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  1. Rudkin better be drawing up a new contract as we speak
  2. Mehrez

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    So much better than Friday. Chilwell has made that position his own and deserves to keep it proper proud of him.
  3. Mehrez

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Wow, fair play I thought this england team would get destroyed, Spain look lost out of possession
  4. Mehrez

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Much much better when we play direct against sides like these, good to see we don’t always have to play tippy tappy football
  5. Chilwell one of the better players in what is one of the worst matches I’ve seen for a long time
  6. Mehrez

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    He’s out of contract at the end of June so if he is on loan he’d be a free agent at the end of it, seems an odd thing to do though
  7. Mehrez

    UEFA Nations League

    Weren’t we linked with that Paco Alcacer in the summer, sounds like he’s on fire at the moment
  8. Mehrez

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    Why a people blaming Puel? What’s he supposed to do sub every once they get a yellow card? He should be able to trust that the most experienced player in our squad wouldn’t be so stupid
  9. Mehrez

    New training ground announced

    They’ve resorted to just being plain rude now! https://pap.charnwood.gov.uk/AnitePublicDocs/00999881.pdf
  10. Mehrez

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Last on match of the day..
  11. Mehrez

    Macia to Villa

    Stinks of somebody after a pay rise to me, all these rumours from random clubs wanting him out of the blue
  12. Mehrez

    Danny Ward

    If only we had him in the cup against Man City last year. Some of those penalties were pretty awful tonight but it’s never easy to save one, fair play to him
  13. Mehrez

    Gray ??

    I’m no doctor but I thought ligaments damage is worse than a break