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  1. To be fair, he has two names on the back of his shirt.
  2. Feel like he's really benefited from playing deeper too - he's seeing more of the field and his slower pace isn't as important. Praet's industry cannot be discounted either in helping him either. Long may it continue!
  3. Who else had 5-2 Away. Indescribable performance. First time Pep has conceded 5 in the PL. EVER Goals: 1-0 Mahrez https://streamable.com/mtj4hd 1-1 Vardy https://streamable.com/v71h7z 2-1 Vardy https://streamable.com/vxmalk 3-1 Vardy https://streamable.com/26pwlc 4-1 Maddison https://streamable.com/eyicly 4-2 Ake https://streamable.com/kbik0b 5-2 Tielemans https://streamable.com/2asc0z
  4. Chipping in 3 screamers in already lost games a la the goal away at Man Utd for us.
  5. You don't have to be a nostalgia merchant to recognize that while he's not a starter for this squad any longer he's far from our most pressing problem. There's about a dozen players who should be shipped off before he goes.
  6. Not a top six adjacent player - his fringe spot should go to Albrighton. Sell.
  7. Handball and foul - what is this fat boy seeing?
  8. Guy steps into the CB role, and aside from a few dodgy back passes early on, felt he looked a natural. Nice to know that we have an in-house option already, but definitely look forward to having Evans back.
  9. Everything else aside (injuries, form, expectation) it's all there for the taking - can't ask for more given what's got us to this point. Will be an exciting game to watch.
  10. Goals: 1-0 Perez https://streamja.com/qVo10 2-0 Gray https://streamja.com/oPjbP Bonus Vardy shoulder barge at the start (not my laugh): https://streamable.com/lumzjo Nice job boys.
  11. Lifeless performance for most of the game - something needs to change yesterday.
  12. [never mind, don't want to get involved here]
  13. I agree with both of you, but ideally these alternate angles offer a. a fresh feel of a signature moment and b. a closer to the action than the TV angle. Sometimes it does work - but like any cinematographic technique you can overdo it.
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