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  1. They won’t win the league with that defence
  2. I hope the league make them play them all within 10 days of each other as punishment
  3. Should get this wallpapered in the dressing room
  4. We’re top of the league calm yourself down pal
  5. So this is game week 19 - normally this is the Christmas fixture, you know what they say about teams top at Christmas
  6. They’ll stick a needle in him and he’ll be fine, either that or Edouard will make his debut
  7. It’s ok I told her my FoxesTalk name is SheppyFox
  8. A golf course, two training grounds and a stadium something has to be sacrificed
  9. Funny my Mrs had the complete opposite reaction
  10. Much like my Mrs not pretty but got the job done
  11. No wonder he tried so hard to make the move happen 😂 would imagine he’s on at-least 20k a week now
  12. Southampton also had a massive cock up with their shirt sponsor which wouldn’t have helped https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/sport/amp/football/53918262 Edit: actually looks like this will just affect this seasons accounts
  13. ‘TalkSport’ transfer guy, genuinely never heard of him. I’ll let @UpTheLeagueFox vouch for him.
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