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  1. Covid-19 for the many not the few
  2. I believe he said he would like to see his mum but clarified this later by saying he would Skype her.
  3. https://order-order.com/people/boris-johnson/
  4. Where the killings of soldiers by Iranian supplied IEDs extrajudicial, or does it only matter when someone of note is killed? Yes it is an escalation, but the Iranians cannot expect to act with impunity which is why the opportunity to strike in this manner presented itself in the first place. An escalation is also running a covert nuclear programme until discovered, targeting shipping, the role of Hezbollah, Iranian involvement in Yemen etc etc I am not absolving the West from blame, I just feel that there are enough people covering that side of the argument on here.
  5. It seems it was a clear surgical strike with no collateral damage, I mean it’s not like he was taken out in the departure lounge. I would say that Soleimani set the precedent through his involvement in killing US and UK troops.
  6. I agree that it will be bad for us both. I am not saying they wouldn’t vote for independence, just that it will be a lot harder for them this time round as all of the negatives of Brexit are now exposed and they have yet to address the currency and deficit questions previously brought out. That’s before you talk about frictionless trade and that independence is likely to bring more austerity. They have some significant issues to address too which can’t all be blamed on Westminster i.e. the drugs issues, lower life expectancy, failing education.
  7. I think the EU have had their fingers burnt with Greece and so I doubt there is the appetite for it tbh. It is far from certain that Scotland will vote for independence despite what Sturgeon says. I am assuming that there will be less reliance on the black gold that was the basis for most of the the white paper this time and they still have not answered the currency question. The impending Salmond court case may throw a spanner in the works too.
  8. You do realise that Labour would offer them a referendum whilst the Tories will not
  9. Interesting article about the Fourth Rail legislation that the EU are bringing in 2023 to introduce private sector involvement and market competition on the railways. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-eu-railways-eu-rules-nationalise-single-market-restrictions-labour-a8968691.html
  10. Geez, I take it he has not forgiven Branson for calling him out on his no seat on the train stunt. Quite embarrassing.
  11. I think we have already established that given that I agreed with Essex fox’s post. Doesn’t alter the fact that McDonnell is a self confessed Marxist though does it? So are we not allowed to trust Boris with the NHS, but we are McDonnell with the economy?
  12. I appreciate what you are saying, but given that McDonnell has described himself as a Marxist in the recent past I don’t share your view. He may have a different hair style now, but I just do not believe that a core belief like that changes over time. It is an issue of trust, which whilst Boris rightly gets stick on here for, I think it is also relevant to the debate for Labour too.
  13. Of course, but just as most rightly do not trust Boris, I find it hard to trust McDonnell who has openly praised its merits. With regards nationalisation on the scale being proposed, coupled with share price setting and various other proposals it is hard to see a detrimental impact on investment and pensions. In my mind this is a worse risk than Brexit.
  14. No I think we are still talking about Marxism, just that someone has cherry picked something from what was said in an effort to detract from the point that was being made. If you define Marxism as being about class struggle with predominant public ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange then it’s not really much of a stretch for people to conclude that this is what Labour are offering. Especially when McDonnell has openly talked favourably about it in the past.
  15. I don’t think this approach is helpful in the longer term as Labour voters will no doubt have very unrealistic expectations if/when they ever get in. Unless of course you actually believe it is possible to do everything that they are pledging.
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