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  1. 2 season ago I felt bit sad about Wasilewski. Now it's even more. Bigger number player, Morgan, simpson, okazaki, fuchs, well. Good bye ?
  2. Kasper Simpson Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Hamza Tielemans Gray Madisson Barnes Vardy Balanced between farewell, and some younger need of chance, with few key player for keep the competitive squad Btw vardy were excluded from the guardian lineup, subs, and injury list. Not sure if they magically hide him
  3. But then the opposition can double him up without Simpson help him. And when he's cut inside, nobody in the wide space. Our attack become narrower and the space become smaller. This is confuse me. What kind of freedom he got by defensive minded fullback behind him
  4. Nah that's what I understand but What confuse me is that so many writing about our title win are contributed by the fullback that stay back, allow the winger more freedom to play upfront
  5. Well I have question about tactic. During ranieri season it has been said Simpson stay back allow mahrez to be free roaming forwards. But after that it been said that attacking fullback need to give freedom for right winger. Whats this? I didnt get it. 2 different things but look same
  6. Usually, youngster are deployed at the game that already winning,againts smaller opponent to prevent them get demoralised as well to see their talents. This guy instead need a bigger opponent to show his talents -_-
  7. Seems got match fitness problem that his concentration drops in the last few minutes
  8. Fuchs were absent againts Liverpool, big team, when he's still first choice
  9. I'm still bit confused at Manchester City and Barcelona interested at him I know he's got potential, but that's only if he keep playing. Man city play passing game, using inverted wing backs, thats made them put central midfield there occasionally. Barcelona are simmilar but more technical team. Chilwell, while good at running up and down the pitch, still have problem in open play. His final ball aren't that good for our level, let alone for man city and Barcelona. His passing aren't awesome, even compared with fuchs. He still need a years or two to improve it. If he move now, he will hamper their passing side of game and might get relegated to the bench after. I really can't understand wheter those rumor are true.
  10. Our 433 look much like 4141 or half 4231 with one of madisson or Tielemans usually sit much advanced than others. Just simmilar with other team like Liverpool, hence they can afford to put no 10 in their 433, sometimes even winger are in the mid.
  11. Didn't Ghezzal did decent job at no 10?
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