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  1. Lionator

    Also in the news

    This is the correct answer however I'm sure 'rational' population of ours will not agree.
  2. Lionator

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    I agree, who realistically will sign him?
  3. Lionator

    Barnes coming back

    If he was a passenger I'd have been concerned, but he wasn't, he got himself into those positions. A PL will do him a world of good.
  4. Lionator

    6 Nations 2019

    If Wales and Ireland both win their groups at the world cup, there's a good chance (although it's likely Ireland would play SA in the QF's) that they'll play in the semi final. So it really is a great opportunity for both to hit the ground running come September.
  5. Lionator

    What's in the news?

    Tusk is completely right and you know it. As Joanna Cherry said in parliament yesterday, the truth hurts doesn't it?
  6. Lionator


    I won't spoil it for you in that case however there's an explosive ending.
  7. Lionator


    World War 2 in colour on Netflix is also great!
  8. Lionator


    Very unlikely, or at least not similar to what we saw in WW1 or WW2. Any major conflict between major powers is more likely to be economic in nature.
  9. Lionator

    What's in the news?

    John Barnes was great on this today. The press have completely misreported what he said. Neeson has actually shown that he's analysed his behaviour, realised it was wrong and has learnt from it. This should be celebrated not lambasted.
  10. Lionator


    Vardy calling somebody that isn't really that out of the ordinary. It'll be pretty much a natural word that he uses.
  11. Lionator

    Pearson sacked

    I fear that might be the end of him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him rocking up in the Indian Super League/MLS/A-League!
  12. Lionator

    What's in the news?

    It's the 'it'll never happen to me' effect which Brits are especially fond of. We live in such a privileged position that we've never had a real threat to our way of first world living since 1945. Why did we do this to ourselves again?
  13. Lionator

    2019 AFC Asian Cup

    I bet not many people had Qatar down as winners for this tournament but they've completely blown the field away. It seems like they've built a squad through youth level which is now paying off. They may even be competitive in 2022.
  14. Lionator

    What's in the news?

    I'm not excusing some of things that he's been accused of doing, siding with people associated to the IRA obviously isn't great however to bring peace, somebody had to get them to sit down and he contributed to that. There are other people who had FAR more of an impact but he's a relevant person in 2019 espeically given what may/may not happen.