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  1. My cat is called Sparky. Do you want me to ask him?
  2. First Class on the A380 is much better. On the Jumbo you feel as though you are part of the rest of the aircraft and going upstairs usually means Business.
  3. I hear your prayer brother! I have to come in even though the numbers of people infected is higher than when I was working full time from home. Either I should have come to work when the numbers were lower or I should not be coming into work when the numbers are higher. My employers are nineteenth century control freaks.
  4. i am old enough to have flown on BOAC in a VC10 and BEA including a Comet 4C on BEA.
  5. He needs to read this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54318658
  6. Surgery tomorrow out for 12 weeks.
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