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  1. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    In hindsight it does look a shambles But they were all excelling at decent European clubs at the time And we couldnt even get Deeney to come to us. I think poor old Rudders gets a bit too much stick. Probably because he looks like such a Milhouse
  2. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Yeah, got rid of the manager that had them creating all those chances didnt they
  3. I still think we're going to finish top 8. Am I mad?

    They were also without Van D through injury for the tail end of the season We'd be pretty poor in defence without Maguire
  4. Who do you want Summer 2018

    Would never come here
  5. Respect our players

    Sorry, i said something incendiary and then buggered off I would actually rather have Puel here than Mahrez. It makes it less fun to watch Mahrez knowing he wants to leave so badly Under Ranieri and Shakespeare we often didnt pick players I wanted us to play. Under Puel this has changed and he often plays line ups i'm happy with (aside from the back 4, but i imagine he thought it best to keep that foundation rather than risk an experimental back 4. Its not an area you want to take chances in as a new manager) I dont think you can blame Puel for sucking winning mentalities out of people. He's not a winning-mentality-vampire. Ben Hamer was born with a winning mentality and that will never change Were there promises that were made to Mahrez? If those promises included to let him leave on deadline day with no time for a replacement then i'm glad we broke it The players not understanding the manager was a complaint also made with Ranieri The problem is we've been found out style wise and Puel is the one who has changed our style whilst maintaining a respectable league position We were doing pretty well until Mahrez threw a strop
  6. Respect our players

    Who do you think has let us down the most this season out of Puel or Mahrez? At least Puel has turned up for every game
  7. Respect our players

    Much more fun
  8. I still think we're going to finish top 8. Am I mad?

    Seeing as he's done it whilst giving Simpson the freedom to try and be a marauding RB, its a fuching miracle
  9. Ricardo Pereira

    Was just about to post 'Christ we are massive now' Also, Puel as a factor mentioned
  10. Ricardo Pereira

    Brilliant if true. Makes us significantly stronger.
  11. Vardy

  12. Vardy

    He's scoring more than he did last season. Maybe this style isnt so bad for him. Evidenced by his goal return, which is very respectable He's had much worse patches under our old style. The problem is the team not defending well enough to make his goals count
  13. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I said it before, but that phrase depends on how he meant it. He could have been merely encouraging them to continue playing a passing game and believe in it instead of resorting to hoofing And in the comments on the website he says we were "ok". I infer from those comments that its very much a work in progress and he was trying something new. And i think it says more about the players that instead of taking responsibility they come out and talk shit about a colleague to a journalist If true, then they faced a bit of booing and chose to distance themself from the manager in public cos they didnt like getting booed And if it is Hamer, as suggested, I remember watching him against Man City in the cup and bottling distribution at every opportunity to break. I remember Mahrez bottling another penalty and generally letting the team down this season. Wes has lost us points recently failing the basics. As has Chilwell. Nothing to do with tactics, mamy of this season's failings are down to the players and I resent one of them trying to blame Puel in public At this point I welcome a manager that is against these kind of players and welcome a transfer window that will make them have to work to get into a new look team
  14. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Or some players who arent whiny little snidy bitches
  15. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Has someone said that he said that then? I missed that