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  1. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/leicester-citys-premier-league-title-2655698 He probably makes a fair point about Ranieri's post LCFC jobs but his slagging off of our PL win smacks of jealousy considering how long it is since LFC won it.
  2. Dead Philippines whale had 40kg of plastic in stomach https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-47608949
  3. The Croat made a timely return to action in yesterday’s 1-0 win at Dens Park. He was forced to come on in place of Kristoffer Ajer due to the latter picking up a knock. It hasn’t been revealed yet as to how severe that head injury was, but it didn’t look too bad during the game. Benkovic, however, was assured in his return. He didn’t put a foot wrong, and helped Celtic clinch a late victory before celebrating post-match. As for his own celebration? An eagle-eyed Celtic fan noticed he was trying something a little different. Have a look at the video below.
  4. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/100-million-plan-try-tackle-2651726 The £100 million plan to try to tackle Leicester's awful traffic congestion by 2023 Council bosses are developing a range of ideas they hope will persuade or push people out of their cars in favour of using buses, walking or cycling. A £100 million package of measures the city council hopes will persuade or push people out of their cars in favour of using buses, walking or cycling is being drawn up. The major bid for Government cash is being prepared to try to overhaul the way people move around the city with the aim of solving Leicester’s traffic congestion and air pollution problems. Leicester is one of 12 cities invited to bid for a share of the £1.2 billion Government Transforming Cities fund. The city council was last week awarded £8 million from for its first phase bid to the fund and is preparing a phase two bid which it needs to be completed by October. Broadly what measures are being proposed by the council? Bus stations The city’s St Margaret’s bus station would undergo a major revamp to bring it up to the same standard as the nearby Haymarket bus station which has undergone a £14 million refurbishment. The railway station Changes are planned at the London Road railway station to better accommodate taxis. Electric shuttle bus An electric shuttle bus service is proposed to help people get between the two bus stations and the rail station. Charles Street could be radically overhauled to enable this. Electric park and ride buses The electrification of buses running between the park and ride sites at Enderby and Meynell’s Gorse More bus lanes and enforcement Work to give buses greater priority on the major roads in and out of the city such as the A6, A50 and A47. That would include more bus lanes and camera enforcement. More cycles lanes and pedestrian routes The city’s network of cycling and pedestrian routes would be extended out of the centre to connect with residential areas and parts of the city where major development is taking place such as Space Park Leicester off Abbey Lane and the Waterside regeneration area around Frog Island. The authority's director of planning, development and transportation, Andrew Smith, said: “We succeeded with our first-tranche Transforming Cities bid, and now we are looking for our fair share of the £1.2 billion with our next bid. “The business case is being drawn up and we have some work to do on it, but we are confident our proposals can help make some really major improvements to transport in the city.” City mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: “Our plans are very ambitious but they are realistic. “We have effectively three transport hubs in the city but the inter-connectivity between them could and should be much better. “We have key radial routes in the city where we need to get the buses moving more quickly. "Saffron Lane and Narborough Road are two very good examples of where buses are held up but it would be possible to find ways of helping them hop the queue. “Our intention is to build on the work we have already done to provide people with alternatives to the private car.” However, Liberal Democrat city councillor Nigel Porter said the Labour-run authority was "obsessed" by getting people on buses and fining drivers. He said: “Bus patronage is decreasing. It has been for years. “People do not want to use buses. They are not using the park and ride and it costs the council hundreds of thousands of pounds in subsidy every year. “I’m concerned this will be just another money pit.” The city council and county council split a subsidy for park and ride of £500,000 annually, which they are seeking to reduce. Conservative city councillor Ross Grant said: “It is disappointing, given the huge sums of money on offer from government, that this bid is lacks ambition for Leicester. "Rather than encouraging people who can afford to switch to cleaner forms of transport, this penalises those who cannot afford to change their car. "Enforced bus lanes put people off coming into Leicester altogether. Those who have to will be made to sit in slow moving traffic with high levels of pollution. No one wins. "With this much money we could do so much more, but we are offered more of the same and it isn’t working."
