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  1. Agreed, I would like to see a bit more of the quote and its relationship with the text added for context on mutations. The quotation marks ending where they do does seem to be a little bit convenient and open to add any context to. I am not saying it’s not true, just that Twitter is not what I would deem a reliable resource.
  2. I assume that this is reference to some people inevitably refusing the opportunity of being vaccinated rather than him changing the target
  3. Really interesting interview with the CEO of AZ about the issues of production, the EU issue and how the UK got a head start: https://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2021/01/26/news/interview_pascal_soriot_ceo_astrazeneca_coronavirus_covid_vaccines-284349628/
  4. Interesting figures which highlights the disparity of vaccinations between European countries. Hopefully there will be significant improvement as it is based upon current rollout. Can certainly see why Italy are kicking off. I suppose it highlights the challenge of rolling out vaccinations across the world and I assume delays increase the chances of new variants popping up.
  5. The point I was making is that of all the things to criticise, the rate of vaccinations is not one. Clearly that could change given that it is a dynamic situation. My post didn’t politicise this in anyway. Whilst you are right that local people will make it work, there are obviously many moving parts to get it to that stage which if done incorrectly could add to delays.
  6. We are 3rd in the number of vaccinations completed so far. The desire to criticise everything and anything appears to make people less inclined to apply any form of critical thinking. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations
  7. My own view as a remainer is that there is no point bickering over what drove people to vote the way they did or advantages of being in the EU given we are now out. No one is anymore willing to concede ground and there is no balance from either side. For example of course a trade deal with a bigger bloc will be more attractive, but that doesn’t mean that the US can’t negotiate one with us too, even at the same time. Whilst tailoring any deal to specific sector needs could be quite advantageous rather than having to make concessions because of other countries interests, we will however be star
  8. Do other countries really see England as this? Genuinely interested to see some evidence if you have any.
  9. The Oxford vaccine is likely to be quicker as there won’t be the same temperature storage difficulties
  10. If it is true that it was first detected in Sep then I would suggest it is a little late
  11. Corbyn was however leader when we last had a choice at the ballot box and so him not being a labour MP now is irrelevant. There are many who would have preferred an electable alternative, especially from a remain perspective, but this was not an option.
  12. There are reports that the same strain has been found in Italy, Denmark and Australia now. It could be far more widespread than we know, which wouldn’t be surprising if it is true that this was first spotted in September.
  13. I don’t disagree with a lot of what you say, particularly at the start of this pandemic. I do however recognise that this is unprecedented and so there are always going to be lessons learnt from trying to open the economy up and the messaging that is put out and so I very much doubt there would be that much of a difference whomever was in charge given they are all using the same civil service resources. I share your frustrations on track and trace, but I also understand it is reliant on public compliance which anecdotally has been very much lacking from my own experience. The app i
  14. I don’t see the why a regional approach shouldn’t have been tried and I don’t see why that should be seen as politicking, unless of course you are guilty of politicking yourself. The fact it hasn’t worked is clearly disappointing but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be tried.
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