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  1. And to also add. Most of the players bought under him really only started clicking on and becoming much better players after Klopp arrived. Gomez was injured for almost the whole of Brendan's Tenure. Firmino bought on at the last transfer window of Brendan in Liverpool. Did make his share of astute buys like Milner,Can,Sturridge,Coutinho,Gomez,Ings,Lallana...wasn't his fault for the injuries that plagued Sturridge, Gomez, Ings & Lallana though. But the middling buys like Luis Alberto,Aspas(barely given a chance), having Moreno as a LB and the inability to improve on the squad of 2013 which nearly won the league when Suarez had left. He had the chance to make a good team and he blew it on duds like Benteke, Balotelli, Markovic and bet on a combination of young talent which wasn't ready to deliver yet + above average and not world class players. He is a good manager but his transfers historically have been middling at best and his inability to spend on a goalkeeper other than mignolet and unwillingness to spend on defense set liverpool back by a good few years. He did attempt to rectify matters by signing Sakho and Lovren but they weren't the players that needed signing. What liverpool needed was a Van Dijk.
  2. When you've seen liverpool struggle in the last stages of Brendan's tenure, you can pretty much say where he got it wrong. I still believe he's a good manager and he's made me and liverpool fans have some great moments in the 13/14 season. I'd like to believe that his approach to football has changed but his records on transfers has been abysmal to say the least. Coutinho was the major player that was hired and that was on the recommendation of Rafa when Brendan was new to the system. He had his way after the Suarez money and didn't get good enough recruits. His recruitment set liverpool back a few years.
  3. Never thought i'd be back here commenting. Only joined post the horrible tragedy earlier this year to express my commiserations. Anyway, As a liverpool fan. I'll be wary of Rodgers, He can make his teams play attractive football and has proven to have the ability to work with youngsters. But he's a bit too set in his ways to really change his gameplan and that might be his undoing. That said, He's a good manager to have for a club having some youngsters but just make sure that you guys make him work with a transfer committee. He didn't get along too well with Edwards(Contrast that to the excellent relationship that Klopp and Edwards have) and pretty much wants to get his transfers. Don't see him getting a top level job with his weaknesses and Leicester should look to replacing him with someone better after 2-3 years.
  4. As mentioned in one other thread. As a liverpool fan, Seeing the effect that Rafa had on the academy with the club as well as the results. we've scouted better youth with Rafa. He was pretty good at finding bargain buys(Coutinho was a Rafa referral for instance) I'd love for Rafa to get backed by a club with money & resources. He's not going to be in Newcastle the next year, Ashley's asking price is way too high and unreasonable for any potential buyer. Rafa's play a typical 4-2-3-1 with width and using the wingers. Couple of good investments to increase the pace on the pitch and probably a good CB backup to Fuchs((Lascelles?) and he'll get your side to scratch in next to no time. Not to mention the work that Rafa does behind the doors.
  5. But if you guys were to replace Puel at the end of the season, I'd love you guys to have Rafa. He'll have the team setup to dig deep, have good tactical defence and also have pace and directness in Counterattack. He's also loyal to the club he's employed for and does a lot of work for the youth academy and all too. The way i see it, He's leaving Newcastle at the end of the season.
  6. LOL. It's just that you don't have many viable options in the middle of the season. Also, Need to stabilize the management post-Vichai before you can really point a finger at Puel. I'm not a fan of his style of play at all. It's tight at the back but there's no freedom to counterattack and neither do Leicester have the players to counter. Vardy is one but he's aging quickly.
  7. Not a fan of Puel. But Leicester were always in for a struggle once guys like Kante and Mahrez were out. They've done decently well so far to be there in a midtable position. I reckon Leicester need to stick with Puel for this next season too. He's not a guy who's gonna upset the applecart too much. Get the scenes behind in order(especially post Vichai) and then look to hire a replacement for Puel if he's not delivering.
  8. Been lurking around the forum of late, I'd say that Claudio is a good option to have at this point of time. Clearly needs investment though in quality defense. I'd expect him to do a simple 4-4-2 with more defensive duties for the likes of Sessegnon and Schurlle before getting in a defender to shore up the defense in January. Don't think the season is lost yet for Fulham.
  9. Liverpool fan here, have loads of respect for the club after you won the league. Vichai supported the club and was a through gentleman. My commiserations for all your losses. May Leicester City and it's fans remember the good times and come out stronger for it.. YNWA
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