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  1. Wide player with diamond and number 10?
  2. It's really something that we equalise after Madisson shifted to the wings, and take leads when hamza-ndidi play together.
  3. Put amartey in for Gray, Fuchs for Madisson, and Mendy for Tielemans.
  4. Any decent stream? Mine stop of all sudden
  5. That's great idea but who will get dropped for those 3? Albrighton got a decent games. Barnes debatable, and none of our midfield are playing badly.
  6. Because we perform poorly for the past 2 season prior. Spend huge on aging player like Slimani and Iborra, or peak player like Silva but didn't work well. Except Maguire of course. During Puel tenure, we spend huge on younger player. Coincidentally, Puel is well known for his preference for youth. Coincidentally also, there's a plan for those youth like Chilwell and Gray getting minutes, Benkovic get loaned out. Instead of before, when Gray and Kaputska Signed, they are neither play or sent for loan. We brought them without any plan. The likes of Ricardo and Madisson were talking about the coach as soon as they joined. The previous signing didn't. It's either Puel really have input on recruitment team or those all are just coincidentally happen during his tenure.
  7. Yes I'm serious. I know we haven't won. But one of our two games is againts top six, and we are yet to lose as well. It's not like we are doing bad atm. Barnes has give hard time to a team like Man Utd. Benkovic might yet to start at PL sides. But Scottish top division are surely better than PL 2nd division. If I were trolling, I will put while B team From Ward, Morgan, Diabate etc from the start. I only put 2 player and for reason.
  8. Hmm. Troll? Whatever. Anyway I'm appreciate your point regarding of experience. So, I'm thinking of resting 2 player. A young Ndidi and one (yes, you read it right) 30 y.o players and we already losing experience that much? If we have to field our best sides even againts a promotion sides, when will Benko and Barnes get the chances? Cup only? I didn't get how rest 2 player felt like rest the whole team.
  9. Not joking here. The youth need chance. Otherwise, their development is stalled. We are top 10 team. We facing a recently promoted sides. Benkovic has a decent season with Scottish Top League. Barnes give the top six few problems last season. Playing them is not like throwing dices for dewsbury hall who's yet to prove their ability in PL sides.
  10. Benkovic for Evans, Praet or Barnes for Ndidi. Not mean disrespect but I think this is one of those good game to rest the key player while giving chance to youth as well. If the game look safe, Nacho could be subbed on for Vardy
  11. Puel have an aging team. He also hired just 3 months after summer transfer window is done. Not much we can do during winters. So by the time of manager bounce effect done, he's still have 6 months with that Squad. Rodgers inherit a younger team that need fewer player. By the time a new manager bounce effect done, new season is start. Summer always perfect time to build a team. Can't really compare both. Even Rodgers will be struggle if hired during Puel tenure.
  12. 2 season ago I felt bit sad about Wasilewski. Now it's even more. Bigger number player, Morgan, simpson, okazaki, fuchs, well. Good bye ?
  13. Kasper Simpson Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Hamza Tielemans Gray Madisson Barnes Vardy Balanced between farewell, and some younger need of chance, with few key player for keep the competitive squad Btw vardy were excluded from the guardian lineup, subs, and injury list. Not sure if they magically hide him
  14. But then the opposition can double him up without Simpson help him. And when he's cut inside, nobody in the wide space. Our attack become narrower and the space become smaller. This is confuse me. What kind of freedom he got by defensive minded fullback behind him
  15. Nah that's what I understand but What confuse me is that so many writing about our title win are contributed by the fullback that stay back, allow the winger more freedom to play upfront
  16. Well I have question about tactic. During ranieri season it has been said Simpson stay back allow mahrez to be free roaming forwards. But after that it been said that attacking fullback need to give freedom for right winger. Whats this? I didnt get it. 2 different things but look same
  17. Usually, youngster are deployed at the game that already winning,againts smaller opponent to prevent them get demoralised as well to see their talents. This guy instead need a bigger opponent to show his talents -_-
  18. Seems got match fitness problem that his concentration drops in the last few minutes
  19. Fuchs were absent againts Liverpool, big team, when he's still first choice
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