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  1. I think fostering the best possible environment has many benefits - perhaps the one you highlight is achievable before top players would be interested, but I imagine in the long term plan wants both goals rather intentionally. I mean the club along with the supporters (and his teammates) were all in on the 'Youri stay' campaign. I dunno - I think we're mostly agreeing!
  2. This is a complete aside, but I feel like there was a conscious effort by the club to foster a really good camaraderie and develop a peer group for all these guys which makes the off the pitch environment so appealing; I think it's one of the better things the club's done. I think it's kept Maguire publicly ambivalent and hooked Youri. I imagine this is in stark contrast to 'top clubs' more mercenary, cutthroat environment where I imagine to a certain extent there peer groups are more siloed and it's really business only. Obviously all these guys talk to each other so I get the sense a lot of them know how good it is here? I could be talking out of my ass but if I recall Drinkwater said something to this effect after his departure. Anyways point is, I think its a major kudos to the club that they targeted this as an attainable differentiator to make us more attractive to top players.
  3. This midfield is giving me flashbacks to the season after the title, shiver.
  4. knitro


    In your world looking to the long term is binning the two hot prospect CBs for frankly an overpriced panic buy? If Maguire goes you really think we'd ship one of them out on loan? Just go with Evans, Morgan plus 1 as senior team CBs? "It's a gamble that could seriously backfire" so is signing Dunk when we have heir apparents already on the team. If they aren't going to be it - let's find out now and then unload them. This notion that Dunk is so much more superior relies a lot on one of the most loathsome media cliches bandied about - PL Proven, like they only play the sport in England and everyone else is just mystified by rain and shoulder barges. These guys are capable of stepping up - let's have some confidence in our scouting, development ability and see what they can do with a regular run in the squad and vote of confidence. what's the point of breaking into the top 6 if we did it on house of cards which collapses 18 months later because we lack the financial mobility to adapt and adjust to our changing needs, because we sunk 50M on a relegation candidate's CB (And to preempt Maguire came from Hull - okay, but would you bet regularly on demoted team's CBs turning into Internationals 2 years later?)
  5. Well they do determine the weekly draw for each of the players, which I'm sure matters quite a bit to them. Also allows clubs to structure pay in accordance to squad status. They also determine how long a player must stay at a club - you don't see very many Lewandowski like 'rundowns' though - the poisonous nature of this can not always be worth it but it's realistically an option with any player you have under contract. This isn't intend this to be patronising I just think it's important to recognize they do still matter for a lot.
  6. knitro


    Club should really start the season with Soy and/or Benk as Evan's partners (assuming Harry leaves) - There may be some growing pains but there's always the winter window if NEITHER seems up for the job. Personally, would rather have a slight downturn in performance than buying a Maguire replacement at such a princely sum. Shows no confidence in our other CBs and frankly seems like the wrong message to send to them if we want them to come good. Soyuncu started 50 games in the Bundesliga - it's not like he's never kicked a ball before. Let's see what he can do.
  7. This was a great post and really mirrors my thoughts as well - nothing's set in stone. Building proper foundation (which we are definitely doing) IS the path to greater success and it's hard to think we're putting many feet wrong in that effort, whereas the traditional top clubs are in all sorts of disarray and lack the quality to win despite all that other BS.
  8. I think if embarassment was something she felt it would've been so a long time ago.
  9. It's not like anyone here has to play in the games - I don't see any reason to temper the excitement some have about the future of the squad, it's okay to enjoy the anticipation and potential and frankly it's hard to argue we aren't better situated than a lot of 'top teams'. And while I agree the boo bird/sky is falling idiots who harried Puel out of a job will invariably rear their head when as you put it we have 'one dickie result against wolves', I say, so what. These curmudgeons are inevitable, like cold in winter, so I'm not going to let them rain on my parade. This is a squad being built the RIGHT way for long term success. Each building block should have us all unabashedly pretty excited.
  10. Curious if anyone's moved camps on this question following our transfers.
  11. A massive club requires a massive head.
  12. Love the idea of a marquee winger (might be a tall order) but also would like to see some of the bottom 1/3 of the roster moved on (James, King), including high profile missteps (Slimani, Silva - though maybe he gets a second lease on life here).
  13. Just to remind everyone:
  14. knitro


    Can you imagine the horror if people were allowed to be frivolous and stupid on the internet? Good work moderators!
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