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  1. There’s a lovely quote in Rob Tanner’s interview with Tielemans in the Athletic in which Youri says he hopes that Wilf will be at Leicester for many seasons.. Think about what that means - it certainly says a lot about Youri’s commitment..
  2. SO - tonight the game is being shown on FaceBook Watch (whatever that is)… Any idea if it'll be shown in the Stags Head? Sean
  3. Margins though isn't it? I don't think we played that badly against Burnley. Had one of our efforts gone in or Vards scored the penalty, we'd have been praising the team for turning things around and putting on a solid show. I didn't see much different with Burnley away than I saw at Brighton or Crystal Palace away - just we came out on the right side of the result and our fans were happy. Keep the faith.. It'll come good..
  4. As another Sean (though not from Enderby), it is all a bit embarrassing isn't it? Have you seen his tagline thingy? 'The sluts go nuts' - WTF??
  5. I'm sure I recall an interview in which he said that he wanted to be at home with his wife and family - because his wife (and him) had gone through something of an emotional rollercoaster since the Tunisia holiday horrors... Felt for him and thought what a thoroughly top bloke - something we all know for sure now...
  6. I thought the Feed The Scousers chant was pure cringe and embarrassing last night. Let's face it - Leicester is hardly the most affluent of cities and it's a crying shame that we're happy in chanting about the poverty that's experienced in another town!! Worse still was the crowd near to me who thought it funny to sing 'Is this a foodbank' to the tune of 'is this a library'. Foodbanks - places where people go to get food when they can't afford to buy food in other places - pretty decent places set up because people care.. Not sure why we feel comfortable turning that into a chant of abuse... And my main bugbear about it is that it doesn't scan either!!!
  7. My partner, who knows sod all about football, did mention the other day that Jonny Evans deserves a chant.. have to say I agreed with her on that front.. thoughts on the solid, under-rated part of our centre back partnership..
  8. Thought he did what any striker should do.. got the ball over the line.. he didn’t know if any defender was behind him.. these commentators are making something out of nothing..
  9. I’d be pissed off listening to Gary Neville’s comments if I was a Man City fan.. FFS, could he show his love for the reds anymore... and we think we get bad commentators..
  10. His interview on MOTD suggests he wants regular top 6 football - but he thinks he’ll get it at Leicester.
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