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  1. ........when we play the high block against teams that park the bus, we wont get the chance to play it much against these teams and they'll be more space up front. Mind you we'll probably still not get enough from them to make the top 4
  2. .... or maybe they'll prefer to get one of their SL cohorts into the CL to prove that that's where the SL6 should be. After all they where very much working together on the SL concept.
  3. Our only hope it that these teams wont come with a view to parking the bus and playing on the break, they'll be more space at the back for us and we'll be more compact at the back as well be forced to defend deeper where we will be less vulnerable to the type of goals we've been conceding.
  4. We enter the field believing the hype and play like it's an exhibition game to show off how wonderful we are but we've forgotten to tell the opposition.
  5. What's significant for Spurs and Arsenal will be pocket money / petty cash to Man City. Seems like a pragmatic gesture knowing they'll probably moan but accept it where as anything else will result in long drawn out legal wrangle.
  6. So many great goals to choose from they're all winners for me.
  7. Daily Star quick off the mark - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/arsenal-next-manager-allegri-simeone-24058132 Brendan Rodgers Reports suggested Arsenal turned down the chance to interview Rodgers about their vacant managerial position following Arsene Wenger's departure in 2018. They must surely regret it. The Northern Irishman joined Leicester in February 2019 and has since taken them to impressive heights, sitting third in the Premier League table with three games to play and also reaching the FA Cup final. Appointing Rodgers would be a no-brainer for Arsen
  8. I guess I should have put Premier League in the title.
  9. 2021/22 fixtures to be release on 16th June at 09:00. https://www.premierleague.com/news/2130516 From @KrefelderFox666 post
  10. I'm not disagreeing with anyone's view of the owners I've criticised them myself on the lack of LCFC related visuals outside and inside the stadium with too much emphasis on King Power. But I'm way to old to get involved now. I'm trying to be Devil's Advocate and offering a way forward. They already engage with the FT and the Supporters Group, I'm sure they don't want to involve lots of groups. Surely it would be better for fans to influence the FT to achieve what they want as Supporters Trusts are seen by the Football hierarchy as the official communication channels.
  11. If enough people joined, the board is voted on by 1 member 1 vote. So that's no excuse.
  12. Well join the FT and become one of the negotiators then if you feel this strongly. Moaning on FoxesTalk will get people nowhere.
  13. The FT are the officially recognised supports organisation for contact with the Club, FA and are part of the FFA. Trusts themselves are seen as the way forward by those that want to see change. People are complaining that our Trust is not doing enough so I repeat if those people want the FT to do more then they should join and change it from within. Maybe Union FS would have a better chance of influencing the Club with the changes they want if some of their members were also in the FT. I'm not the one complaining I'm just offering a way forward for those that are.
  14. Quite as they all serve different functions but if people want the Foxes Trust to be more dynamic and to push harder for change then they should join it and change it from within. I suspect part of the problem is, as we've seen on here in the SL thread that people are reluctant to be critical of our owners who are by most people's view way above other owners in their ownership of the club and it's supporters. But there are areas where they lag behind other clubs.
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