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  1. How this thread become meme thread
  2. It seems Barnes keep struggling with the last 10 mins for 2 match straight. Might be we need a backup winger on the bench to easen him like Madisson first few months, sub him off around 80th Too bad Albrighton is injured
  3. On the other side, Fabregas-Golovin-Jemerson play for monaco, 2 match straight, silva is yet to get any minutes This bloke might be expensive if we can't exchange him with silva in the summer.
  4. Umm Mendy above Ndidi? Is he injured or something?
  5. No way. Its either European qualify or Relegation. That's how this league work.
  6. Agree with first part but not the second. We sign 3 cb, 2 is young and preparation for maguire leaves. Another one is supposedly ready use player on very cheap money, only 3 millions. If not for injury issues, he's a very good signing. Previously our cb are morgan, maguire, dragovic. Another one is benaloiane,nobody wants him. Dragovic already left, maguire keep hunted by man utd, while Morgan said couple times his body start to aches. So we need 3cb Ghezzal? He's signed for depth. Back then we have gray, diabate as attacking winger with Albrighton. 3 winger which 2 will be played is too risky as we need at least 2 for every position.
  7. Fullback cover, amartey is enough. Elder might can cover another sides or just sign cheap ones as its just a backup Midfield, Tielemans if worked for us, might cost over 30 mill as currently he's 25 mill player. But if he's worked well, we might find additional younger midfielder as cover around 20 mill, like Madisson. Winger will be depend on gray and barnes development but likely we need one, this one could be costly Ghezzal has done well as no 10 and got quite decent tough, more like hit and miss but suitable cover Striker we need. I think this is most expensive It seems we will spend like 50-70 mill this summer, but for lesser number first teamer, so won't take long for them to adapt
  8. Well unfortunately unless spending tons of money like man city did, no team will be able to replace 11 player every year. When last season ends we have those problem : One dimensional right back Aging cb Lack of cb adequate cover 4 central midfield, 2 are defensive minded, 1 is creative but also keep dispossessed and lost his man, while another 1 is too slow and misplace pass quite often. No adequate no. 10 So,we need to buy 1 attacking rb,1 or 2 cb, 1 or 2 cm, 1 no. 10. That's minimum 4 player, and all are directly first team need, which either can disrupt team cohesion, as well need time to gel with new team mate and probably league. Unfortunately, as the time goes, we got additional problem : 1 winger gone 1 good cb didn't want to sign and the coach didn't want him either Then followed by our backup striker are suddenly lost his touch That made us need another 7 first team player. Can't do in same time without sacrifice team result.. So our gaffer choose to get 5 new player. Unfortunately again, 2 of them struggle until half of the season (Evans with injury and fitness, Soyuncu with adaptation) while Ricardo only start to get settled in November, and Madisson, while look quickly adapt with Epl, are need to adapt with new marking styles, which opposition start to man mark him which struggle him Our first half of season aren't excellent because of those issue above. We tried to solve by signing new cm on loan. Hopefully this guy could be creative outlet but without speed, defensive work and ball keeping issues like our previous creative mid have. But how long will he need to adapt? That will be another stumbling block, hopefully not.
  9. Hmm did he means that spuds need something better than our title win, to win this league ? That's great then, they won't win forever
  10. Did anyone know what the comentator said after that Huth legendary awesome free kick?
  11. It's too risky to put ndidi alone as cm without proper cm beside him.. Choudhury will be better
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