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  1. Of course it could the only people in a position to stop it are too busy milking the system to give a toss. They've shown no intention so far of introducing suitable controls we've not even got a level playing field in the PL never mind world wide. The fans won't be heard or be in any way united against this because those that might have the biggest influence are as guilty as those running football as they don't want to see their financial superiority and hence chances of success reduced, in fact quite the opposite
  2. Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    I doubt Merson has learnt his lesson and will continue to spout headline making nonsense just to get the attention he needs to keep his job.
  3. I doubt you'll get anything extra for free.
  4. Nightmare scenario - PL split between Sky, BT, Amazon and Facebook.
  5. No you'll probably need to pay Amazon or Facebook as well to get the coverage you want.
  6. Sky and BT have have signed a deal to sell their channels on each other's platforms. Under the deal, BT will now supply its sports channels - which show UEFA Champions League and Premier League football - to Sky. In addition, BT will be able to sell Sky's Now TV service - which includes Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and the Sky Atlantic channel - to its customers. The new services will be available to customers from early 2019. BT has spent more than £3.5bn on Champions League and Premier League football rights since 2012 in an attempt to compete with Sky. Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT, said: "This is an important day for BT and for our customers, who will be able to enjoy a whole range of Sky's sport and entertainment programming on their BT TV boxes. "This is the next logical step for our TV and content strategy. We feel that now is the right time to broaden the ways in which we distribute BT Sport. Sky boss Jeremy Darroch said: "This is great news for Sky customers who will be able to access all matches on Sky and BT channels from the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and Europa League directly with a single Sky TV subscription and with the great customer service that we provide." Richard Broughton, research director at media analysts Ampere, said the deal was "certainly very unusual". "It is a consequence of increasing sports rights," he said. "The new rights are up for renewal very soon and this is a pre-emptive shot from both companies to limit their exposure to damage should they not get key rights and also allow them to be a little less aggressive in their bidding. He added that online giants such as Facebook and Amazon were the "unknown factor" in what they might go for.
  7. Looks like he's their captain and scores. Big guy always hoped he'd come through into the 1st team.
  8. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I give up. I've had to keep swapping from my phone to my tablet as it keeps crashing and won't restart unless I restart my device.
  9. So the number of tackles is not a great stat it's proportional more or less to the teams possession stats and shows you shouldn't judge individual players, good or bad one single stat the same as you shouldn't judge a team solely on its possession stat.
  10. Andy King - 10 consecutive seasons

    He's probably a better fit with this style of football than the hoofing it over the midfielders we'd become.
  11. Probably to take advantage of his tackling skills in case the opposition break out with the ball
  12. The "do they mean us?" thread

    I don't know much about the reasons relating to Southampton sacking Puel in fact I don't really care but I'm very aware of the fact that when we sacked Ranieri the whole world and his wife including Le Tissier (who was quite vocal) slagged us off even though they had very little, if any knowledge of the circumstances. Maybe he should stick to commenting on facts rather than rumours thus making them seem like facts.
  13. Kyle Scott

    This is one of the major problems with the PL and their Academies they scoop up all the potential talent from around the country and abroad and then go out and fill their teams with expensive foreigners because they are either too scared of not qualifying for Europe or of being relegated. These youngsters should be allowed/encouraged to stay with their local clubs where they can get a season or two of lower league football. They would benefit from it and the clubs could then demand a decent transfer fee for them rather than having them stolen from under their noses. This guy's from Bath and should be playing for one of the Bristol Clubs.
  14. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    Is it safe to come out now how did we do, how did King do?