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  1. Baker, Francois, Bridgen and that ilk are all planks and not fit to hold office.
  2. Because the government messed up putting us into lockdown far too late and are now trying to control that it's the public's fault and as punishment there should be tighter restrictions, despite falling case numbers.
  3. I worry about these epidemiologists who being rolled out asking for 'asia' style restrictions and 'aim for zero covid'. No western society has managed that and no western society will put up with those sort of restrictions. For example, outdoor mask introduction would be stupid, it would basically eliminate any opportunity of running outside.
  4. This is the perfect example of why truly non essential workplaces should close. By the time you know about a case, it's too late and there's ultimately no such thing as 'covid safe', if you're in close proximity to others indoors with no ppe, you're at risk. Get well soon! Stay hydrated and if you're struggling to breathe at any stage seek help before it gets too bad. I'm certain you'll be fine albeit for a rough few days.
  5. Yeah I despise Tories as much as anyone however the sheer entitlement of a lot of people to not see the seriousness of the situation is just as bad. The government were put in a difficult place because people wanted their christmas, they wanted to see their family and they didn't want a virus to stop them. Weak government, and this is the consequence. The media and their 'Christmas is cancelled' narrative was also appalling. Merkel was hard and decisive, people in Germany didn't mix at Christmas and their cases and deaths are declining. Pathetic, British arrogance, and now we're paying in live
  6. He’s taking Pence down with him isn’t he. This is why you don’t lie in bed with criminals.
  7. Read a study today which seems to indicate that the South African variant won’t be a problem for the current vaccines. Which is reassuring.
  8. So if all goes well and we get everybody who needs vaccinating vaccinated then we won’t need restrictions. However things aren’t that smooth. Not everyone will get a vaccine for various reasons (probably only 70%) which means it’ll always be in circulation. People in rare instances still get infected despite being previously infected or vaccinated. Therefore there will be some sort of outbreak at some stage, most likely next winter. This does not mean we will end up in complete lockdown, however they may ask people to wear masks in certain places as well as other smaller measures.
  9. I can't fathom why we're not all in a lockdown right now. Before Christmas I could understand trying to squeeze what they could out of the economy but people basically hibernate in January anyway. Compliance will also increase if it's called a 'lockdown'.
  10. The prime minister was hopeful of normal by Christmas remember. I mean this was going to happen regardless of governance, however the timings and manner of lockdowns and have been handled much better in other european countries.
  11. Just a man asking another to overthrow democracy, I think that's treason right?
  12. Any further covid experiences? Mild or severe cases? As an nhs (not frontline) worker I'm hoping to get my vaccine(s) before this new variant inevitably gets me, I still get anxious about what it'll be like (the virus not the vaccine).
  13. Whitty didn't say there are serious problems with supply, he said there's a global problem with supply. This is as simple as saying as there isn't the amount readily available now that we need. Which is true, or else we'd be able to immedietly vaccinate more than 1-2 million a week. I really wouldn't look too deeply into it.
  14. I fear keeping schools open is more about sticking it to the unions for the tories, than actually saving lives.
  15. Might as well get tested, the majority of people I know who have had it said they wouldn't recognise it from a bad cold.
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