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  1. I think the exact opposite of everything written here - quality outside is far harder to duplicate than having a big plodder in the middle to head things away. Soyuncu was a top Bundesliga prospect who played quite a few games for Freiberg - him and Benkovic are ready to be bloodied in the PL.
  2. I guess my thought is this - Champions League play is but a single enticement (However big it is). What else could Leicester offer which could make up for the lack of it to be competitive in the pursuit of players of this caliber? What about the confidence that he'd be the starting 8 on a team of peers (vs older pros)? World class facilities? Leicester's proven no obstacle to playing for one's national team - how many internationals do we have these days? He's only 21 it doesn't have to be the final stop either. I completely concede there's a hierarchy and you can name on one hand the clubs that don't get players poached, but there's a human element of this I don't think we should entirely discount. Whatever you think of it now, I'm pretty sure the fact that his friend Wilf was here was part of the reason Kelechi chose us over the other suitors. You'll never convince me that Slimani wasn't brought in to appease Mahrez a bit and entice him to stay after the title win. A supportive, happy team environment has to go a long way and if he's enjoying his football then we should think we have at least as good a shot as anyone. It's Brodge's job to butter him and convince him to stay.
  3. Should be able to outpay/outcompete all but the CL teams from those countries
  4. This is kind of a poor mentality to have as a fan. however realistic it may currently be- Leicester's ambition is to be there, which is why were pursuing players of that caliber. We have to leverage what else we have to offer in order to get over that hump. If you don't think it's possible, why bother watching? I love what the club is doing (trying to get a group of 20-22 year olds to grow together) and hope it continues. Tielemans would be a superb signal of intent. Talking ourselves out of it already is like convincing yourself the girl by the bar will turn you down before you ask so you never approach - you never know unless you try. Just my thoughts.
  5. He just had a great run which eventually set up Batshuyi for a shot which was cleared off the line.
  6. Just caught a Soviet elbow of equality to the face. Okay though after a minute on the ground.
  7. Goal While I was waiting for that highlight, Courtois allows an equalizer with an absolute braindead mistake. You'll surely see that lowlight at some point.
  8. He just scored. I think the price just got higher.
  9. He's starting against Russia for Belgium - about to kick off.
  10. 7th is still in play - no one above us in contention for it looks nailed on to win the rest of their fixtures or anything.
  11. Out Burnley'ing Burnley is dogshi weather - that's a nice Saturday.
  12. If you're curious about the video, do yourself a favor and stay wondering. Brutal stuff. They're trying to scrub it off the internet but we all know that's impossible.
  13. It's probably better remembered for Gray's contribution, but last year vs Everton on the break was a really nice one - great run and emphatic finish. https://streamable.com/sfmiu
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