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  1. Them instead of those.
  2. Apparently he wants to stay in the PL and have it all done before European Championships. A cheeky bid perhaps?
  3. He will be gone; the Club has evolved beyond him.
  4. I agree but someone who is genuinely if front of him and not someone like Ryan Bertrand for example who is not in front of him.
  5. Gosens > Thomas. I think Thomas is fantastic for a 19 year old but nowhere near Gosens at the moment. Certainly no worse than Chilwell at the same age.
  6. 1. Sheff United 2. WBA 3. Fulham 4.Newcastle United 5. Burnley 6. Brighton 7. Southampton 8. Crystal Palace 9. Wolverhampton Wanderers 10. Arsenal 11. Leeds United 12. Aston Villa 13. Tottenham Hotspurs 14. Everton 15. West Ham
  7. As many of those sides that can overtake us must be eliminated as soon as possible.
  8. Kante is, was and always will be a class act.
  9. Steven

    Ryan Bertrand

  10. So people who subscribe think they are getting value for their money.
  11. No thank you, simply not good enough.
  12. I am heady after the win! Wednesday or Thursday then.
  13. i have a Muslim colleague and he is not sure; as an Infidel how am I meant to know?
  14. I think Eid is tomorrow or Wednesday.
  15. Orla Chennaoui is looking mighty fine covering the Giro d'italia
  16. Rogers will go back to Swansea when they get promoted via the play-offs. #!youcanreadbollockslikethisallthetimeonhere
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