  5. Not quite the right for this topic but not worth starting a new one In pictures: Ten amazing sculptures made in unexpected ways https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/38528721
  6. I'm always reminded of a situation back in the day when Fulham had an open stand alongside the river with all the First Division Teams flags flying on tall flagpoles When they go relegated they announced that they weren't going to change the flags as they wouldn't be in League 2 (old) for more than a season. They weren't they got relegated to League 3 (old) They were always our bogey team back in the 60s so was kind of rewarding at the time to see them sink out of site.
  7. Agree and it takes more than just tactics to be successful, That's a pretty expensive team that's been put together but for some games you'd be hard pushed to see why it cost so much.
  8. Maybe, but you could argue that it's better that we all know it's happening rather than it happening without our knowledge and the reasons behind it. Of course it would be better if our money was treated with more honesty but unfortunately it's a by product of party politics. It's a bit like war the winners decide which are the truths and the lies without the general public having any insight.
  9. I guessed all 3 who would miss from their look.
  10. Well there’s nothing new about it just a bit more in your face than normal. Local councils and ‘protest type groups’ have long since been ‘bribed’ with government funding. That’s how most of it is handed out these days with them having to submit bids and the government of the day deciding who gets what. So all politically influenced.
  11. Theresa May's Brexit deal will not return to the Commons this week unless it has support from the DUP and Tory MPs, the chancellor says. The PM's plan is expected to be voted on for a third time in the coming days. But Philip Hammond told the BBC's Andrew Marr that it would only be put to MPs if "enough of our colleagues and the DUP are prepared to support it". He did not rule out a financial settlement for Northern Ireland if the DUP backed the deal. The party, which has 10 MPs in the Commons, received £1bn as part of a confidence and supply agreement with the Tories after the last election - giving the government a working majority. Mr Hammond said they did not have the numbers "yet" to secure Mrs May's deal, adding: "It is a work in progress". But he warned that, even with the DUP's support, a "short extension" would be needed to pass legislation in Parliament, adding that it was now "physically impossible" for the UK to leave the EU on 29 March.
  12. His cremation is happening soon. Merc Rodgers and squad to head to Thailand for Vichai's cremation Late City chairman Khun Vichai will be cremated during the international break, with Rodgers and some of the players set to attend. “I was made aware of that (Khun Vichai’s cremation). The international players will go away with their countries, and the remainder of the team will go away and travel for the funeral. So we’ll do that next week.” Independent Leicester City‘s players and staff will travel to Thailand next week for the cremation of the club’s late owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. Vichai died in the helicopter crash outside the King Power Stadium on 27 October, aged 60, in the tragedy that claimed five lives. The squad and staff attended the funeral of the chairman in November, but those not on international duty, plus manager Brendan Rodgers manager and his staff, will travel to the Far East next week to pay their final respects. Rodgers said: “I was made aware of that (Khun Vichai’s cremation) when I came in. “Next week, the international players will go away with their teams and the remainder of the staff and players will go and show their respects and travel to Thailand for the funeral.” Watch more Rodgers’ task is to turn Leicester into believers too Meanwhile, Eduardo Macià, Leicester’s head of recruitment, will leave the club tomorrow. The 44-year-old former Valencia and Liverpool scout spent two-and-a-half-years at the King Power. Rodgers will play a part in the recruitment of a successor. He said: “I’m sure they’ll be a number of candidates could help us make the next. I will be involved. “It will be a club appointment but it is important the manager is involved. “When I first came in, this was something I was made aware, something that was pre-Christmas and Eduardo was going to move on. “He wants a fresh challenge but is a really good guy, the club will go through process of finding a replacement.” https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/leicester-helicopter-crash-vichai-srivaddhanaprabha-thailand-cremation-ceremony-a8823181.html
  13. I gave up after the 50min mark and had to rely on MrsG listening to the radio to relay what was happening as my hearing is too buggered to hear myself. I’d just renewed my subscription as well so not best pleased.
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