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  1. People are so stupidly cavalier about loans here - you don't loan players this young yet this involved. We're going to need a deeper squad next season and have homegrown requirements for the CL (yes I said it) he's nailed on to stay and be involved. Further who knows how JJ will be upon return - it may take awhile to get back up to speed like Ricardo.
  2. Never got out of a trot - nice, relaxing, commanding performance.
  3. This is having a conclusion and bending the evidence to fit it. He left Aguero because BOTH of the other central defenders were taken out by a pass and he had to close down the ball. That was the right decision, full stop. Where's the criticism from you of Evans or Fofana for getting undone like that? Where is the criticism from you of Kaspar for parrying a shot that was arguably catchable but definitely could've been placed better places than straight back out? Both had far more to do with the goal being conceded. By the time the ball has been crossed, Evans and Fof
  4. Very late to this, but the dizzying stupidity of a particular poster who has a hardon for hating Amartey prompted this: The first goal, play starts with De Bruyne passing to Mahrez and beating Evans, Fofana and Ndidi with the pass, with Castagne outside of the play: Amartey has to move to the ball, coming across Aguero to step to Riyad and forces him to take a low-percentage shot which Kaspar parries straight back out (preferably caught or deflected out of play/to the corner), where it's picked up to the right of the box by a Man City Player:
  5. I don't think a tepid game against city means much, glad we've secured him for longer.
  6. They are a very good team and frustrating to play against - De Bruyne really did embarrass himself with his histrionics. Could've been worse, we move on.
  7. Under's LCFC career died so that Nacho's may live. A martyr really.
  8. Listen once super fans from Portugal or wherever come here with Tavaresfan as a handle and make unhinged demands that we rename the stadium for him, I'll bite. In the interim, this pablum thread just isn't doing it for my drama needs.
  9. He did nothing and he reminds me too much of Demarai. Not hopping aboard this hype train. If you need me I'll be on the Under thread.
  10. everyone needs to steel themselves for the most flagrant time wasting you've ever seen.
  11. Cags with a stupid 50 yard pass to Under, playing Turk ball
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