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  1. Puel-come to the future

    Puel will be fine when he realises no more James and Ndidi as a midfield two, no more Gray, no more Simpson and find an alternative to Morgan.
  2. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Subs: Jakupović, Dragović, Fuchs, Iborra, Silva, Diabaté, Iheanacho. #LeiStk
  3. If you were prime minster tomorrow....

    Very sensible but I would tweak it slightly. 1) Switch to an electoral system of proportional representation. 2) Implement the Chicago Plan, nationalise the utilities and the railways. 3) Abandon Brexit.
  4. Amusing News Stories

    Are you an alien?
  5. Ndidi to Liverpool

    £50 million! Ha, ha. Double that to even start a discussion.
  6. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    All they or any other club have to do, is play by the rules.
  7. The Race for 7th - Stats Galore

    Second best all-time finish?
  8. A B S O L U T E U T O F T O U C H
  9. Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    The absolute cvnts at the Home Office that seem to think that mealy mouthed words are more important than this kid's quality of life. “However, it is important that medicines are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards before being placed on the market, so that doctors and patients are assured of their efficacy, quality and safety. “Cannabis is listed as a schedule 1 drug, as in its raw form it is not recognised in the UK as having any medicinal benefit and is therefore subject to strict control restrictions." https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/feb/18/boy-with-epilepsy-denied-cannabis-oil-treatment-reduce-seizures-government-refuses-licence Boy with rare form of epilepsy denied cannabis oil treatment Government refuses to issue licence for medication that reduces six-year-old’s seizures
  10. Not while they can recruit someone from overseas. If/when that ends then I suspect the cleverer ones might.
  11. Swinger’s Clubs

  12. Swinger’s Clubs

    No but I have had sex when there has been more than two people present in the room; if that helps?
  13. LCFC v The Blades FA Cup scoreline prediction

    0 - 1 Pevsner o.g.