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  1. Thats horrible. Gender studies and stock markets for the youth. Great
  2. I reckon we could make him cry after 2 home games
  3. How are you so sure of that? We've seen enough moments of quality from Gray to know that he has potential
  4. Personally think she would be gold on Im a Celebrity, and wouldnt bs surprised to see her on it next season
  5. I agree with this but am laughing because it is an amusing point
  6. It is a satirical account, a pretty funny one too. Think you'd enjoy it
  7. Kante may not be being used in his best position, but its fun watching him adapt to having responsibility further up the field and having to attack more, he has done it surprisingly well at times But yeah, probably would be better off playing him in his traditional position where he is one of the world's best
  8. In hindsight this analysis is quite funny I would add I wasnt being entirely serious.... probably get a suspension for 'trolling' now
  9. Klopp didnt really adjust in his first season though did he? It was all heavy metal and conceding 4 goals against Bournemouth It wasnt until his second season he started to really balance things out
  10. Now i bet she regrets joining Isis
  11. Maaaybe he's better than Migs, doesnt seem worth what they paid for him And Mignolet is definitely better than Karius. Klopp seems a bit of a mug in the gk dept.
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