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  1. Leicester City and the rest of the Premier League will discuss an ambitious plan to restart the season behind closed doors on the first weekend of May in order to finish the campaign on Sunday, July 12, according to reports. A conference call of all 20 clubs will take place on Friday - and MailOnline report this plan will be top of the agenda. The Mail claim this plan would ensure the Premier League avoids having to pay broadcasters like Sky Sports and BT Sport and international rights-holders rebates totalling £762m. It is understood that under the terms of the TV contracts the cut-off point to finish this season is July 16. The Foxes are eager for the campaign to be completed as they chase a place in the Champions League.
  2. In my first ever athletic event with no training or knowledge of it beforehand in my work suit I won my Kids Primary School Dad's 100m race by 15 to 20m I think that takes some beating.
  3. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/tyres-slashed-volunteers-car-delivers-4000251 A volunteer helping her community through the coronavirus crisis had all four tyres on her car slashed while helping neighbours. Helen Crouch, who has been delivering meals, prescriptions and groceries to people in coronavirus isolation in three Leicestershire villages, wept when she realised her car had been damaged. The 41-year-old single mum, who set up the Bagworth and Thornton Coronavirus Community Response Team earlier this month, said: “I am a strong person but I just stood there and cried. “I can’t believe anyone could do this. “There were leaflets advertising the response team in my back windows and everyone has seen me out and about in Thornton, Bagworth and Stanton under Bardon. No other car was damaged. “I think someone has deliberately targeted my car to try to stop me doing what I am doing. It is sick beyond belief. “All four tyres have holes in. It looks like someone has used a big screwdriver to inflict the damage.” Helen’s VW Touareg was damaged on Main Street in Thornton sometime between about 7pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. “My car broke down on Saturday so I had to leave it there,” she said. “I had just delivered a shepherd’s pie to an old person in the village. “I called a friend and told him about my car breaking down. He said I could borrow his van to carry on my rounds as I had other food to deliver.” Helen, who has visited more than 100 people in the 12 days since she set up the volunteer group, worked until the evening on Saturday then went out the next morning. “As I drove past my car I saw that all four tyres were flat as a pancake,” she said. “I got out and I could clearly see the puncture marks in each tyre. that’s when I lost it.” A distraught Helen, a self-employed interior designer to the pub who is now jobless, filmed the damage to her tyres and can be heard describing he emotional reaction the vandalism. In the video, which she posted on Facebook, she says: “Do you know what? I’ve done two weeks of response work in these two villages and somebody has stabbed every single one of my tyres on a car that has broken down and that I need. “I hope you are proud of yourselves. £450. I have just lost my business. Thanks a lot.” Shortly after the video was posted online, Thornton resident Matt Goddard set up a Gofundme appeal to pay for Helen’s tyres to be replaced. He set a target of £500 which was achieved within two hours. Matt, who is in a 14-day isolation at home with his wife and child, is a firefighter with the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service based at Lutterworth. “This is terrible” he said. “Helen is amazing. “She has been delivering stuff to us and to my parents who are also in isolation in the village. “Any extra money raise will got to help the group carry on their great work looking after people and helping them in isolation.” Helen said she was touched by the response. “I can’t thank the people enough,” she said. “It is very humbling to know that, in these tough times, people have actually donated money to help me out. Helen Crouch, 41, of the Bagworth and Thornton Coronavirus Community Response team has had her car targeted as someone punctured all four of its tyres (Image: Leicester Mercury / Chris Gordon) “A horrible thing has happened but this just shows that the vast majority of people are good. “I want the person who slashed my tyres to know that I won’t be discouraged or beaten . They won’t win – together the whole community will win.” By 3pm today, the fund total had reached £1,860. Leicestershire Police have confirmed they are investigating the tyre slashing. “We have had a report of damage to a vehicle parked in Main Street, Thornton. “This is believed to have happened between about 7pm on March 28 and 9am the next day. “We would ask anyone who knows anything about the incident to call us.” Anyone with any information can contact the police on 101. To donate to the fund click here.
  4. Yeah nowhere near as bad as having quiet drink in a casino having recovered from a suspected cold/flu to watch England play. Not surprised this alleged minor Grealish incident hasn't shown on the BBC website.
  5. That's where my Assam Tea went!
  6. Asked in our 'Asian Cornershop' if they had any bog rolls answer No! bought 4/5 other items Bog roll suddenly appeared. Fair enough I guess although I have used the shop plenty of times before this all started perhaps he didn't recognise me as us old white fogeys all look the same.
  7. Not funny but didn't know where else to put them.
  8. Coronavirus: People urged not to move house 18 minutes ago Share this with Facebook Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Email The government has urged people not to move house to try to limit the spread of coronavirus across the UK. Buyers and renters should delay moving while emergency stay-at-home measures are in place, it said. Its comments come amid reports banks are pressing for a full suspension of the UK housing market. Lenders are concerned about the effect of the pandemic on valuations, according to the Financial Times. Banks are also worried about granting mortgages during this period of extreme economic uncertainty, the FT said. The government said that while there "is no need to pull out of transactions", "we all need to ensure we are following guidance to stay at home and away from others at all times". If a property is vacant, people can continue with the transaction, although they must ensure they are following guidelines with regards to home removals. But if the house is occupied "we encourage all parties to do all they can to amicably agree alternative dates to move". Property listings websites say that interest in moving home has slumped amid the coronavirus outbreak. Zoopla said demand in the week to 22 March fell 40% from the week before and it predicted housing transactions would drop by up to 60% over the next three months. Meanwhile, it said a "rapidly increasing" proportion of sales were falling through, as would-be buyers "reassess whether to make a big financial decision in these shifting times". Rival website Rightmove also said the slowdown in the UK housing market had been "significant". "The number of property transactions failing to complete in recent days and likely changes in tenant behaviour following the announcement of the renters' protections by the government may put further pressure on estate and lettings agents," it said, referring to the recent ban on evictions.
  9. https://www.football365.com/news/premier-league-season-review-leicester-jamie-vardy-brendan-rodgers F365’s Premier League club-by-club season review: Leicester Date published: Thursday 26th March 2020 8:18
  10. Not good news as such but I guess it's an unrelated good deed. Help needed to rescue UK's old rainfall records By Jonathan AmosScience correspondent At a loss to know what to do with your self-isolation time? Well, why not get on the computer and help with a giant weather digitisation effort? The UK has rainfall records dating back 200 years or so, but the vast majority of these are in handwritten form and can't easily be used to analyse past periods of flooding and drought. The Rainfall Rescue Project is seeking volunteers to transfer all the data into online spreadsheets. You're not required to rummage through old bound volumes; the Met Office has already scanned the necessary documents - all 65,000 sheets. You simply have to visit a website, read the scribbled rainfall amounts and enter the numbers into a series of boxes. "If you do just a couple of minutes every now and then - that's great," said Prof Ed Hawkins. "If you want to spend an hour doing 30 or 40 columns - then that'll be amazing. But any amount of time, it will all add up and be a tremendous help." More info here - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-52040822
  11. Aye I posted it in here earlier
  12. We stay here for you, PLEASE stay HOME for us !!! #leicesterhospitals #uhl #leicestergeneralhospital #Theatrenightteam — with PakitoSierra El Cheerful, George Lane, Banumathi Badhrinath, Harsha Parmar, Simon Gardner, Shivani Pandya and Demi Mills at Leicester General Hospital.
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