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  1. Its possible that Shakey hasnt bought into him. But its only speculation about him needing Mahrez to feel comfortable. Speculation fuelled by the fact that they're both Algerian. Pretty obtuse thinking And I remember hearing that Slimani stopped driving to training with Mahrez because Mahrez was always late. He's a grown man, dont think Mahrez is as large a factor in his world as is suggested by some in here
  2. No option with a foot-stool. Philistines
  3. This is running out of steam. Starting to doubt the will and ability is there to get to 200 pages with any semblance of legitimacy....
  4. Kelechi Iheanacho Thats who you aaarrre My shining staaar To the tune of Sunshine by Gabrielle
  5. Ahh, but lets not forget Ulloa's contribution of flick-ons
  6. Mahrez.... looool
  7. Also. We are solid at the full back positions. Barring cover for Simpson and maybe one more CB, we've got a great back 4 I wouldn't want to mess with
  8. Any real solid news will probably be in a google news search, this thread is for wild speculation and bollox. You're just angry that the signing hasnt been announced yet like every other weirdo on here
  9. F**k s*** C****n B******* time for a meltdown
  10. love it
  11. Meltdown day
  12. Could well be. But no risk, no fun
  13. Musa impressing in pre season. Will be massive for us this season
  14. Express suggesting a deal with Leicester asking for 48 mil from Roma Meh, would take that. Wouldnt be the most glamorous move for ol' RM