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  1. Fuchs is a great player, when i see him and Vardy playing i feel there is a soul in Leicester City, those new signed players don't have confidence like him and Vardy and he is of course very talented.
  2. Leicester should have played similarly to what Atalanta did today against Liverpool, aggressive football, solid confidence and mentality, they came to win and showed no sign that they are in doubt about it. Leicester is a stronger side than Atalanta but Atalanta manager got it right when playing attacking football and dominating which surprised Liverpool.
  3. I'm wondering why Dailymail ignores Leicester, Southampton, Everton... but they included Man City in their Poll ? They really don't care about ranking they just pick the first "big 6 clubs" they can find deep in the list and ignore the others like if they don't also challenge to win the league.
  4. And what kind of new advanced tactics did Rodgers use today against Liverpool ?
  5. It was too late, wrong tactics and player choice by Rodgers
  6. Long balls by Casper to the touch line or to Liverpool what's the point ?
  7. But the error probability decreases a lot since the referee can now make his decision after analyzing the action on a monitor, whatever the decision is you can be sure it is better than it would be without VAR.
  8. Imagine if Leicester won the PL again I'm wondering if the players would still want to go to bigger clubs just to be like McGuire fighting to avoid the relegation zone ? Can the big clubs be consistent like Leicester when several key players have left the club ?
  9. Any changes in penalty rules ? Anyway i think it was easy for the referee to decide if he should give a penalty or not because the action was so clear.
  10. I don't know why the first penalty is controversial and why they still talks about that in DM ? The ball was deviated by Wolve's defender hand so whether it was non intentional or not the referee should reward a penalty.
  11. It was a long time i didn't see Ndidi and Gray, are they on loan ?
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