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  1. He's not even worth a place in the team. It needs a radical overhaul in the winter.
  2. One game, we look like a minor counties team, the next an IPL team. What a bizarre club.
  3. Lionator


    I can't add much more but I would reiterate that you've shown amazing courage just to open up on here, it's a step in the right direction. You're never a burden, this is so so important to remember! You have a relationship with your good lady and you've brought up, what I'm sure are three wonderful children, for that you should be proud of yourself. It sounds like you've done it against the odds as well which shows that you're a lot stronger than you think you are. And I echo what @Izzy said, make another appointment, there's a reason it was cancelled and it was nothing to do with you. Having somebody to talk to will help! This forum is always going to be here so feel free to just type your thoughts out whenever you need to, it really helps to get them down somewhere, let alone in a place where others who have felt the same way lurk. It gets better!
  4. This is interesting as it co-incides with us becoming good at one day cricket. I honestly think that this is a consequence of directing more resources towards having a successful oneday team and winning the world cup. The coach is a one day specialist and we have a complete lack of international class batsman within the county game. Add to that the lack of spinning option and we're screwed. It's going to take some time for us to become a top test team once again, however it's the sacrifice we've had to make in order to win the World Cup.
  5. Need Burns to push on to 150+ and somebody else to get above 50. If we can get close to 350-400 then the pressure is on Australia.
  6. I've been offered a job back in Leicester today. I've changed my career direction so the salary can only be described as measly but it's in a field that I want to be in and it's a foot in the door.
  7. Lionator


    my Grandfather used valium for his trauma from ww2. Made it a pretty rough environment for my mum growing up. Benzo's are rotten.
  8. Lionator


    There's a reason why they're only prescribed short term. Well done for getting to the withdrawal stage in the first place, it's utter hell but once you get through that peak then it will pick up.
  9. Durham's 50 up within 3 and a half overs chasing 158. Simply embarrassing.
  10. That's Loughborough University finished as well if he has indeed been doping.
  11. It's a good reflection of society as a whole really. There's no perspective, there's no compromise. Those with the opposite political opinions to you are evil and that's that, no conversation, no rationality. Saying that, this cabinet does absolutely terrify me. Patel and Williamson especially.
  12. I'm intrigued/terrified to know that when it goes tits up for Boris (because Brexit is undeliverable) whether people will go even further to the right.
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