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  1. Maradona could not touch him, not as a footballer and certainly not as a person. The drug adict midget couldn't lace his boots.
  2. Just totally brilliantly put, right on the nose.
  3. Why anyone acknowledges or gives airtime to these nobody life failures is truly beyond me.
  4. Petulant, ungrateful, childish, greedy to**er, and by his attitude I believe has removed himself from the adoration most City fans have for the immortals of 15/16, certainly I personally was glad to see him gone. Give me Marc Albrighton every time, half the player, TWICE the man.
  5. And then when you`ve shown them, the Crafty old officer will say "Good luck" in English and you , without thinking, will reply "Thank you" and then........You vill be back to stalag Luft III Swinehund !!
  6. Move on by all means but we are currently 3rd in the league and playing at home, I would sooner have had a go at them and possibly lost by one more. Bad attitude.
  7. Stoopid...............Just get Decking Baby!!!!
  8. I would happily inject them all.........................
  9. Thanks Pal, a re think needed me thinks.
  10. Anyone know if I can use this, or similar, on decking that i have already given 3 coats of green ducks back ?
  11. Thank you I knew there had to be a reasonable explanation....................
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