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  1. Barcelona Terror Attack

    Summary Officials say 13 killed and at least 50 injured when van crashes into crowd Police say the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack One person has been arrested, but not clear if it is the driver People took cover in nearby shops and cafes The famous Las Ramblas boulevard is a tourist hotspot
  2. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    https://twitter.com/PLYouth/status/898146560147689474/photo/1 Leicester City’s Development Squad have discovered their group stage opponents for the 2017/18 Premier League Cup. More on this story... PL2 Preview: City Face Champions Everton - The Foxes missed out on reaching the knockout stages of the competition last season - Fixture dates, kick-off times and ticket information will be confirmed on LCFC.com in due course City will contest Group F fixtures against PL2 champions Everton and Sky Bet Championship side Barnsley while the winners of a qualifying clash between Portsmouth and Southend United also await.
  3. Security checks at the K.P

    It can be missed because the beginning gives no indication of what the message is actually about and as I said people could easily give up reading it. Where did I question the validity of the ratio? What I said was that point could easily be missed and judging from the posts in this topic probably was because hardly any one commented on it only on avoiding paying the correct fee. That's me done in this topic it doesn't concern me directly I just thought it was a very poorly constructed message.
  4. They do say a lot rape is as much about power as it is about the sexual gratification. It crossed my mind that there could be a large element of this I in these cases even to the point of doing it as an act of retribution.
  5. Or the Ivanhoe/National Forest line.
  6. Security checks at the K.P

    ....and this is why it's such a poor article as it's easy to miss the point of it. Yes it is the family stand because it's not just about ticket use evasion but also about the ratio of adults/child
  7. Security checks at the K.P

    Not really as some have clearly said it's the tone and method of getting their message across. i'm not abusing the system but find it patronising as the first part of the article about the incredible support etc obviously doesn't apply to the people the message is aimed at. I also had to read through paragraphs of guff before I realised it wasn't meant for me how many of those it's aimed at would have stopped reading before it got to the relevant part. If people are cheating call them out clearly don't pussyfoot around the issue.
  8. USA Foxes

    I know I'm not upset or anything just clarifying things. If I'm upset with anyone it's the NBC.
  9. USA Foxes

    Yes I know it wasn't when I posted the link though.
  10. Ex-Premier League footballer Peter Beagrie has been sacked as a Sky Sports pundit after being convicted of an assault on his partner. The 51-year-old ex-Everton, Manchester City and Bradford City winger punched Zarah Blake while angry and drunk, his trial heard. Beagrie, of Killinghall, North Yorkshire, was sentenced to a 12-month community order on Tuesday. He said he intended to appeal against his conviction. In a statement following the hearing at Skipton Magistrates Court, Beagrie said: "I am innocent, something I have maintained from the outset; that is why the verdict was so devastating. "I will be appealing." Beagrie played for several clubs including Bradford City, Everton, Manchester City and Scunthorpe United He said he was still with Ms Blake, adding: "This has been an upsetting and traumatic time for us and we both feel there is no other alternative but to appeal." The court heard he punched his partner during an argument in Harrogate in April. A Sky Sports spokesman said: "When we first became aware of the charge, we removed Peter from our coverage pending his case. "Following the outcome we have terminated his contract with immediate effect."
  11. USA Foxes

    It wasn't listed as being on Gold when i posted the link.
  12. Academy Player of the Season Alex Pascanu has been called up for Romania’s UEFA EURO U21 2019 qualifiers against Bosnia & Herzegovina and Switzerland next month. https://www.lcfc.com/news/453282/pascanu-called-up-by-romania-u21s
  13. Strikers

    I don't get this Slimani doesn't fit our style of play surely one of the reasons for having a number of strikers is so you can change the way we play through substitutions if it's not working. Whether Slimani is good enough for that I don't know.
  14. But it needs to be wide to reach the green fields to build houses on right next to it because the land will be cheaper. The new owners can then believe they've moved into the countryside as they breather in the toxic air drifting across from the new road. I know there's a need for more housing that people can afford but do they really need to build them so close to bypasses and ring roads?
  15. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    LCFC Breaking Transfer News Mahrez may or may not go to...........................