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  1. NasPb


    With 4 goals and 10 assists.
  2. NasPb


    Right back and right mid.
  3. NasPb

    David Wagner

    Marco Silva or Pellegrini or Benitez all better
  4. Because Pereira is horrible
  5. NasPb


  6. NasPb


  7. NasPb

    Driver mows pedestrians down in Toronto

    Thoughts and respects to all Canadians here and abroad. Seems like it was some crazy fool.
  8. NasPb

    Adrien Silva

    Agreed. Not perfect but it will better soon. I think he needs more adjusting to the team.
  9. Rondon Rondon Rondon
  10. disappointing to not win today. Iheanacho and Vardy unlucky. Mahrez piss poor, key reason we did not win today.
  11. NasPb

    Leicester keen on Roger Assale

    Perfect Okazaki replacement
  12. NasPb


    I do not have an issue with him getting a contract as a backup, but nothing more. Someone to play the games where physicality is needed, and where we will not have the ball.
  13. NasPb


    Why do our fans never seem to put things into perspective. Yes today was bad, but Puel has not even had a full summer window. Relax.
  14. NasPb

    City v The Geordies Scoreline Prediction

    espero tambien
  15. NasPb

    YouTube shooting.

    As someone who will be leaving America soon, my prediction about this country declining soon is coming more and more true. I cannot wait to leave, all empires fall and these are the warning signs of it.