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  1. Maddison is looking like a luxury at the moment. I’m of the belief that a footballer that constantly looks for free kicks and tumbles every other tackle, just isn’t as good as they think they are. Maddison is looking more like that type of player every week.
  2. That £6.5k transparent rucksack was the start of this slide.
  3. Oh but it was an off day they all said, 8 days between games they’ll sort it they said. Just as insipid a performance as last time out.
  4. You need to seek help if you suffer embarrassment from typed words on a forum mate.
  5. Ooh. Please read my reply and then look at your question. Let’s not pretend we are where we are based on technique and having the finest players in the league. We are where are because everyone but Liverpool have been shite for the most part and we have been on a run and taken advantage of other’s not doing so. Yesterday’s result has been coming for weeks and that’s with N’didi playing.
  6. That is a bang on assessment. Harvey Barnes isn’t a PL footballer, not now, not next season, not ever and to persevere with him like we are with Demarai is just time and money spent unwisely. I understand the desire for youth to form a basis for a prolonged period of stability for the team and club but we need to be realistic and admit when things aren’t working. We need a proven winger sharpish, preferably an experienced product of a good league with composure and the minerals to put up a fight. We have too many players currently that look like they don’t have the balls to really put a shift in. There’s a few in the squad currently that are being paid above their grade.
  7. A smart manager would know all this and mix it up a bit and try something different . We look very predictable and pedestrian at the moment.
  8. This result was seen about two weeks ago. This insistence on passing around the halfway line when a ball over the top will do is starting to annoy me. second half of the season requires an element of mixing it up a bit. Vardy is looking as isolated as he was under Claude. The balls back to Evans are bordering on ridiculous. Brendan. I’ve got your back for now but you need to start being a little less predictable!
  9. Football viewing needs to change but before that happens, the notion of paying a player 150k a week would need to stop. The way it is currently allows for the preposterous salaries.
  10. Bizarre showing. There’s football kits on that pitch missing bodies inside them. Sort it Gents
  11. There was nothing on show that I saw that deserved a roof raising. All round poor today but didn’t lose. That’s got to be a bonus. Barnes needs another 18 months on loan in the Championship and Gray needs telling he needs to be having a look on Rightmove somewhere near Rotherham or Barnsley.
  12. Well the ball wont get in there by any other means- have you watched Leicester in recent months when they’re up against 11 men in the box? 🤷‍♂️
  13. I agree but against dogshite like Burnley, you need his long throws to mix it up a bit in the bus parking area!
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