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  1. Madders doesn’t seem chuffed with the black kit
  2. Mehrez


    He's definitely a decent striker when fit but that's the problem, don't see why we need to take the risk on him when there are younger longer term solutions out there.
  3. Mehrez


    Send him to the Saudis
  4. I’d imagine he’s for the u23s, expect Darnell Johnson and Josh Knight to go out on loan again next season so they’ll be a bit short on numbers
  5. Best result for us this, I’d of fancied Wolves against Man City more than Watford, this may rock Wolves a bit
  6. After seeing Tiger Roll at Cheltenham live a few weeks back I was bowled over and in my drunken state went fairly large on him at 6/1 thankfully he paid off yesterday. What a horse!
  7. Think I saw €110,000 plus I assume he doesn’t pay any tax, we’d need to offer a fair bit!
  8. Hope his dad has been busy putting BLUE together for this season
  9. Looks great, an enjoyable day at home for me
  10. Expected Huddersfield to have a bit of fight about them but there’s just nothing
  11. Does finders keepers apply when it comes to football players?
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