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  1. Ask him how many accounts he manages on twitter
  2. Didn't get to watch the game but saw the highlights and I understand why some are frustrated. Not played at our best, nor did wolves though. But let's be fair, let's be constructively critical but not too negative. We're 3rd. We'll improve. There are positives and negatives to take out everything.
  3. To anyone going to the game, MAKE SOME ****ING NOISE!! get behind the team regardless of the result. Be the 12th man
  4. you know why? Because he has been showing plenty of desire and he rarely gives up. If all of our players were like him, we'd be in a different position right now.
  5. anyone calling for rodgers out is a moron, truth is that the players were responsible today.
  6. well they played poorly. Should I praise someone for playing poorly?
  7. What you expect me to be happy after that result? We simply showed no mental durability today. We're winning and we give away a cheap goal, miss several good opportunities and then give away another chance and you expect me to not be fuming.? Frankly we just fell apart. We're a great today but we're not strong mentally
  8. This is 100% on the players. Vardy Maddison fuchs and Evans were absolutely wank today. We just have a weak ****ing mentality. Have some balls and maintain a ****ing lead.
  9. We simply have too thin of a squad. SIGN SOME ****ING PLAYERS!!!!!!
  10. Rodgers been singing his praise. Training with the first team. Maybe a good option??
  11. Kasper Soyuncu evans fuchs Ricardo Justin Mendy Praet Maddison Iheanacho vardy
  12. He's been absolutely ****ing dog shit in the last few games. To play in this you've got to play well. We can't just reward games just because
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