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  1. Theresa May does hence why she went back on her word and why Boris is already talking in the same manner. Pretty much every evidenced prediction has stated that it would be a disaster. The reality of the situation is that Farage & the no dealers (great punk band name) are continually selling you a lie and an impossible dream. If it was possible we'd have left without a deal at the end of March.
  2. The US would have our trousers down when it comes to a new trade deal, especially if Trump wins in 2020. Trading on WTO alone would be an unmitigated disaster.
  3. I guess it depends when the next GE is. The way that politics has moved in the past three years, goodness knows what the landscape will look like in 2022. Whereas if it was now then it would be very interesting. I don't see any Tory leader calling a snap general election to be honest.
  4. One thing I noticed yesterday was that the majority of my friends (I'm in my 20's) didn't vote and said they've never been less bothered. If that actually happened in a general election then right leaning parties would waltz into power.
  5. Agreed, the target audience isn't really middle aged blokes to be honest, it's girls and women who can be attracted to the sport. My housemate isn't bothered about mens Football and yet loves watching women play. Given the differences in ability, it's basically a different sport, however please just show them some respect.
  6. I'm convinced the pensioner being 'milkshaked' is staged and I'll apologise if an arrest is made and somebody is found liable. It's just way too good to be true, he's a veteran, he's old, he's a brexit voter, it's literally a Brexit party outrage generators wet dream.
  7. When Theresa May resigns, whoever takes her place will have exactly the same problems. They're not going to magically disappear. As for Farage, his background team are clearly very slick however they're preying on those who can't analyse their arguments. Those who have been radicalised, those who can't see the dangers of electing people who have given zero information into how they're going to enact their main (only) policy. Those who think this country is still somehow a major global power. They're the ones who scream patriotism when they're the one's who hate what this country has become the most.
  8. Yes, a second referendum to change our voting system would be great!! Second referendum's in general sound great!
  9. Wilder's KO punch last night was beyond brutal.
  10. This is why Boris will end up as Tory leader I fear. They'll want to get the Brexit vote back. It will however be an unmitigated disaster as he'll be delivering the undeliverable.
  11. Reminded me of Ricardo (The GK)!
  12. Surely Villa will go up watching this. It would be hilarious if after everything said about Bielsa if Chris Wilder and Dean Smith get promoted.
  13. It really is frightening that the grass roots republican base will be loving this.
  14. Fair enough if this works for you however this is exceptionally dangerous and I would strongly recommend that you don't mix Valium/Xanax with alcohol. Doctor's may prescribe as a one off xanax for flying if you really need it. That alone should have a big enough effect.
  15. Lionator


    Brighton's stadium is a beauty.
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