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  1. Everything else aside (injuries, form, expectation) it's all there for the taking - can't ask for more given what's got us to this point. Will be an exciting game to watch.
  2. Goals: 1-0 Perez https://streamja.com/qVo10 2-0 Gray https://streamja.com/oPjbP Bonus Vardy shoulder barge at the start (not my laugh): https://streamable.com/lumzjo Nice job boys.
  3. Lifeless performance for most of the game - something needs to change yesterday.
  4. I'd make a buzz contigent on signing. There's no way that's optimally aerodynamic.
  5. [never mind, don't want to get involved here]
  6. I agree with both of you, but ideally these alternate angles offer a. a fresh feel of a signature moment and b. a closer to the action than the TV angle. Sometimes it does work - but like any cinematographic technique you can overdo it.
  7. It's more important for a multitude of reasons (probably most pressingly, financial) to finish this season versus starting a new one. They can also do quite a bit more scheduling-wise for the next so long as they get this one finished (including scrapping a few international breaks, multiple games a week, and so on).
  8. Also, basically every American sport in season (and even those who aren't like the NFL, but have a ton of activity this time of year) has suspended. If I were a betting man, we won't play this weekend.
  9. This isn't confirmed - someone who has it and 'recovers' still testing positive is not the same as being reinfected. That said, any/all precautionary steps are advisable.
  10. I've always figured it's over a girl(s). Makes sense if they grew up together and ran in similar circles. This idle gossip topic is a favorite of foxestalk.
  11. Rumors of Albrighton's death are greatly exaggerated - he's a great squad player and with Europe on the menu his minutes will increase. I still think he's the last title-winner to depart.
  12. Unless Coronavirus kills 10% of the US population, Trump wins this at a canter. The more interesting political questions is who emerges on both sides in 2024?
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