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  2. Betfred owners make millions from company treating gambling addicts https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jan/16/betfred-owners-make-millions-from-company-treating-gambling-addicts Nothing to do with the fact that they have donated £375,000 to the Conservative party since 2016...
  3. No VAR a goal after all would spot it in real time?
  4. I bet the whining hypocrite that is Chris Wilder won't be whinging about VAR this evening.
  5. Looks like John Inman in that picture?!
  6. Do you mean being at work or actually working?
  7. Lingard Leicester reject.
  8. Oh dear! Is it me or is Rodgers showing signs of over thinking the teams and tactics in the last few games?
  9. Anyone bought this gem?!
  10. Top work to all concerned and yes I hope as many of those kids as possible can be back home for Christmas!
  11. I hope the players and staff have a more professional attitude. The moment people feel it is "nailed on" is the moment the wheels come off.
  12. Then we will miss our target?!
  13. As a brand this is undoubtedly correct. However in the Premier League at the moment players have to ask themselves do I want to play for a bigger brand and play for an indifferent football team or play for a lesser brand but a better football team.
  14. Steven

    THAT goal

    Decades go backwards?
  15. Quite. For all of Grealish's obvious talent he is still not the player he should be.
  16. Maybe changing nappies is having an effect on his sleeping at night!
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