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  1. Malcolm Allison was ManCity manager at one point played some great football
  2. Did I see a stat that said Sheff U had lost when scoring first,just caught a glimpse of it when turn it on?
  3. Yep the Foxestalk Massive will certainly improve the chances of wins for Sheff Utd and Liverpool, Currently lubricating my voice box and exercising my fingers ready for 3pm.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-53363102 Leicester lockdown factories 'almost doubled staff' during Covid-19 10 July 2020 The anonymous whistleblower said some factories had stayed open and taken on extra staff during the lockdown A whistleblower from Leicester's textile industry says some factories almost doubled their staffing to cope with online orders during the Covid-19 lockdown. The worker, who cannot be identified, said firms that "maybe used to have 50 people working comfortably, now had 80 or 90 people in the same area". Investigations are ongoing into employment practices at several firms. A lockdown was enforced in Leicester after a spike in coronavirus cases. The worker told the BBC some factories had stayed open and taken on extra staff during the lockdown. "If somebody did have Covid or wasn't well, they were still there passing it on to whoever's next to them," he said. "During Covid we've had no social distancing whatsoever in the factories. "They [factory bosses] were getting a lot of pressure from customers to produce garments as quickly as possible, in as much volume as possible, because people were shopping from home and they needed the goods to be in. "So the pressure was on these suppliers to hire anybody that was walking around and just get somebody on a machine to make a garment. "Garments go through, six, seven pairs of hands before they get packed and sealed, so a lot of people are touching the same things." He said the situation had made already poor conditions worse. "Very few factories, if any, have cleaners coming in and out," he said. "I've seen people eating at their tables, then going straight back to work. There's no kitchens in a lot of these places, there's barely toilets, and it's all logged because it's all about productivity rather than humanity." Concerns about working conditions have prompted investigations by several agencies, including the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, Leicester City Council, the police and fire service, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and immigration enforcement. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Sunday he was "very worried about the employment practices in some factories". The whistleblower said the falling price paid for products had led to a "substantial" decline in pay rates and working conditions over the past 10 years. "The way the market is at the minute, it's the person who produces the good cheapest who gets the order," he said. Image caption Leicester was put on a local lockdown after Matt Hancock said it accounted for 10% of all positive Covid-19 cases in the country Lukasz Bemka, from the Bakers and Allied Workers Union, said they shared concerns about pay practices and safety at the factories. "Some people are not getting their wage slips - just cash in hand," he said. "There have been issues around providing the appropriate PPE during the pandemic and not carrying out the proper risk assessments." He said some factories used CCTV cameras to alert factory bosses if the authorities paid a visit. "In the case of a police raid or agency visit they can quickly get rid of uncomfortable people from the shop floor. "They can even get rid of the whole workforce within minutes before the authorities hit the shop floor." An HSE spokeswoman said it was investigating 10 textile businesses in Leicester. The whistleblower is not understood to have been referring to any of the businesses under investigation. The spokeswoman said: "Since the start of the pandemic in March, we've made 80 workplace interventions with more than 45 site visits. Ten investigations are on-going. Enforcement action has been taken against 10 businesses. "Following this particular outbreak in Leicester, HSE has engaged with 32 textile businesses and undertaken 30 site visits to assess compliance with health and safety legislation. "Enforcement action of some kind is being taken at half of these businesses where non-compliance with health and safety requirements, including COVID-19 risk controls, was found."
  5. davieG


    Youdon't need Alton Towers if you had one of these in your back garden.
  6. davieG


    Remember it well a classic in the world of commentary.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53357841 VAR: Premier League confirms wrong penalty decisions in all Thursday games 3 hours ago From the sectionMan Utd Sharethis page Powerful people do not like to be criticised - Mourinho Incorrect penalty decisions were made by the video assistant referee in all three of Thursday's games, the Premier League has told BBC Match of the Day. Bruno Fernandes won a spot-kick which he scored in Manchester United's 3-0 win over Aston Villa. James Ward-Prowse hit the bar after a disputed penalty as Southampton drew 1-1 with Everton. And Tottenham should have had a penalty for a Joshua King shove on Harry Kane in a 0-0 draw with Bournemouth. The Premier League confirmed United and Southampton should not have been given penalties, but Tottenham should have been awarded one. Former Everton midfielder Tim Cahill, a Match of the Day pundit, said a former player should be involved to work alongside the VAR officials at Stockley Park. "I think that would really help them, to understand the movements," the former Australia international said. "When a player falls to buy a penalty you can feel it. It must need a player there to give advice on what the player is doing. "They're there to make the big decisions and they can't do it. It's really disappointing." Fifa is taking over direct responsibility of VAR from football rulemakers IFAB and is expected to insist on greater consistency across more than 100 global leagues, on issues such as the use of pitchside monitors. There has been confusion in the Premier League, with referees' chief Mike Riley limiting the use of monitors to not slow the game down.
  8. They're not happy fans Iain Yates: Don't normally put anything on here but being a spurs fan since '81. We've been through thick and thin, mainly thin but when Poch took over there was nothing but hope, this guy is so behind the times it's unbelievable. Levy swallow some pride and bring Poch back.
  9. According to the BBC after 3 mins of injury time Spurs still hadn't had a shot on target. Adam Conflict: Ive supported Spurs for nearly 30 years, and sacking Poch was the worst decision I've seen the club make.
  10. It was blocked by my credit card company they didn't recognise it as one of my normal transactions.
  11. ....and only they can explain why if/when Leeds get promoted they'll be considered before us as well. They should stop using the phrase top/big six and just call them the Media Darlings.
  12. Just tried to renew with SD but their system declined my Credit Card, anyone else having problems or are you dumping them?
  13. Done, was a nice change to have a none football survey which is what we are usually asked to complete.
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