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  1. Don't know if this is country locked, but great stuff from NBCs post game, especially the first few minutes:
  2. It's nice to know he's human.
  3. knitro

    Islam Slimani

    Some do, but think about it from the perspective of whatever it is you do. Like imagine being unhappy at work (crazy, right?) but the only perceived exit is to take a pay cut. Are you jumping at that chance? Now factor in a career thats 1/3 to 1/4 shorter than the normal one.
  4. knitro

    Islam Slimani

    I always thought he was a square peg for a round hole, which isn't really his fault. I also think he was brought in to placate Mahrez, and that's a terrible way to do business (see also possibly Nacho for Ndidi, Under for Cags). He scored a few winners, and in the pantheon of terrible transfers, this one doesn't really make the list, but it wasn't a good one.
  5. Yep, but what a goal it was, 'on a cold rainy night in Stoke' haha
  6. I think he's one of those cases where past coaches fell in love with his athleticism and wondered what if versus what do I have. I imagine we've all seen that clip when Amartey was playing in Sweden or wherever and he runs the length of the pitch to earn a PK. That physical ability is almost wasted at CB, and when he was younger it would've been foolish to not explore, similar to how Wilf went from a CB to a midfielder, hence the the RB and midfield experiments. In that sense I feel like he was almost a victim of his own success; hope he can solidify himself as a CB option here. For whatever r
  7. A top 3 player on our team is not 20th or whatever in pay.
  8. No way Tielemans numbers are remotely accurate, which throws the whole thing into doubt.
  9. Like him on at 60, his quality seems to find more space against tired legs. Also when he can play centrally.
  10. Just when I thought I couldn't like the guy more, he goes ahead and karate kicks Harry Kane. Great game and what a way to earn a yellow
  11. Hope he stays until he hangs the boots up.
  12. too late, we've already ruined his career.
  13. I think the people bagging on AEK should appreciate that they were already eliminated - that wasn't the first team.
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