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  1. Good, optimistic read, an excerpt: Leicester are one fine summer from a Champions League squad
  2. I'm just hear for the asinine media synonyms of 'war chest' and 'kitty'.
  3. Nothing is really preordained and every team that has been in the PL 4+ years has enough money to assemble a team which can get streaky enough to rock the apple cart and sneak in there. You can put us, Watford, West Ham, Everton, Palace and Wolves (because of the Portuguese skulduggery they've pulled off) in that column I think. When I look at the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man United, I see squads further behind than a summer transfer season's work from repair. I also think each could benefit from a down season (out of Europe) to sort out their squads - the bandaid approach required by needing to compete for the top every year is part of the reason they're so rough now. You can't perennially buy 29 year olds and maintain a consistent, cohesive squad. There's also just the natural return to the mean that the Top 2 will experience - I mean Liverpool lost a single league game this season and didn't win the title. That's absurd and to expect such a continued high standard from them and Man City is unlikely - each squad is an injury or two from being stretched too thin to maintain that maniacal consistency. Yes they will strengthen, but they will also weaken in other ways. We should appreciate how magnificent their accomplishments have been - both are truly some of the greatest teams ever (one of which we beat and the other we drew with, mind you). Finally I think there's a mentality shift - you can attribute it to any number of things; social media, other sports providing role models, but people are not content to wait their turn any longer or bow to the status quo. People like Sancho are trailblazers showing young players they don't need to wait patiently for seasons languishing in the reserves - all of a sudden a midtable squad will become appealing as hungry young talent wants a shot at playing regularly versus getting run outs in cup games only. I expect the landscape to change significantly over the next decade.
  4. Only one in consideration is Liverpool - Man City would be with a better LB. That shows you how exciting this squad is going to be.
  5. 1. Sign Tielemans 2. Keep Chilwell 3. Add 1st team quality winger (I'd like to look at France or Germany for this - we should be able to offer more money than a just-below top tier comparative squad) 4. Sell Maguire only if Man Utd reach asking price, otherwise keep and loan CB #4 (with Morgan becoming #4) 5. Sign Striker to spell Vardy (him and Nacho can battle out for that other spot - haven't completely quit on Kelechi despite his mare thus far). I love the construction of this team, minus a lot of the deadwood which will be clear after the contracts run down. Hope a few more youth players step up this coming season into the bottom part of the roster. Keep spending down to support the new training grounds.
  6. To be honest I find Simoken's post to be the mentality of a 'stuck in my station' loser - nothing personal. There's no reason not be very excited about the club's future and trending direction - and we're not obligated to advanced at some preordained, iterated pace. Chiding excitement is pointless and show an alarming lack of confidence in the squad we see rising every week. We beat the likely champions (and took them to the wire last game) tied a frankly legendary Liverpool side, posted a very competitive record against the leagues best and only seem to be trending upward - our squad age is insanely low and is growing together. In any event, a far worse version of this team already won the ****ing title! My ideal summer is keeping Chilwell, signing Tielemans and adding a winger and/or striker. If this happens I remain arrogantly confident of top 6. We lack some depth but will only have the league to contend with versus European commitments meaning barring injury our first XI should play every week. When Man Utd is rotating to play in Belarus in November we'll have a lineup I put against any in the PL raring to go - now imagine it with improvements! Aside from that fateful champion season, there's never been a better squad and there's never been a better time to be a supporter of LCFC.
  7. I imagine it'll be Albrighton (or Vardy still kicking around at 40). Will be the end of an era.
  8. Perreira is probably the signing of the season, as much as Mads and Youri have contributed - we turned a weakness into a strength. I honestly wouldn't take any other RB in the league over him (Yes, I mean that).
  9. It's kind of like holding crimes against people who serve their time. If they're still 'guilty' or whatever why let them out? Is there a penance? I think it's okay for you to make your own judgments but that logic is very similar.
  10. I think we really have to get into Europe or you will see some of the pieces put into place get peeled off - I actually think all the transfer-linked guys want to stay (save maybe Maguire) and see what can be built, but another season missing out could be bad news.
  11. It's just something for them to kvetch about instead of facing the reality they support a team on the decline and it's going to get worse before it gets better.
  12. Yeah the 'cryptic' approach is so eyeroll inducing. Vagueness justified by the need to protect 'sources' as if their gossipy palaver is state secrets.
  13. I think if you want to over read into social media (and who doesn't) all the jokes Maddison/Chilwell are making about asking Youri to stay are a bit tongue in cheek - they may know something everyone else doesn't. I think it happens.
  14. knitro


    The tweets are a complete non-story, full stop. That said, if I'm the club I go through all social media with the players and talk about how this stuff is easy to avoid, even if it requires going back in time and policing up your childhood accounts.
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