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  1. Cockshaw and Sean are the same account
  2. He gets some stuff right but he's gotten a decent amount wrong, like the robben signing. You won't ever see him break a non newspaper known signing. He's a clown.
  3. NasPb

    Ferran Torres

    He's doing what's gray has done in less minutes while being 3 years younger. You can't complain.
  4. How the hell is this underwhelming. You lot were the saying screaming for a target man. This guy is it but he can do more on top of that. Cheap price too.
  5. Better than mcgregor I'd take him. Brendan wants a backup for Maddison
  6. Rodgers literally just said that we need a backup for Maddison
  7. Could he be a back up to Maddison
  8. Spal are a small team, they want around 18-20
  9. This guy seems much better than gray and diabate, he's tall, got some flair and seems to have potential
  10. Look at my recent retweets, we've definitely been scouting, he's been linked before https://twitter.com/nas_pb?s=09
  11. NasPb


    I'd seriously swap gray for townsend
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7091241/Arsenal-Leicester-join-list-clubs-keeping-eye-Valencia-winger-Ferran-Torres.html
  13. an amazing hard worker, if you can not be a ronaldo, be a shinji. we will always remember him, from the newcastle goal, to the chelsea one, to the manchester city one and onwards. he did so much more than just score though. a great high energy and pressing player.
  14. nooo Only the deadwood
  15. ins. Jerrod bowen. Camarassa. Andrea Petagna or someone like him Tielemans maybe someone like Aaron mooy? a right back if amartey is not fit Outs iheanacho slimani silva james all others on loan gray etc
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