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  1. Without going all Adam Curtis, the general population are content with the way that things are and are scared of change. This works for the government because it means that they can keep the capitalism status quo. Corbyn offered perhaps the only meaningful option to change our way of living for an alternative future and look how that turned out. I wish Burnham would give Westminster another go, I think he could be good at changing the image of Labour until a genuine star comes along. Sounds like he's happy in Manchester though.
  2. While we all have personal responsibility, yes we respond to others actions based on our own social/moral compass. I’m sure if an elected left wing Home Secretary took away some of your rights, you’d be equally as frustrated. I’d be interested if you share that opinion on people who experience trauma and abuse from others who then go on and be disruptive in their own later life. Or is it always the victims fault??
  3. Priti Patels actions have far more far reaching power than any of those protesters last night. I don’t think you realise how dangerous this person is.
  4. But if the right for peaceful protest has been diminished then what other option do people have? Roll over and submit to a path towards an authoritarian state or stand up to it? Of course it's unfair on the police who were targeted last night but it's not the protesters who they should be blaming, it's Priti Patel and her backwards, regressive cronies who cultivated the conditions for this to happen.
  5. I think me, you and a tottering Prince Phillip would look good as a back three against Billy Sharp and that Sheffield United attack. Not to take anything away from those three though, as a three I'm not sure it gets much better in the league.
  6. To be honest I do tend to agree. This particular case is incredibly distressing, one of the most distressing I can recall to be honest. The fact she was lured into his car using his police ID, the fact he was a stranger, the fact it was so random yet calculated. A truly horrific event.
  7. Regardless of Meghan, hearing a prominent famous person say 'I don't believe she was suicidal' hits home for somebody who has felt suicidal myself and had people telling me I am putting it on. He's always had terrible takes when it comes to mental health, I'm glad it's that which has done for him here.
  8. Milliband oddly, is by far the best which Labour have in the shadow cabinet. He's so much more charismatic now than when he was leader. He could've and really should've beaten Cameron in 2015, I think he'd have done good things for our country. The pandemic has completely blown the political spectrum open, which I'm sure will realign over the forthcoming years, maybe come 2024 people may actually be sick of conservatism enough to back someone else.
  9. Honestly if you were Harry, why on earth would you want to stay in that position? He lost his mum is the most traumatic of circumstances as a child, he watched her reputation get torn to shreds then watched her get buried. He gets hounded by the press, every relationship scrutinised, every night out scrutinised, every single action scrutinised. Then he meets a woman who for all intents and purposes makes him happy. He watches the same press who vilified his mum, vilify her. Why should he stay? He owes this country nothing, he owes himself everything and he should do whatever makes him happy. T
  10. Well these guys have essentially been playing twice a week since the start of June, so there must be something in that. A reason Man City are doing so well is that Pep threw the first few weeks of the season and treated it like a pre-season so he could ease his team in and now look at them.
  11. You can't vouch for those sorts of injuries, it's just pure bad luck. Muscle injuries maybe.
  12. It would be brilliant to see him succeed at Bristol City, the Premier League could really do with a bit of Bristol and in combo with Big Nige would be a very likeable team. There's very few people as misunderstood as our Nige, he built a siege mentality which I've not felt with any other manager (I was only very young during the MON days). I often think he's probably a bit too articulate and complex for the cesspit that is modern professional football. I really hope Bristol City back him long term!!
  13. If this lockdown is potentially going to be 6-8 months long then why the hell were cases allowed to get so high in the first place? B117 variant is not an excuse. Was it really just so shops could be left open in the lead up to Christmas?
  14. I feel that it helped in the short term but it's clearly lost its effect now. Each person will have their own opinion, the opinion's of the black & ethnic minority players are the only opinions that matter however!
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