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  1. You are spot on there, looked awful first half. Iheanacho is just not this level. I really hoped he’d kick on a few years back, I was willIng him on but alas, he just doesn’t have it in him.
  2. Do you not know that managing to keep needles clean and paying rent on time is virtually the same as running a PL football club? 🤨
  3. DG will be the subject of Black History month on the BBC in 50 years time on how a young PL winner let money and social media ruin an already virtually nonexistent ability. His story will be a warning to all that because you get paid thousands of pounds a week and you have a PL winners medal, it shouldn’t be taken for granted and no longer try to get better at what you have chosen as a career.
  4. That sea of white was the greatest ever mark of respect seen at a football stadium. It was certainly hairs standing up on the back of your neck moments.
  5. I agree. I think he gets a rough deal considering he doesn’t get to choose his position in the team. He’s clearly a team player and that makes him 6000 times more suited to the first team than the likes of Demarai Gray.
  6. Did you get embarrassed by that reference to him being like Ghezzal? Wow! Some people are more odd than I thought.
  7. This echoes the forum the last time a relatively little known Muslim boy came to Leicester. Look how that turned out!
  8. As would her nips on a cold Saturday afternoon in Newcastle!
  9. Those two sentences at the end sum it up perfectly. Great post.
  10. Have you typed that with your feet?
  11. It did though didn’t it? 🙄 And thanks for your thanks, I can at least be thankful of that.
  12. It isn’t really an odd comment. Using football as a vehicle for political statements Is not necessary, it adds another string to an already messy bow.
  13. I shall tell you why. Brendan Rodgers is all about Brendan Rogers. In Scotland, he could get away with much more than you can in England, the glare of the worlds cameras aren’t on you in Glasgow. After those few games, he quickly realised that Brendan Rodgers would get slaughtered by the media because teams had worked him out very quickly if he didn’t change tack pretty sharpish. So Brendan the coward was born. Not to protect his team but to protect brand Brendan Rodgers. Mock me all you like but that is the story of his time here so far!
  14. The club don’t have the funds because somehow, Brendan and his fantastic managerial nous, presided over the biggest and mostly costly dip in form this club has ever undergone in recent times and somehow managed to grab defeat from the jaws of Champions League qualification victory! That should be a criminal offence.
  15. There well could be some truth in that. King Power took a huge hit this year and CL football could have funded the club for this year and maybe next, negating the need for anymore cash injections other than those already agreed for Seagrave etc. Letting that slip was a major mark on his card with the club hierarchy. Don't think that because he has valuable contract that the club won’t get rid of him if the rot sets in. A few more shots from 25 yards that beat Kasper in the coming weeks will certainly mean some more Camping out side of the Chairman’s office by the snakes to blame
  16. Good post. I think there are many of us non- plussed with football at the moment. Maybe it was the enforced break earlier in the year that started me not being too bothered about it. I suspect there may have been a few Sky cancellations during that period too. Whilst I’m happy to watch us, I’m not too arsed how the season pans out to be fair because I just don’t care too much anymore.
  17. Nah. Not happening. See all other young hopes for Leicester.
  18. The club should have been looking at this for the last 4 years. If they have been looking, then I have absolutely no idea where or what at. Perez was a cheap PL squad buy I’d hope and not with the aim of being Vardys replacement. Ill say it again but the power of Kasper, Jamie and Wes et al immediately after 2016 is starting to show through now and will still be felt long after they leave or retire from playing.
  19. I’m always astonished to read these type of posts. The OP hasn’t burgled your house and kidnapped your family! No need for the defensive reply post, the OP has just put his thoughts down on a post about what he thinks about the games he has seen recently. If you somehow think BR is some sort of wizard, then great stuff but no need to try and dismiss another’s view because of some freak result a few weeks back where the players had the balls to ignore Brendan and his stifling approach.
  20. BR has 2 months left here. He will not be able to rescue this. The Euro adventures will hamper him further.
  21. I’m at a loss as to what this team do in the week at training. Does Brendan even watch them?
  22. Because unless you live under a rock Davie, you should have heard about IPTV and how it has smashed a big hole in subscription based TV services from Sky in the UK.
  23. Of which there must be a lot less this season than other seasons. I’m not defending it by any stretch, I just understand why it’s happening if fans can’t go to games.
  24. It certainly isn’t my argument but is certainly the reason.
  25. But it’s the reason teams in England can go out and buy Maguire for £80m though so we can’t have it both ways.
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