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  1. Don't know how reliable, but Quote from Italian news Leicester City have signed Sampdoria's Dennis Praet. The two clubs had already reached an agreement around €21 million yesterday, all that was left to discuss was the player's requests. Although suffering a set-back earlier today, the obstacle has now been overcome: documents are being exchanged between the two teams for the 25-year-old Belgian, who will be making a switch from the Serie A, to the Premier League.
  2. Must admit would prefer Ake. I reckon he's probably worth 40mil. Tarkowski good, but wouldn't spend more than 30mil.
  3. So is he going or what?? I really don't care which anymore, so long as its bloody well sorted FFS!!
  4. HM didn't look happy getting off the coach tonight. Walked quickly passed everyone, while others slowed down for fans and straight into the ground without an acknowledgement for anyone ?
  5. Would defo welcome a new winger, but if it doesn't happen there are other options. Probably too soon, but if JJ is as good as everyone is making out, they could move RP down the wing. He'd definitely fit in there no probs.
  6. Soyuncu is a ball dribbling CB who has shown to be as good as HM on the ball. I think he'll be awesome if given the time.
  7. Jeez, this transfer window is moving slower than a tortoise with 4 bad legs!!
  8. For what they get paid per week, then yes. They want to be paid the extortionate amounts of money, they should be prepared to review and sign a contract wherever they are...even when taking a dump if needed.
  9. Looks like Maddison may want to sod off as well and has requested permission to talk to Man U. Sorry, but is something wrong with Leicester or wot?! ?
  10. Nearly 2 weeks on and I'm still bored and getting a tad frustrated FFS!! ??
  11. On Foxes Forum on radio Leicester, Ian Stringer had a Belgian sports journalist on, who seems to think it will be Leicester ?
  12. More and more reports are saying he's now having a rethink and seriously thinking about Man Poo!! Will not be a popular man ?
  13. Wake me up when we sign someone please ?????
  14. It's called being shrewd. They know something about Wilson and want to get loadsa money, so they're doing a Man City on us, pretending they want to keep him. We'll end up paying top dollar which will probably be more than he's worth and they'll be rubbing their hands together like Man City did with Iheanacho! ? I hope I'm wrong
  15. It's gotta be around this time. One paper says 11th and another 9th, so hopefully our first signing should be soon anyway.
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