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  1. Any word on what EFL are doing? The lower leagues will need propping up financially if they aren’t getting gate money for a couple of weeks
  2. I feel we might be taking the old keep calm and carry on a bit too far this time
  3. Makes no sense, surely you’d have them tested as soon as to save having to pointlessly isolate, pretty sure we’ve donated enough to local hospitals to wangle a few expedited tests
  4. Who the f*** is this commentator, I’m normally ok with the morons we have every week but this bloke is a right arse
  5. You had to go and jinx it didn’t you
  6. Why have Soyuncu and Evans swapped sides recently?
  7. West Ham were doing kids tickets for a quid and adults for 20 today that’s why they’ve actually had a decent attendance btw
  8. Been waiting for this, think this is the first mention of the ‘Big 7’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7773045/Liverpool-lead-way-Chelsea-struggle-Big-Seven-mini-league-shaping-up.html
  9. Think he was a big fan of Gray
  10. Should probably rob Man City’s we’re not really here
  11. You’ve missed the racist orgy, nothing happens without a racist orgy
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