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  1. So this is the stadium in which they use to play, to give an idea of venue: More importantly, Rochester, aside from being the home to both Xerox and Kodak (two shining examples of companies that missed their respective boats) is also home to a particular regional delight known as the garbage plate: It really is a perfect dish for a place that has 8 months of winter.
  2. He's locked in to score a brace today.
  3. This is growing on me - think he'd fit the profile of the type of player we do well with and mesh well with a peer group that is much of this squad. A loan to buy a la Under wouldn't be a bad move at all. To be honest I think the biggest hurdle would be having United give us a chance to have him. Remember how Maitland Niles wouldn't be allowed to sign with Leicester for fear of strengthening a rival? Same story here I bet.
  4. Similarly Cags was on the Bundesliga team of the season at Freiburg. The guy who found him at Altinordu though, he might be someone who's ear is worth turning.
  5. It's like in ice hockey where you have a guy who can barely skate or puckhandle, but throws absolute haymakers when called upon. Enforcers in the PL would be a welcome addition haha
  6. Amartey needs to start vs. them next season.
  7. I now understand why defeatists have been punished so severely throughout history.
  8. It's a great day to be a doom and gloomer. Please let me know where I go wrong: If we win, and Chelsea or Liverpool draw or lose, we're in the CL If we draw, but Liverpool lose, we're in. If we win, but both Liverpool and Chelsea also win, we miss the CL unless we can overturn a 4 goal differential? Yes, it's out of our hands but this is not exactly 5000-1 stuff. There's still a very good chance it works out for us.
  9. Well to be fair it is a club that likes to whale on ball boys, so going after soft targets is in their blood.
  10. I'm diplomatic, they were both ass. At least James has an acknowledged injury as a contributing factor.
  11. What a loathsome bunch of cretins Chelsea is. fck that entire squad.
  12. I can't imagine going through life like Deano - what an insipid and dour person. We're going to be fine, I look forward to our run-in.
  13. For me the All or Nothing Tottenham laid bare that Levy is just a starfcker - that's not the personality you want heading up a sustainable, building club.
  14. Did Praet kill Rodger's dog? Why the guy can't get a look in, I don't know.
  15. Would like to see Praet over Maddison - James isn't right and lets give Dennis a chance to restake his claim in the squad.
  16. People are so stupidly cavalier about loans here - you don't loan players this young yet this involved. We're going to need a deeper squad next season and have homegrown requirements for the CL (yes I said it) he's nailed on to stay and be involved. Further who knows how JJ will be upon return - it may take awhile to get back up to speed like Ricardo.
  17. Never got out of a trot - nice, relaxing, commanding performance.
  18. This is having a conclusion and bending the evidence to fit it. He left Aguero because BOTH of the other central defenders were taken out by a pass and he had to close down the ball. That was the right decision, full stop. Where's the criticism from you of Evans or Fofana for getting undone like that? Where is the criticism from you of Kaspar for parrying a shot that was arguably catchable but definitely could've been placed better places than straight back out? Both had far more to do with the goal being conceded. By the time the ball has been crossed, Evans and Fof
  19. Very late to this, but the dizzying stupidity of a particular poster who has a hardon for hating Amartey prompted this: The first goal, play starts with De Bruyne passing to Mahrez and beating Evans, Fofana and Ndidi with the pass, with Castagne outside of the play: Amartey has to move to the ball, coming across Aguero to step to Riyad and forces him to take a low-percentage shot which Kaspar parries straight back out (preferably caught or deflected out of play/to the corner), where it's picked up to the right of the box by a Man City Player:
  20. I don't think a tepid game against city means much, glad we've secured him for longer.
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