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    Jarrod Bowen

    bin gray get him in
  2. No disrespect to anyone on here, but corbyn simply isn't a marxist. He's a socialist but not a marxist. Those who call him that simply do not understand Marxism. He's not even close to being revolutionary in any sense. Let's please not turn this into US politics with incorrect name calling. You can critique corbyn all you want, but frankly he's not a marxist. Call his policies out, i don't care, but don't go around using incorrect terminology. PS, for anyone anti conservative (ie labour, lib dems etc) vote tactically if you live in a marginal seat
  3. loan out amartey, iheanacho and benkovic for some game time sell mendy maybe sell james if fit but could be third choice cm if we were to get a big offer for gray, sell him
  4. https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/premiership-clubs/leicester.html?dir=desc&order=name
  5. He'd be a decent back up Centre back, not great at one thing but decent all around. May as well keep him.
  6. You can definitely be racist to a Spaniard, in general to anyone. I'm not spanish myself but i live there and i know the situation quite well. There's racism between Spaniards and from foreigners.
  7. he's been okay. Clearly not up to his standard yet
  8. Ward James Morgan benkovic fuchs (if chillwell is fit, if not then amartey on the right and James on left) Mendy Praet tielemans Gray iheanacho albrighton
  9. He'll get better, think he should not be played as a winger though
  10. We just gave him a new contract last year. Ought to think he'd be loaned out at the worst. He's a good player but needs game time to get back to fitness.
  11. Kasper Ricardo soyuncu Evans chilly Tielemans ndidi Maddison Ayoze vardy Barnes 1-1. Vardy
  12. I'd sell him and keep diabate
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