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  1. How can you expect him to be given a leadership position after this?
  2. Maddison is the biggest idiot, Southgate has been waiting for an excuse not to take him in the summer now he has it. Disappointed. Oh and if it’s true Wes is involved too he can say goodbye to any role he might have had at the club after this season.
  3. Folks still not figured out that these stories are part and parcel of contract negotiations
  4. It will be interesting to see next years accounts I’m still convinced this was some elaborate scheme for increasing sponsorship revenue without appearing to do so
  5. Definitely a player in there, some being too harsh here. Hope we manage to get him signed up
  6. This makes me so sad, should have been getting off my tits singing this in vicky park last June now it will never happen
  7. Guy must be knackered but still comes up with that moment of quality time and again, agree with the shouts for player of the season
  8. I think this has been part of the problem here, he puts far too much behind almost every ball he plays
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