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  1. Wayne would rather shag a middle aged pro than his own wife. Why exactly is that Coleen?
  2. Our PM's latest squeeze? Did he fondle her leg under the table?
  3. I'm Dill the dog; I'm a dog called Dill!
  4. Ricardo, Vardy (2), og (via Praet) and Wilf. Got to love this team even with Maddison. Onwards and upwards - where is that optimistic bus.
  5. Kevin Ellison scored for Morecombe yesterday!
  6. I do not do Paypal, but if you want to PM your name and bank account details then a small donation could be made.
  7. Steven


    Boris will give you lessons! Might cost a few quid though.
  8. Brendan Rodgers describes his infamous punch-up with Andy Carroll. https://socceronsunday.com/article/rodgers-punch-andy-carroll/
  9. Steven


    Do you know what unlawful proroguing means and the circumstances that would be required to effect such unlawful behavior and what the consequences of it would be. Ask a Judge and a corrupt PM who dishes out money for his latest honey.
  10. Steven


    Their votes don't count? Results of the 1975 United Kingdom European Communities membership referendum Votes % Yes 17,378,581 67.23% No 8,470,073 32.77% Valid votes 25,848,654 99.79% Invalid or blank votes 54,540 0.21%
  11. Steven


    PM frustrated parliament. He lied to the people. He lied to Parliament. He lied to the Queen. Supreme Court found he broke the law. He's not fit to be Prime Minister! Disgraceful!
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