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  1. He's clearly been using Kasper's tape measure then if he's 6ft 1" !
  2. I’m not sure I really want to see him gone but if he does, then great, we’ll move on. My gripe with him is that when he does decide to attempt to take a man on, he telegraphs what he is going to to and is rumbled virtually every time. I’m not convinced that can be trained out of him because it’s not his natural skill and quickness of brain, it’s almost like it’s bolted on to what he his good at, running 40 yards with the ball.
  3. Let’s not get too carried away just yet. We’ve just beaten the the team with the second worst defensive record in the PL who look nailed on to be relegated. That said, we didn’t miss Chilwell’s blind alley runs or backwards passing. He certainly won’t be missed if someone wants to have him away in the summer. The second half was a good spectacle, the team will enjoy watching that back.
  4. I don’t want to be a bore but ‘ LCFC1’ hasn’t ever been possible or issued.
  5. Because on closer inspection, it didn’t really relate to anything LCFC after all!
  6. I’ve tried the sight method but as yet, I’m yet to have been convinced or fooled!
  7. Yes but for the non PHD Biologists in here, we’ll use what is deemed the accepted method of determining gender used worldwide for simplicity.
  8. A plan B or at least just a deviation of Plan A would have one or more of the attacking players moving ( preferably running) into space, with or without the ball, behind the opposition. Im happy with whatever it’s called as long as it’s tried occasionally.
  9. I think Chromosomes , the 23rd Pair is the biological fact you might be looking for.
  10. The same could be said for shite attempts at humour too.
  11. It’s certainly possible. Add to that paper talk of big money moves.
  12. Ceirboy

    Corona Virus

    That’s the left for you though Brucey- they can be pretty nasty.
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