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  1. Fleetwood Town (A) 0-0 FA Cup 3rd Round

    He got Southampton to a League Cup Final and still got sacked. It says to him that cups mean nothing so why should he bother? On the other hand, those players should've been good enough to win handsomely today. Can't blame the manager for that.
  2. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Christ, this thread has descended into a farce. A true reflection of society in general and it's lack of acceptance for those who have different political beliefs to them. Some people will always be left, some will always be right, some will change due to their personal circumstances, we should be working towards a more open minded society and this thread needs to be way more open minded so that people actually contribute to it instead of skimming over it like I've done for the past few months.
  3. President Trump & the USA

    Worst part is that North Korea have reopened the communication hotline with the South and offered good will regarding the Winter Olympics, and he goes and does this. Seoul must be seething.
  4. Depression

    Sounds like you have an absolute gem of a GP there! Even if you get referred to somebody else, if things ever get too much go and see that GP, it can really make a big difference. Well done for facing your issues head on and taking control, that's the first and most important step. As @Buce said, your perception of problems in your life may be clouded by an underlying mental health issue making them seem worse than they actually are. While the issues won't disappear, getting treatment for depression or anxiety will give you the resources to deal with these problems positively and build a greater resilience so that you have the motivation for reaching all the goals which you've set for the coming months. Good luck mate and keep talking!
  5. Depression

    A Merry Christmas to everybody who's contributed to this thread. Such open conversation is very important as we all look for ways to fight our inner demons, opening up and understanding what others go through is vitally important when confronting and accepting ourselves. You're all so brave and I myself have taken incredible steps throughout this year, something that I didn't think was achievable last Christmas. So please don't ever give up. Always remember the Samaritans number 116123 and never be ashamed of yourself! To @Izzy Muzzett, your contributions on here mean an awful lot to so many people, myself included, you're a fantastic person, good luck with your health issue and I hope your family spoil you like crazy when you return home. You legend!
  6. Puel

    As long as he's getting across to the players then I don't mind, which evidently he is given what we've seen. Still a major work in progress but it's refreshing to see a manager in the game who isn't drowning in the water of their ego.
  7. Man City (H) League Cup match thread

    That's Gray banned for the next 3 league games.
  8. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    That game was very similar to the game against Nottingham Forest at home when we got promoted out of the Championship. I think we lost 2-0 and Nugent missed a penalty, basically nothing goes right, the players are undercooked and the opposition play way above themselves. It's a blip, I've not read this thread but we really shouldn't overreact. Today is the epitome of the quote 'that's football'. Let's dust ourselves down, put this game to bed and go again on Tuesday.
  9. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    As a Corbyn 'supporter' I've become a bit disillusioned with his stance on Brexit. For all intents and purposes, he should be against it and really sabre-rattling for the removal of David Davis from his position but he's not and that and that is probably due to possible ulterior motives. He's done his job, he's got people talking about the social injustices which are taking place in this country, we now need a sharper, more polished politician to move the party forward into the next election, even if that means moving a bit closer to the centre. Won't happen though.
  10. President Trump & the USA

    Indeed, but the guilty party in this case has stated to police that he did it in revenge for last weeks actions.
  11. President Trump & the USA

    It's taken less than a week but some cretin decided it'd be a good idea to bomb New York in response to the consequences of Trump's decision, thus proving Trump's point to his cretinous followers that Muslims are indeed a danger to Americans. So much bloody stupidity from all angles.
  12. Depression

    8 weeks on Citalopram and all had been going swimmingly however in the past few days I've hit a bit of a brick wall. Anxiety attacks are returning worse than before and my dreams are super weird, to the point where I'm not getting decent sleep. I'm on a very small dose (10mg) so I'm thinking that maybe it'd be useful to see the doctor and get it upped to the next dose but obviously I'm not sure whether this is just a blip.
  13. President Trump & the USA

    He's doing it to try and stir up more trouble in the Middle East to prove his point against Muslims. He's a complete psychopath.
  14. Portugal's radical drug policy is working...

    The most important point in the article is that Portugal doesn't view drugs as damaging, rather it's peoples relationships with drugs which is what should be scrutinised. Alcohol isn't harmful if you drink in moderation, cannabis isn't harmful if you fancy a spliff every couple of weeks to help you chill out, ecstasy isn't harmful if you test what's in your pill before you take it and you only take it once in a while. They become harmful when they start to affect people's everyday life. If you need alcohol to help you sleep, then it's harmful, if you need cannabis to relax then it's harmful, if you take ecstasy everytime you hear Step on by the Happy Mondays then it's harmful. What Portugal does is focus on those relationships whereas pretty much all other governments take the easy option of just banning these substances so that they don't have to worry about underlying causes as to why people abuse drugs because in the majority of addicts there is something else going on which leads them to drugs.
  15. Depression

    Well done! You've made the right decisions if that's how you're feeling, on paper I think you're doing rather well if your health and wellbeing are on the up. I went to uni originally and it was wrong, I dropped out, worked for a year and went back the year after and it was much better. Small goals are often the first steps to recovery so it's so healthy that you're conciously aware of this and can put things into perspective like this! Please never stop talking whether that be to your parents, mates, workmates or strangers on the internet like us!