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  1. Soyuncu is a ball dribbling CB who has shown to be as good as HM on the ball. I think he'll be awesome if given the time.
  2. Jeez, this transfer window is moving slower than a tortoise with 4 bad legs!!
  3. For what they get paid per week, then yes. They want to be paid the extortionate amounts of money, they should be prepared to review and sign a contract wherever they are...even when taking a dump if needed.
  4. Looks like Maddison may want to sod off as well and has requested permission to talk to Man U. Sorry, but is something wrong with Leicester or wot?! 😡
  5. Nearly 2 weeks on and I'm still bored and getting a tad frustrated FFS!! 😴😡
  6. On Foxes Forum on radio Leicester, Ian Stringer had a Belgian sports journalist on, who seems to think it will be Leicester 🤞
  7. More and more reports are saying he's now having a rethink and seriously thinking about Man Poo!! Will not be a popular man 🤔
  8. Wake me up when we sign someone please 😴😴😴😴😴
  9. It's called being shrewd. They know something about Wilson and want to get loadsa money, so they're doing a Man City on us, pretending they want to keep him. We'll end up paying top dollar which will probably be more than he's worth and they'll be rubbing their hands together like Man City did with Iheanacho! 🤔 I hope I'm wrong
  10. It's gotta be around this time. One paper says 11th and another 9th, so hopefully our first signing should be soon anyway.
  11. I heard it wasn't until June 11th
  12. Nah, sorry, but no can do Kemosabe! If you're hacked off with this topic, go read someone else's and bore them instead. 😎👍
  13. Why go play FIFA??!! What's that got to do with anything?! 🤔 Oh, you mean to make transfers now! Well that's just being silly isn't it, cos I'm not sure if you're aware, but its not real you know 😅
  14. Getting Bored of being linked with this and that, that and this, but nothing happening 😴😴
  15. If we sign him, hope he's not going to turn out to be another Ahmed Musa!! 🤔
  16. Everything on these forums are only rumours. There's so much crap being banded about, but its just a discussion until they happen. Even the Leicester Mercury reporting it, but they spout a load of drivel as well. We're just going to have to wait and see, as with all the gossip.
  17. News now http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/987591612?-36514:815
  18. Supposed replacement for Maguire at a cost of 40mil? Are we having a laugh?!
  19. If selling Maguire means we'd have the money to buy Tielmans and possibly a good winger, then thanks for your time with us Harry and enjoy your next job!! 😎👍
  20. Thought International transfers couldn't be done until 11th June cos that's when their window opens? Domestic can be done now, but not international. I hope I'm wrong.
  21. Can't open it myself either, but it was on NewsNow Leicester City closing in on top targets, Bayern Munich and Monaco stars, deals can be completed in a day or two Posted by TCF - FILBERTWAYonMAY 21, 2019 Embed from Getty Imag A whisper today says that a deal is completed to bring Youri Tielemans to Leicester City. What the club will be paying or if any other players are going the opposite way is not yet known. The fact that both player and club has seen this relationship as one very positive is of course well known. The hurdle can be to get it right regarding the price, believed to be in the region of £40million, and at the same time make a package that would be good for all parties.
  22. I can see this is going to be a frustrating window...!!! The transfer window for domestic deals opened on Thursday, May 16. However, international transfers will not be possible until the FIFA international window opens on Thursday, June 11, although for contractual reasons many deals will not be technically completed until July 1 or later.
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