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  1. I think it's heads have gone rather than legs. Do we still have a sport psychologist?
  2. Anti mask stuff is the weirdest covid conspiracy of them all, it makes no sense to me.
  3. Win one of the next two and it's a final day decider. Please lads.
  4. Playing politics with people's physical and mental health is contemptible but that's sadly the situation we face. I said two weeks ago that this is going to be in place for up to 8 weeks and got quite a hostile response.
  5. This has been the issue since 2016 and continually sacking different managers has not solved it. We're the ultimate confidence team. When it's been good it's been fantastic, when it starts going wrong then it goes spectacularly wrong.
  6. 9-0 vibes here, Bournemouth are absolutely atrocious. Imagine what Man City are going to do to them on Tuesday. Nice to see us playing more freely though, could do with killing them off before half time.
  7. Sorry to hear this, get well soon sir!
  8. Couple of questions, have you had your result back yet? And whereabouts in the country are you based? I hope you and your wife get well soon.
  9. Honestly, I don't think there's anything fishy going on here, they simply don't know due to the nature of the outbreak.
  10. You can’t sack your lead singer for domestic violence offences then recruit somebody who has been caught pushing his girlfriend around 🤣. I think the way forward is 4/5 songs with guest singers, then serge to do the rest. A reunion will be possible in time but Tom has to prove that he is a reformed character over a length of time.
  11. If Wolves don't win this, am I right in thinking that 6 points from our last 4 games would guarantee 5th (and UCL if Man City's appeal is upheld)?
  12. They're having their 1918 style 'second wave' even though it's a continuation of wave one. It's due to opening up too soon and incompetent leadership from Trump and his state governers. I think Europe (us, France, Spain, Germany, Italy) should avoid this as we do seem to have gotten our act together. Trump needs to go in November. He'll blame everyone, China, the WHO, the Democrats, anything but looking in the mirror. A truly pathetic individual.
  13. Germany have been unlocking at 50 positives per 100,000. Last week Leicester was 141 and now 117. Hancock hinted that as long as it's consistently falling then that means he'll consider unlocking and that one that's rising to 40 per 100,000 is a bigger issue that one thats falling to 80 per 100,000.
  14. It's not just a Lib Dem problem, it's most of the left. Who do you think is most likely to win the leadership? I think Moran would be better than Davey.
  15. The statement does come across as if he’s been sacked from the band.
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