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  1. I do agree with you that it doesn’t make sense the only thing that I could think of maybe it’s to stop Monaco pushing the price up further, they know Tielemans is our top target this summer so if they see us throwing around 25m+ on a winger first for example they may think we have a lot to spend and start pushing the Tielemans price up
  2. Lingard at Leicester people on here have a hissy fit about what Chilwell and Maddison wear, they’d be tearing their season tickets up in rage when he’s pracing around live on Instagram like a d*ck
  3. Finally get their Ascot win in the last race on Cleonte
  4. For a second I thought we’d given him another new contract
  5. Mehrez


    Just come back from a Benidorm all inclusive has he?
  6. Michael Appleton should throw his name in the hat when Boothroyd gets the boot
  7. I did but couldn’t tell if they were just salty Celtic fans or rubbishing the story
  8. No idea who this bloke is, @henrik_62 may give some background but..
  9. Mehrez


    Not sure he’ll leave Juventus for us tbh
  10. As if somebody’s created a fake account of a fake ITK
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