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  1. Captions please

    I like Liverpool's new bus for Saturday
  2. 3atb.

    Yeah, but in a situation like that we don't really use a 433 properly. Thats just desperate tactics of trying to gain control in the middle of the pitch by sticking bodies in. A real use of it would take more commitment, tactical training, belief in it as a formation for attacking; not just plugging the gap when we're getting effed in the A
  3. 3atb.

    I can buy that. Shame we'll never know how it would fare
  4. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    haha, really want to ask
  5. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Edited for you (Just to wind Babylon up :))
  6. 3atb.

    Definitely. I would be interested to see one of them maybe, but dont really see the club committing to those formations unless we get a new manager who stamps a philosophy on us. We only go to 4-5-1 when we're in a mess in games and its of course always messy
  7. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    I have always defended him. For the first time last night I was starting to tip the other way, then he went and scored that goal So he can score well with his feet too. Aside from that, his performance last night was not indikative of how he usually plays. Usually plays a lot better han that, I will remember only the goal from this game and add it to my hitherto positive opinion of him
  8. 3atb.

    All of that makes perfect sense and is right on the nose as far as I can see. But don't try to také away people's 352 343 dreams from them. they live to post these formations every pre-match We can also probably stick 4-3-3 in the bin of exotic formations that Shakey wouldnt give the time of day
  9. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    The polarisation of formations and players on here shows how much we are still firmly in transition between the old guard and the new blood. I think this will prove another strange year, but with Nacho and Chilwell, Ndidi and Gray coming through we should start to see something new and different shaping up. On Saturday we will play 442 and although I think there is a great argument for Shinji starting I can see Shakespeare going with Kelechi
  10. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    This made me gasp out loud at work and I almost gave it away that i'm browsing FT instead of working
  11. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Maybe Fifa know they have to budge and are figuring out how they will spin this to the public As a dilemma its right up there for them with deaths in Qatar i'm sure
  12. Demarai Gray

    Gray has scored goals like that for England U21s also. He definitely does have it in his locker
  13. Post-Match Thread - Leicester 2-0 Liverpool (EFL Cup)

    He did put a cross in! And a near perfect one at that, early release as well. On here he gets painted in a negative light as someone too arrogant to improve or something. But he put in a shift yesterday, defensively too, and he seems to me to be really working on his game and wanting to improve. All the mistakes you see are natural for a youth with his ability and they will iron out with more time on the pitch
  14. Post-Match Thread - Leicester 2-0 Liverpool (EFL Cup)

    Over the last few games Gray would start over Albrighton all day
  15. Demarai Gray

    Gray needs to start