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  1. Mehrez

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Believe he is currently serving a 16 match ban for ‘pushing’ a linesman. Not sure what implications that has on any potential transfer
  2. Mehrez

    Owners into UK Horse Racing now

    Also has work to do with Leuven, not exactly sure what his role is there but he’s involved, Leicester need a dedicated DOF not a jack of all trades (master of none)
  3. Mehrez

    Vardy to Atletico

    And that Vardy will be getting a new contract
  4. Mehrez

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Allegedly been offered a similar position at PSG, must be a real coin toss decision for him
  5. Bad idea imo, if other leagues are not open at the same time not a lot will be happening early on. Effectively losing two weeks of a transfer window, and in a World Cup year. Great Idea
  6. Mehrez

    Riyad Mahrez

    So he was at a restaurant today at the same time as pretty much the entire Chelsea squad. Edit: it looks like Chelsea were actually there last not today!
  7. Mehrez


    Make of it what you will but apparently Huth has been training at stoke..
  8. Mehrez

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Best I think we can hope for given injuries Hamer Dragovic Morgan Maguire Fuchs Choudhury Silva Mahrez Iheanacho Diabate Vardy
  9. Just seen the photo.. Unfortunately he is
  10. Yes my rumour was the ever reliable twitter 😂
  11. Rumour has it Puel is not there tonight
  12. Mehrez

    Michael Appleton

    What if Appleton already has a job lined up (Sunderland) - which would explain perhaps why they weren’t sitting next to each other Palace. That would certainly complicate matters when it comes to sacking Puel. Who takes over?
  13. Mehrez

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Stream here - http://live.drakulawidget.com/streamvideo10/brighton-vs-leicester-live-stream-4626657.html close the ads and you should be good to go
  14. Mehrez

    New chants and songs

    To the tune of Do Wah Diddy Diddy: There he was just scorin a goal, singing Oh N’didi diddy dum N’didi do Taking the ball off all of you, singing Oh N’didi diddy dum N’didi do
  15. Mehrez

    New chants and songs

    Thought I’d have a go at expanding the Diabate chant.. When he scores a goal for us We go out of our head He scores them from the right He scores them from the left And all the goals he scores for us And all the goals he makes We just can’t get enough We just can’t get enough He cuts inside when he scores a goal And we just can’t seem to get enough of Du du du du du du du du du Diabate