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  1. P.S. I Still consider the Shield badge with crossed hunting crops to be the real City badge.
  2. Yes me too but it was the official nickname until then
  3. My God, What is going on? Does anyone treat these two absolute nutters seriously, the worlds gone MAD!...Both should be locked away in a nice home where they can dribble their dross to each other all day.Sometimes really struggle to believe how rotten and stupid some of our society have become, to give any sort of credence to to these sort of Loonies!......beggars belief!
  4. Bang on , I thought Perez was top notch today as well.
  5. Well that`s a shout if you like! We need someone who is totally dedicated and gets fantastic results against all odds but not sure if he`s ever picked a football team before,and think he may still be in the U.S.A.............
  6. The answer is waiting in the wings, actually that`s not right, it`s waiting on the bench...Dennis Preat!
  7. Fantastic team, fantastic fans and a fantastic city.Well done Liverpool, just wish they had left it for one more match and Chelsea had lost, for obvious reasons.
  8. Either or both, I have no idea what the objective was or who did it .I would guess that it`s a group of local kid`s who would have no idea what B.L.M. stands for! and as for a civil war they likely don`t know we had two world wars not so long ago. Either way there will be those that assume B.L.M. are responsible, and if they are it will do their cause no good at all.
  9. Scum, thick as pig muck.....that will do their cause the world of good!
  10. And we concede too many from corners and set plays, really need to up our game defending in those situations.
  11. nah, some Welshman would be offended!
  12. It is a ridiculous sentence, should have been at least 2 years.
  13. I`m not averse to rocky roads if they have the truth at the end of them, whatever that truth is.Think it`s pretty sinister that may be implied.As always, you should`nt rub the lamp if you don`t want the Genie to pop out.
  14. Great post, think that`s the way most of us feel.
  15. I don`t know what is correct as I genuinely have not looked it up, I wonder too.Just thought it may be interesting for Finnaldo as he seems to assume it is members of "Far right" groups who hold that dubious accolade.
  16. Think it may be enlightening if you actually examine which demographic group in the UK is , in proportion, most likely to shoot or stab someone.
  17. Not surprised,..the bloody beer was dismal!
  18. For City , the wonderful Davie Gibbo Elsewhere the fantastic Steven Gerrard.
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