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  1. Steven


    They are puppies and cute ones at that. Pets stink from time to time after all our cat sometimes still uses her litter tray and it is difficult to believe that such a stink could come from a small cat like that.
  2. Steven


    You can't have those in any house I rent out as you will stink the place out.
  3. Don't come on this forum to make reasoned sensible arguments.
  4. Darren Moore deserves better. Puel had better play him.
  5. Macquarie are indeed well known for getting the most out of a deal for their Clients. This loan will be sliced up and sold to preferred Clients around the world given the fact that it is backed by the TV money.
  6. I always leave breaking distance only for some **** to dive in between me and the car and in front and then immediately brake.
  7. As I have a family and am an old man I have an X3 M40i. 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, top speed limited at 155 mph and 355 bhp of top notch German engineering. The brakes and handling for an SUV are excellent. I had a 530i before that. Audi drivers are the worst, they are self-entitled cockwombles.
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