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  1. Depression

    Thank you Izzy, you're a great person and a real help to so many on here. There's obviously nothing I can do now but she is willing to give me a chance to sort myself out and as I've previously mentioned, we go so well together. It really was a ridiculous thing for me to do, I'm not a violent person, I think I slapped a kid around the chops on the last day of year 6 and that's the only time I've ever lost it. It snapped me into taking those actions to fully sort myself out so hopefully it'll be a blessing in disguise.
  2. Depression

    I'm also going to say that I decided to start the Citalopram because a week or so ago when very drunk, I had an anxiety attack and shoved my girlfriend over onto her bed and it's been killing me ever since. I have no idea why it happened, it's never ever happened before and will never happen again and I'm absolutely distraught. Things are mostly ok but she's lost a bit of trust in me. I took the decision to start the Citalopram and to also seek counselling and I need to prove to myself and to her that this isn't me. I'm a mess.
  3. Depression

    So the side effects of Citalopram really kicked in over the weekend. Was completely washed out and felt fluey just without the nasal/throaty symptoms. Headache, aching, nausea, the lot. I woke up feeling awful again this morning however in the past couple of hours I've definitely noticed an upshoot in my mood and I have the urge to go out for a run. Coupled with that I've booked a private counselling appointment for Thursday evening so I'm hoping that I've peaked in terms of side effects and that I'll now start feeling some benefit.
  4. Depression

    It's definitely worth a try. I have sorted my thinking patterns out a bit however I often get worse in the winter so now is a good time to start. Third day on them and to be honest I feel terrible today, tired, anxious and sick however the doctor said it'll get worse before it gets better, must be proof that they're in my system, if they work for me how they worked for my mum a few years ago then it'll completely transform me.
  5. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Zero hour contracts. I can be officially 'employed' on a temp contract with a catering agency. Doesn't mean that it's good employment where people can make a living. Just look at the rising poverty statistics.
  6. Depression

    So I'm a long way from my lowest point but anxiety and sadness still hits me from time to time. Last Friday I was out with my girlfriend and a few mates, drunk and I completely turned into an anxious, angry wreck and completely scared myself, it's at that point that I decided to start the citalopram that the doctor perscribed for me a month or so ago. My girlfriend has been wonderful throughout the whole thing, especially so given that we're so young (22&20), but we're quite a mature pair, anyway I can tell she wanted me to try Citalopram and my unwarranted outburst at her last week made me start, I'm not gonna let anxiety and it's associated problems stop me from having a relationship that I'm happy in as well as a social life. I'm on the lowest dose but I think it's already having an effect, right now I'm in tears for no reason writing this so I'm hoping it's a sign that it's in my system and the mist will soon clear. Most importantly I think I've accepted that while I have been getting better (mainly due to life circumstances such as getting a first grad job) I can't fully solve this sh!te myself and that there's no harm in trying to get a bit of pharmacological help if it's going to make my life better.
  7. Thoughts on Dyche?

    Like others have said, there's better out there however there's a lot, lot worse out there, he is clearly a very good manager, has experience at this level and can develop a team. Ticks a lot of the boxes, if he's interested then sound him out.
  8. Next City Manager?

    I hate him but Allardyce is probably the solution in this case. If we're going to take that direction we need to develop a long term plan too so that when he sods off we don't just fall into the abyss.
  9. New Manager, essential credentials?

    Somebody who can draw a line under the title winning campaign and move on. Somebody who commands respect from the players and makes the big decisions himself. Somebody who can change our game to incorporate players such as Slimani and Iheanacho.
  10. President Trump & the USA

    The hypocrite complains that past presidents haven't dealt with North Korea harshly enough on their nuclear programme and yet wants to withdraw the Iran deal which basically prevents the Iranian regime from buidling nuclear weapons. It makes no sense. Iran out of all of the countries in the world seem to be the only ones who actually want to politically move into the modern era and this fool puts it all in jeapordy. Please impeach him GOP.
  11. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    And this is why this decision should never have been given to the public in the first place (that's not a dig at you by the way). At no point was it outlined how we would leave if leave won and what the consequences would be, people assumed there would be one simple pathway, well turns out there isn't and we're heading the economic abyss. I think Philip Hammond may resign before the Primeminister as the only credible member of the Tory front bench.
  12. President Trump & the USA

    He's challenging SoS Rex to an IQ test contest too, what an absolute to55er Donald is. If anything a secretary of state needs to be more intelligent than the president himself but of course Donald would never admit inferiority.
  13. Maguire - England debut

    If anybody watched England u17's today, they would've done a better job than that lot. Absolutely turgid and awful to watch.
  14. Incident outside London museum

    Have I misintepreted sarcasm haha?
  15. Incident outside London museum

    What reason do the police have to cover it up? It's an accident, he's hit a sign and gone straight on into two parked cars, witnesses have even said that he swerved to avoid people. Tommy Robinson loves these incidents as they make him money. The Daily Mail sensationalise things to create fear, get clicks and make money, you're foolish to listen to them.