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  1. That isn’t what the OP was saying was it? 😫
  2. And yet here you are responding? It did work it seems?
  3. When all said and done , fifth isn’t bad, so whilst I’m not a huge fan of ego from NI, the club have done okay. That said, he won’t get away with being hopeless at times next year! As someone has said elsewhere, we cannot forget the second half of the season, it can’t be glossed over!
  4. I agree with this. Seems a pleasant enough bloke but certainly has some tendency to err towards Aspergers Syndrome or such like. He is the David Brent of football management.
  5. I won’t be surprised when lots of teams finish above us next year! European Football will decimate our already sketchy, collective mettle.
  6. So why can’t we keep having a pop like that?
  7. You’re the best thing was miles better tbf. 👍
  8. If you insist on bolt neck Kane scoring from anywhere in London he wants, what do we expect? 😳
  9. Brenda worrying about himself again , not the team or score.
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