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  1. I don't think u lot realise how shite gray id
  2. i do agree generally that the richer you are the more leeway you have. that shows how corrupt the system is in general. But while it obviously is not as hard off on them as it is on average folk, theyre not souless, shallow folk, or at least the majority are not.
  3. theyre humans not gods mate, of course they have more resources but we are hardly talking about exploitative folk like bezos who would sell his soul for a dollar
  4. NasPb

    Ozan Tufan

    I could see this happening if west brom meet our asking price for hamza
  5. should include him in a deal for edouard
  6. i think well be after someone like olise or someone of that nature, but i highly doubt well sign someone else
  7. theres hundreds of known and unknown cases around the world sadly
  8. The USA is getting a taste of its own medicine, as we all know they are no stranger to coups against democratically elected leaders from Iran in 1953 to Árbenz in Guatemala
  9. he is a neo corparate fascist, a la americana
  10. NasPb


    I* I just thought he was versatile but if he's only a lb no point in signing him
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