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  1. Steven


    Make sure it is not Lyme disease!
  2. Only dead ones in a supermarket. The car is real "Chelsea tractor".
  3. Trust me, I enjoy the thrill of all 355 horses under the bonnet!
  4. I think that has already been pointed out!
  5. I hope so! I will tell you a small story why I think this is important. When I was a lad, many years ago, there was a railway line about a half a mile away from where I lived that had a ditch running along side it and this ditch was about 800 yards long. Every spring this ditch would fill with water and I would cycle down to see the newts and frogs that would spawn there and of course to a young kid it was fascinating. We moved further away and I grew up and stop going there as often until one day I noticed that the whole ditch had been filled up along the whole length of the ditch. Why on earth would some one do that? Now generations of young kids don't get the simple pleasure of seeing newts and frogs spawn.
  6. Not even close in terms of skill for example. However he is now my favourite player after Frank Worthington and if only Frank had paid as much attention to getting the best out of himself that Vardy has well ……
  7. Nailed on for a Champions League spot.
  8. You have too much time on your hands.
  9. I think that is called taking the fanbase for granted.
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