it just makes no sense at all, other than i guess to pander to the current feminist charged zeitgeist?
  5. I just dont get how you think political bias isnt the chief motivation behind your side going all in on this stuff. Its hardly the most credible claim Besides, MLK, still an inspirational figure, apparently party to some monstrous sexual stuff And btw, seen Chappelle's latest stand up specials? He makes comedy out of rape which i doubt you would find offensive
  6. Funny anything jokes are funny. The point of comedy is to make light Unless you're a product of the current left which has lost its way and no longer believes in having a senss of humour
  7. I wonder what Wymesold fox finds a good excuse for rape
  8. Boris is a douche I can honestly say i have never raised my voice to my gf. Ive never argued with any woman. Falling out is rape
  9. Come on Bucey, that is a joke and its funny
  10. Is there a legitimate argument they should not be sending police to force the senators to participate in passing a bill they see as wrong? Genuine question. I dont know if they are simply obliged to be there and should just do it. Maybe they should. Im not familiar with the make up of that political landscape and whats reprehensible or not
  11. I really will need a yt vid to form a proper opinion on this Im not sure the full implications of what those repubs are doing but on first glance it seems pretty wrong and cowardly to just bail instead of taking part in the democratic process. Dont know the fineries of american politics, dont know why that guy said this Democrat bill ignores oregon and only focuses on Portland, either they accept the process in place or not...? Beyond my ken this one. I also dont know the economical ramifications of the bill, though thats not the point really is it? The democratic process being subverted is the point. I doubt they'd like that if the shoe was on the other foot
  12. It depends on the algo. 50-50 Wish i could draw opinions from the ether like you
  13. Oh bugger, ol'Pool didnt let me down. Done a video with more detail. "Not one dollar" AOC Genuinely interested in your take on his take on this.
  14. I was just regurgutating something Pool said. Not spin at all. Just ignorant of the full facts Ask Tim Pool anyway, he is definitely not right wing but he will be soon like everyone else who is bored to tears of denouncement politics and fantasy villains and solutions I dont believe the practises at the border are cruel on purpose, seems conditions are a consequence of the number of migrants I just dont think its a case of evil trump and thats that. I heard one bloke was detained there with a kid that turned out not to be his kid. Was using him as an asylum prop if you like. Lots of people doing lots of questionable shit all over this problem, including some of the migrants no doubt, putting children at risk.
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