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  1. No Sky & BT have their normal allocation shown on their normal channels (i.e not box office/PPV), the other games that aren’t scheduled to be broadcast (think 3pm kick offs back in the days when fans were allowed in) will be on either Sky or BT box office - but not both. Alternatively hesgoal.com
  2. So to summarise they want clubs outside of the ‘big’ six: - to lose atleast 25% of their revenue - face a greater risk of relegation, - lose revenue from the EFL cup - have no say in the running of league And I fully expect once they get their voting power they’ll want open transfer windows so they can poach players whenever they like should a club dare to challenge them in the table. Any club that votes for this outside of those greedy bastards would be idiotic.
  3. This is just a power grab by the ‘big’ six with the guise of being the good guys trying to fix all that is wrong with football. They can **** right off. Absolutely no need for them to mess around with the voting rights aside from ensuring they can solidify their position in the future (aka Super league)
  4. He’s not had many good games for us but this was by far his worst, I actually thought before the game he might see the signing of Under and try and fight for his place but no. His first touch is non existent, never wins a duel and I’d be surprised if his pass accuracy was above 50% today. May as well have played with 10 men.
  5. Get Perez off ffs and up the bloody tempo
  6. There is no Keith Azul at the Athletic mate, it’s a parody
  7. Im sure many won’t agree but I think Josh King at £10m could be a realistic backup striker signing that could do a job when needed but happy enough to stay on the bench. But highly doubt we bring in one this window.
  8. Confused has Ünder had a hair transplant or not?
  9. The very start of our second goal came from a Kasper kick and an Amartey flick on in the Man City half @52:25. Awseome post by the way 👏🏼!
  10. Can moan all you like about how deep we are fact is it’s working and it’s giving us the opportunity to hit them on the counter
  11. Wish we could take a year off from this policy, there’s no ‘big priced’ player I’d be ok with leaving now, I was fine with Maguire and Chilwell but the thought of Wilf, Ricardo, Maddison, Barnes etc going actually saddens me
  12. You heard it here first
  13. Roma confirmed we had an option in their statement
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