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  1. I love this kind of tin foil hat wearing thinking
  2. Cags vs Maguire see who’s co*k really is massive
  3. Your lying if you say you don’t love the rollercoaster
  4. Rubbish. Taking off a forward doesn’t cause Schmeichel into two brain dead mistakes
  5. Why are people blaming Rodgers, you can’t legislate for players being moronic
  6. Can’t believe we have to play united and Chelsea on the last day
  7. That’s Arteta on the whining little girl list. Is he on about that Vardy thing where he’s hit him with the studs whilst he was falling over?
  8. Thought he was decent against palace but maybe that was more a reflection of the opposition, he’s very slow and a bit of a liability
  9. All things considered, good result
  10. Get runners in the box around Luiz he’s bound to drag someone down
  11. Anyone fancy a guess where Chris Kavanagh was born
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