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  1. Compare Gray's and Barnes' play in that build up Weirdos will still slag Gray off for some reason
  2. Is this one of the court rulings you believe then?
  3. Could also equally say its naive to think your will to see him as guilty isnt based on your issue with him as a person.
  4. Is there any court decision anywhere in the world ever that you will accept?
  5. Started a whole thread about this which got deleted. Basically, I watched the documentary, found it compelling, then looked up the facts of the matter online and its on record, court documents, the lot, its (the documentary, and all other historical allegations) mostly demonstrably bollocks. (FBI investigated him for 10 years. They found nothing. They have about an 85% conviction rate or something. That alone should be enough to make you curious about the other side of the story) No point in having a discussion on here, if you're really interested, please do look up the other side of the story. Start with a youtube guy called razorfist, michael jackson rebuttal videos Its fine if you think otherwise. Thats just my opinion Forgive me for being brisk, was basically called a paedo by one guy on here for just suggesting MJ appears innocent based on the information that is easily found online if one wants to look for it
  6. So want to open a Michael Jackson is innocent thread, but feel like it would get closed All the info is on the net anyway. The guy didnt do it (Not a joke)
  7. The only thing thats guaranteed is virtue signalling
  8. To be fair, the few comments he's made on Islam do seem to say there is a fundamental difference between it and Christianity in that Mohammed (sp?) was a warlord. He did say he doesnt know enough about it, but the implication of that suggests a suspicion of Islam itself and thats a pretty incediary comment and I think one would be justified and wanting him to expand on that as best he can because it corresponds with the war of civilisations view Its the one area ive seen him dabble in that i wonder what the extent of his thought is there, because if you believe Christianity and Islam are essentially adversaries then thats a pretty poor outlook for the world. I dont believe thats the essential issue at hand, but there are some that do and its a conversation worth having to cut through the bs. Difficult conversation maybe. Not helped by idiotic t shirts of course
  9. I think ive answered it really by saying that as he's come up against leftist ideologues, to use his term, he's consequently been in a state of opposition to a group of people on the left, so incidentally people on the right using a very low level of analysis could use his image and co-opt it with their views, thinking that as he's not on that left team he might be on their right wing team I think its exactly that and nothing more. As the man himself says people extreme right wingers detest him as much as the extreme left wingers do
  10. If you listen to the content of what he says it doesnt lean to the right. In fact if you listen to or read him extensively it starts to boggle the mind that there is such kick-back against him when he is so well intentioned. I think its more indicative of how polarising debate is currently that he's construed on the right of the political spectrum Maybe in opposing certain insane leftist ideology some right leaning people are drawn to that, more incidental if anything; even if there is a substantial right wing group of individuals clinging to what he's doing which I think its negligible
  11. Footage the director is saving for Leaving Neverland 2
  12. Not confirmed. I'm still holding out for him and sitting on the fence. Please dont be a nonce Michael
  13. Sorry, totally derailed the gravity of this thread with this tripe havent I?
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