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  1. England are better but South Africa really are dreadful. Would be a tougher series against Bangladesh currently.
  2. Hands up, I’m guilty of only reading the sound bite. Just goes to show how important media coverage is ey!
  3. She's impressed me too and getting stronger although the Catalonia stuff from yesterday is almost unforgivable. Hopefully this is more reflective than the Survation poll. Keir is the only one who can unite the party, something that BJ managed to do much to his credit (through gritted teeth). It makes a massive difference. We could then have a front shadow bench of the strongest from the Centre and the Left.
  4. Lionator


    I stand by my hypothesis of yesterday morning that Trump has planned most of this purely to win himself the Nobel Peace Prize such is his level of narcissism. He doesn't want a war, he wants accolades. Anyway it looks like the hysteria has died down, albeit with dreadful levels of collateral damage ie the plane crash.
  5. Fortunately Barry Gardiner has put himself forward tonight to save the joke candidate tradition.
  6. Lionator


    I know nearly all war is pointless, but this truly would be the ultimate pointless war, what are they even fighting over? What is the end game? Maybe Trump is pushing it to the brink like he did with NK so that then he can pull back and look like a miracle ‘peace broker’.
  7. You're a bit late, it's already started! I do appreciate the whole Brexit thing doesn't paint him in a great light but he's already stated that it's done now and all he's bothered about is getting a good trade deal. If he can really push that then it hopefully won't do too much damage with the wider electorate.
  8. She's as thick as mince, I would like to think that the election has woken enough people in the party up to the major limitations of that side of the party.
  9. So things have moved on a bit and are looking surprisingly positive. We have 6 confirmed standing with maybe 1 or 2 more to follow. We have, Clive Lewis - Seems like a decent bloke and is making good sounds but doesn't have the support to mount a serious challenge. Emily Thornberry - Just no. Lisa Nandy - Again seems to have good ideas and would be the second best person for actually bringing the party back together. The left seem to hate her though. Jess Phillips - Personally can't stand her, me me me, although I can see why people would support her. Realistically will be too divisive to win and still wants a second referendum. Rebecca Long-Bailey - Dim witted, gave Corbyn 10/10 for his election performance, will be the choice of the irrational left of the party. Please no. Keir Starmer - Not outstanding but clearly the safe pair of hands the party needs right now. Has reached out to all sections of the party and could unite the party. Needs to shake off Brexit baggage. Yougov poll indicates that Starmer is the clear favourite which surprised me a bit, as you can see from my earlier post I thought that the momentum grip was too tight but I think he appeals to enough people on that side of the party to get enough votes to see him over the line. Then and only then can Labour start to be taken seriously as a credible opposition again.
  10. There's not a single country on earth whose leadership represents the people less than Iran. It's a beautiful country, full of beautiful people, led by a bunch of lunatic, radical clerics. I pray that innocent Iranian or Iraqi civilians do not have to suffer because of Trump and the Iranian leaderships dick waving contest.
  11. The reasons that people dislike Starmer seem to be based on him being a well-spoken London MP. My working class tory voting relatives don't give a monkeys whether a leader has a northern accent or not. They just want somebody competent. Like previously mentioned, it's a popularity contest and having somebody as articulate and well-polished as Starmer will be a breath of fresh air from the dishevelled Corbyn era. The Labour party does not need to be ready to win an election tomorrow, it needs to rebuild and rebrand and it has a few years to do that. Starmer, while uninspiring is the most capable out of those lot of doing that.
  12. The penalty really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. He took his other major chance which more than made up for it! Maybe this proves that we are deserving of our position and that actually Liverpool and Man City are simply exceptional football teams who we just cannot financially compete with from top to bottom.
  13. Game over here. England are not chasing 300+.
  14. Lionator


    It will be that. Obviously if you've died and it wasn't that then I'm sorry! But there's no harm in checking in with your GP.
  15. Lionator


    Yeah anti-depressant withdrawals aren't pleasant and doctor's will usually recommend to reduce them step by step (ie take one every two days rather than going cold turkey). People often describe a 'brain zap' sensation too. It'll obviously get easier over time but please see your GP. There may also be a different anti-D which does do a job for you like Citalopram or Fluoxetine.
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