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  1. The stadium has been designed to push the sound down from the stands to the pitch presumably that's why the players often say how good the atmosphere was when everyoneon here is saying WTF are you kidding? It's also why it's hard for SK1 to hear L1 and vise versa.
  2. Ideally they should have a different pundit for each game that has actually watched the full 90+ minutes but with the same anchor.
  3. Except that now they will get the lions share of overseas tv money the gap will widen again
  4. What people seem to ignore without VAR we would have been 1 nil up irrespective of how far off side we were. A goal had been given based on pre VAR
  5. ...and I was just being a pedantic ****
  6. True but any profits don’t go to the club so would just buy the directors of the food suppliers a bigger bonus.
  7. They don’t want to sell more in fact they can’t as the queues would be even longer. Sell less for more is a decent business approach when you can’t cope with the current level of trade.
  8. Goes right behind the stadium. Campaign for the Reopening of the Ivanhoe Line (CRIL)
  9. Why do they need to keep regurgitating the same old moans about VAR it is what it is. Both goals were off side move on and spend what little time you have talking about the actual football of which in an interesting and exciting game there were plenty of examples.
  10. Nice repost though about the Sun 😄
  11. They wrote another article following the match with the headline: “Leicester star James Maddison ‘stuffed Man of the Match award’ in ‘horrific’ £6500 Louis Vuitton backpack, reveals Ben Chilwell.” But the Leicester midfielder hit back in style. He retweeted one of The Sun’s articles with the reply “Would be worse turning up holding a sun newspaper I guess.”
  12. Match of the Day running order: Manchester City 8-0 Watford Leicester City 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur Everton 0-2 Sheffield United Burnley 2-0 Norwich City Newcastle 0-0 Brighton Southampton 1-3 Bournemouth
  13. There’s no doubt in my mind that according to the current Laws of the game it’s offside. But I do believe that with all these changes and tweeks to the offside law they seem to have forgotten what I always believed was the reason for it’s introduction - To stop players “goal hanging”. Because no way was that anything like goal hanging.
  14. Leicester City Football Club · 5️⃣ star performance ⭐️ 5️⃣ Foxes goals ⚽️ 5️⃣ years ago today 🗓
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