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  1. Half-and-half scarf at Leicester-West Brom bosses begs question: why? 10:49 AM BST Chris Wright The half-and-half scarf is truly a curious beast. To some, it's simply a memento of a particular fixture; to others, it serves as the manifestation of all that is wrong with modern football: the transient loyalties, the rampant commercialism, etc. Just when you thought you'd seen football merchandise reach its nadir, Monday night's Premier League clash between Leicester City and West Brom coughed up a curious evolution of the game's most derided souvenir. Presenting, the managerial half-and-halfer. Taking half-and-half scarves to a whole new level. What better way to commemorate the fateful week night that master strategists Craig Shakespeare and Tony Pulis met in epic battle to produce an enthralling 1-1 draw at the King Power Stadium. 1) Who on Earth would commit to producing such tat, and 2) who on Earth would actually buy one?
  2. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    If we want to go to CAS and it would seem our only option then we need the cooperation of FIFA so stirring the shit up is not going to help that. I would presume we're in talks with CAS, FIFA and the FA to see if an appeal to CAS can be fast tracked otherwise we're wasting everyone's time and raising hopes unnecessarily.
  3. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Leicester City plan series of Adrien Silva behind-closed-doors friendlies Bid to have £22m signing match fit by the time his registration is completed in January Mark Clayton 22:50, 16 OCT 2017 Leicester City boss Craig Shakespeare says it is important midfielder Adrien Silva is integrated quickly into his squad, despite the midfielder being unable to play until January. The Portugal international cannot play any official fixtures while FIFA retain his registration. However, Silva is now able to train with his new team-mates and City will try to keep him as fit as possible while they consider whether to take his case to the Court for Arbitration in Sport. City will go to CAS if they can get the case fast-tracked but would need the co-operation of FIFA to do so. Manager Craig Shakespeare said it was important to ensure Silva was fully integrated regardless of events off the field. City are set to arrange a series of behind closed-doors friendlies to ensure Silva is close to match ready when his registration is granted. “It’s been good to have Adrien Silva training with us,” said Shakespeare in his match-day magazine notes for last night’s 1-1 draw with West Brom at the King Power Stadium. “Clearly, there is still a situation to resolve, but it’s good for everyone that he’s now able to train as it helps him to properly integrate into the group.”
  4. The Iborra Thread

    Oh I agree and I wasn't being touchy just using your post to show that people, not necessarily you are happy to provide excuses for one player but not another. At his stage of integration and with the problems with the team set up I just didn't think there was a lot of difference between him and King and frankly that showed with the overall performance.
  5. I'm sorry but I didn't see that until they scored the first half in particular looked like both sides were playing a friendly. Likewise the crowd didn't get going until Myhil (sp) started his antics
  6. The Iborra Thread

    I think you could say that about King
  7. The Iborra Thread

    Because he hasn't got the options he was hoping to have No Silva, James injured, Choudhury not ready for it yet, Amarty with question marks over him.
  8. The Iborra Thread

    He wasn't much of a step from King, yes he's probably not 100% match or team fit and needs a 3 man midfield to show his true worth but you could say plenty of that about King who I think plenty would accept would be better in a 3 man midfielld.
  9. Richarlison's "Dive"

    Not a dive then according to the FA no action to be taken.
  10. For many the working week will get shorter but they'll be different jobs arising the leisure industry for a start. I don't believe the human race is auto wired to sit around doing nothing they'll want to be involved in something be that hobbies, sport, fitness, learning etc.
  11. Well quite lots of industries have disappeared but have been replaced. I guess what will happen is the less and highly skilled jobs will continue or increase with all the middle disappearing. We will still need people related jobs like nursing and caring and people to develop new ideas and exploit technology. I also think they'll be a big increase in environmental jobs and developing products that have less impact on the environment.
  12. They've been saying this all my life but aren't there now more people working now than ever. Not saying it wont happen it's just not happened yet just like the paperless office.
  13. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    I never said it wasn't us I'm sure we had a role in it. All I'm pointing out is that negotiations are complex and involve all sorts of tactics to get the best deal and end up with a compromise. i'm not talking about the facts of this situation or any other like Mahrez as I don't know the details and neither does anyone else despite talking as if they do. Having spent quite some time in business negotiations I understand that it can be complex, drawn out, going to the brink,soul destroying and exhausting. So I'm I only suggesting thoughts as to why it may not have been possible for it to be as simple as some like to think it should be.
  14. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Say no to who, Chelsea, Sporting c;lubs are trying to get the best deal for themselves that creates all sorts of tactics it's not as simple as to say no.
  15. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Maybe I should have said that's the way some negotiations work. It does if the other club involved chooses to play brinkmanship. It's not always down to you to control the timing. Sporting have reputation for being awkward and Chelsea came in late due to Barkley rejecting them at a late stage.