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  1. Exactly right, all the stars were aligned in the Sixties Everything English twinkled Gold, I truly believe our generation are the luckiest ever, would not swap where and when I was born for anything. What players they were, Some of the finest in the clubs history, Bobby Roberts of the thunderous shot.....The Doog of the hammer forehead. and the fantastic Gibbo of the left foot wand..............the Right wasn't too bad either!...Crossy, the tank, of the thunderous tackle and these were regarded as average 1st Division players alongside people like George Best, Charlton. Law ,Moore and cou
  2. Can we please just have our real badge back please, you know the proper City badge, everyone knows the one!
  3. Me Too, the first chance to see the Real Gordon the Great as a world cup winner and what a game that was. Well remember Gordon, Bobby Moore Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst parading the trophy before the game....a magical day!! What a wonderful time to be an 11 year old English boy...simply Fantastic.
  4. Linekar is not worthy of sharing the same sentence with Vardy, either on or off the pitch, can`t abide the sanctimonious A**hole
  5. Get yourself a cheap blow up dinghy, take it down to the Dover area and sit in it on the beach, you might be lucky...or Unlucky depending on you opinion of him!
  6. The one that always gets me is that the members of the armed services who gave their lives for our country, in both world wars and other conflicts, those Battle of Britain pilots, or those who stormed the beaches of Normandy , or the battle of the Somme never knew we won.............
  7. Get rid of that horrible batter sh*te, ask for fish without.....much better.
  8. The very best meal of all!....sooner have it than any other meal including steak!
  9. P.S. I Still consider the Shield badge with crossed hunting crops to be the real City badge.
  10. Yes me too but it was the official nickname until then
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