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  1. 3 nanoseconds. Thankfully I have highlights or the full match of every win this season on my Sky+ box!
  2. … and I am delighted we were smart enough to give him that opportunity!
  3. I am so bored I was even tempted tp do this quiz!
  4. On a Samsung phone just download the Turkish keyboard!
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rashford is the future he is the best player in his position in Europe!
  6. Agent Jorge Mendes' homes searched in money laundering investigation https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/04/agent-jorge-mendes-homes-searched-in-money-laundering-investigation
  7. 10 Tenuous rumour 20 Joyous exuberance 30 Seeming inaction 40 Utter despair 50 Bitter resentment 60 Head of Recruitment witch hunt 70 Bored resignation goto 10
  8. “We were told that [Nakamba’s arm] wasn’t in an unnatural position,” said Rodgers. Of course; his arm is in a natural position for someone committing handball.
  9. Watching Arsenal v Southampton as the late game on a Saturday does nothing for me. But wait the Arse are a "top 6 brand" and so I should be excited.
  10. How modern football became broken beyond repair
  11. Barcelona in meltdown after Lionel Messi hits back at Eric Abidal https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/04/barcelona-meltdown-lionel-messi-eric-abidal
  12. Steven


    As Britain has left the EU now, another reason for having a Degree is your potential mobility. It is so much easier to move around this world with a Degree than without. I would also say that apart from the obvious social side, even I had a girlfriend during my University days , what I learnt at University, in terms of self organisation and self discipline, has helped me manage many stressful and complex situations. Finally I think the idea that a Degree somehow helps your career is somewhat misplaced. Your career will evolve over time and will go through more than one phase. I have a Computer Science degree and although I work in IT, it is of no use as the whole industry is still very craft based. Clearly it could be useful if you wanted to be in a specialised field. The usefulness of a degree to an employer is not necessarily what you studied but the fact that you did study.
  13. Unlike Alan Smith, Cottee always goes out of his way to say good things about Leicester City.
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