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  1. No the guy in 2017 was Jewel Miah who was only selected as the candidate a couple of months before the election. The candidate now is Stuart Brady.
  2. 2017 majority is literally at 4,000. Outgoing MP in Nicky Morgan, so there's a new, relatively unknown candidate, I just thought there was a real chance as he seems to be doing some fairly successful groundwork (it's his leader who seems to be the problem for most), so maybe over the next few weeks he can reign it in.
  3. I'm gutted at the Brexit Party news as my local Labour candidate for Loughborough had a real good shot at the seat which is now probably a safe bet for the tories. He's the sort of MP Labour need more of, not a momentum backed lunatic or a Blairite centrist.
  4. Another absolute horror show for the Tories, this time Andrew Neil (who you can't accuse of being biased) tearing apart Nadhim Zahawi who was doing Corbyn's dirty work for him. https://twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1192163737093980161?s=20
  5. Oh my word, Hoddle lubricating up ready for the Lampard erotica.
  6. Given the deflection, there is literally nothing else the defender could've done. He didn't move his hand towards the ball.
  7. That handball decision is scandalous.
  8. Rees-Mogg and Bridgen. Bin.
  9. In Rugby (lol) that sort of thing is determined on outcome and it's definitely helped with prevention of potential injury causing incidents.
  10. Nope, if the consequences were the same then he'd have to take responsibility. Just like when he got sent off for England U21's.
  11. It's obviously a shocking incident/accident. While as people say it's not a red if there's no injury, you have to take responsibility for other players. If you're cynically hacking players down like that then you have to accept the responsibility for the injury.
  12. It isn't attractive, however it's Labours job to show that there are things out there which are more important than Brexit, which there are, however I'm not confident they can do that.
  13. I'll be voting for whoever on the centre/left is most likely to get rid of the dreadful Nicky Morgan from my local area.
  14. ThE BrExiT PArtY DoNt AcTuALLy WaNt BrExIT aS WhAT iS tHe PoINt oF ThEm tHEN?
  15. Is anyone watching Dispatches on Channel 4? An American politician was complaining about how Americans pay more for American medicines than Europeans do for the same American medicines. The solution? That europeans (us after Brexit) should pay more rather than Americans having to pay less. Ultra-capitalism right there and the shocking road we will go down when Brexit goes through on WTO terms.
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