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  1. I agree that they are unlikely to gain a majority, but there is a chance that they could be a major player in a coalition.
  2. I agree with you on both of these points and as I have said previously I am not absolving the Tories of responsibility. I am however not sure that you can put the genie back in the bottle now.
  3. I agree that they have every right to vote it down, but It is disingenuous and farcical to suggest that they would be able to negotiate anything better and then campaign to remain. Why not just campaign for remain as why would the EU offer better terms when they know that the other side negotiating will not support any new agreement by campaigning for it anyway? If you cannot see the lunacy of this approach then we will never agree.
  4. I am not upset by the pixels you are using, I was just pointing out that that type of petulant response is why we struggle to get any sensible discussion on this subject. Of course I don’t blame Labour for any of the lies that were made and I never said that as you well know. That said Corbyn’s lack of overt campaigning for a remain vote was a contributory factor too, but this was unsurprising given his long term euro sceptic views. You made a point in a previous post about the deal that was negotiated with the EU being the best we could have hoped for, then why did Labour vote it down? Surely you can see that they have been playing party politics just like the Tories and neither have been serving the interests of the country?
  5. A very petulant last line which isn’t very helpful. You have missed the point about Labour, as the official opposition I would hope that they come come up with a credible plan to get us out of this mess but their dithering and playing party politics themselves has actually contributed to it e.g. you mention TM’s deal which was voted down by the opposition (I know the ERG did too but they do not have the numbers that Labour do).
  6. Why on earth would the EU offer an acceptable deal when they know that Labour will campaign for remain? Come on, that’s a joke that will not heal any of the divisions that we face.
  7. I am not suggesting that you will vote Labour, I am just offering balance. Labour’s stance is very relevant given that they are in opposition and so should be clear about their position. I don’t want to leave the EU but Labour are not offering a serious alternative.
  8. Labour’s stance is anything but clear. If they want to remain then they should campaign for remain and not this nonsense of negotiating an alternative deal and then campaign against it! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fMu17LvBj7E
  9. This other article regarding what Cameron negotiated also highlights the difficulties with the link to Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). So whilst they cannot claim JSA within the first 3 months of arrival, they can subsequently claim for a total of 91 days over several periods of job seeking. Surely you can see how this can be abused and thus makes enforcement difficult? This is of course without considering the staff required to process deportations, including legal challenges. Btw I am not disputing that EU nationals make an important contribution to our economy, I am just not convinced that it is as easy to deport them as it is often suggested.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to look. I can’t find anything either, that said I am not sure it is as simple as you are indicating and the following link seems to support this assertion: http://theconversation.com/when-britain-can-deport-eu-citizens-according-to-the-law-86896
  11. Have you got a link to the figures?
  12. It is not chicken and egg if we do not have the infrastructure in the first place to manage this. I don’t believe that enforcement is practical when non EU migration is taken into account too.
  13. Agreed, I can only assume that they have not as it is impractical or impossible to enforce given the numbers.
  14. He believes everything he reads on Twitter
  15. Rubbish, geez this is now just a left/remain echo chamber
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