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  1. People that age can get a sudden growth spurt and their body bulk can't keep up with the growth
  2. Midfielder Sidnei Tavares, on the other hand, emerged from the bench to make his top-flight debut for the Club and Rodgers outlined some of the young Portuguese's qualities. "He’s only a young player," the 48-year-old continued. "I’ll always look at our young players, but I was pleased with him. He can take the ball, he can pass the ball, he has confidence, and that’s something that, technically, I always look for in players, that they want the ball, which is so important. "He has a love of the ball, which is great. You can see his physicality, he’s a good size and has good running
  3. Rodgers has said that Under needs to learn his defensive responsibilities which he's not been doing because it's not something he's had to do. For most PL teams defending is everyone's job. I'm not sure he can be any mores hones than that. Merc Under has impressed in previous cameos, prompting City supporters to call for the Turkish international to be handed more game-time. But Rodgers has been reluctant to bring him into tight games because of his lack of experience in the defensive side of the game. In assessing his performance against the Seagulls, Rodgers said
  4. Man U Play - Palace, Man C, WHU, Brighton, Spurs, Burnley, Leeds, Liverpool, Villa, LCFC, Fulham, Wolves. - 51 LCFC Play - Burnley, Brighton, Sheff U, Man C, WHU, WBA, Palace, Southampton, Newcastle, Man U, Chelsea, Spurs. - 50 WHU Play - Leeds, Man U, Arsenal, Wolves, LCFC, Newcastle, Chelsea, Burnley, Everton, Brighton, WBA, Southampton. - 45 Chelsea Play - Liverpool, Everton, Leeds, WBA, Palace, Brighton, WHU, Fulham, Man C, Arsenal, LCFC, Villa. - 44 Liverpool Play - Chelsea, Fulham, Wolves, Arsenal, Villa, Leeds, Newcastle, Man U, Southam
  5. Why have I never heard of this? https://www.coolasleicester.co.uk/
  6. My son just texted that he’s glad he watched Man U as they were worst than us.
  7. If it's outside the City then people travelling by bus would have to get two in the majority of case - one into the city and then one to the stadium. At the moment it's not a difficult walk from the centre. Also if it's outside the city and where it would get little or no opposition they'll be no pubs, eateries and public transport would be sparse and difficult meaning they'd be a lot more private cars descending on the area. One of the areas consider before we got this one was at Glenfield where the A46/M1 intersection is and there's nothing for miles around there. It
  8. https://www.coachesvoice.com/coach-watch-nigel-pearson/ Intro Nigel Pearson Bristol City, 2021– Profile If Bristol City sought a manager to arrest their slide in the Championship and to eventually challenge for promotion to the Premier League, in Nigel Pearson they appear to have appointed the right candidate. During 2019/20 he remarkably had so immediate an impact at Watford that he took them into contention for survival when relegation had appeared a certainty; in his previous role in the Premier League he inspired Leicester to a similarly unlikely succes
  9. The most notable thing is the lack of histrionics by the injured players, Chalmers looks like he's about to pass out with the pain yet still gets up and carries on.
  10. Well I wouldn't want one built anywhere else and there really is nothing available nearby or even within the City. You'd be looking back to Beaumont Leys, Glenfield, Fosse Park terrible places for transport or pre/post match doings. I think it would have to be along side this one nearer to Aylestone Road but I just can't see that happening. I'm sure overtime if they wanted to they could expand to 50/60k.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-56238018 Mars: Nasa's Perseverance rover sends stunning images
  12. Borrowed from my Niece's FB page. Follow up post
  13. The football world is full of fans with no brain cells and Foxestalk has their fair share. I can't recall but were those games before Praet was injured along with all the other injuries? Then you have to factor in the loss of momentum as without Youri anyone with a brain cell or more can see you then have a greater risk of losing those games. It's always easier in hindsight to see what we could/should have done but when you're between a rock and a hard place decisions can be forced onto you.
  14. I'm sure you're part jesting but we'd get next to nothing for the KP from housing developers we only got £3-4mill for Filbert St because it cost so much to dismantle the stadium and clear the ground.
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