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  1. Why didn't Leicester play like Wolves ? They are really really ferocious i like that.
  2. I didn't know that thank you !
  3. I don't understand, what's the storry behind the sun ?
  4. Except Vardy he's always at his best but this time was a victim of Rogers passive tactics.
  5. I'm wondering why Rodgers didn't chose Iheanacho in the last two games ?
  6. I hate any team that Guardiolla or Morinho go to and teams where aguero plays, the first two are just lucky and can't win a game if they don't have a very strong squad, and Aguero is very wild that he should have chosen Rugby over Football.
  7. Wolverhampton also played the PL champions before Leicester and they did very well, even Watford gave Liverpool a tough game and they didn't seem to be in fear of playing against the champions of Europe.
  8. But finishing in top 4 without being able to beat the big clubs won't help in the CL, Top 4 should reflect the true team quality and being in here you're not allowed to perform with an inferiority complex or passivity.
  9. No but while i appreciate the team improvement in the table standings i don't want it to lose it's ability to win important games against the big teams like this one, Leicester won the league especially because it have beaten the big teams.
  10. Disappointed by Rodgers, with previous managers Leicester was the team who give a beating to the big clubs like Man City and Liverpool even being in mid table level.
  11. Man City are just lucky that Leicester City have still a weak mentality in front of the so called big teams, can't stand the sight of Pip the coach thinking he is a genius while all he does is telling his players to attack and press the ball
  12. I'm sure Man City are shaking with fear of playing Leicester,
  13. It's like that then Vardy has to start from scratch
  14. Why they didn't give the goal to Vardy ? I think the goalkeeper should not be considered if he deviate the ball knowing that an opponent player is the one who shoot it and it's his energy that make the ball go to the net.
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