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  1. That maybe so but look at Celtic and see how that panned out? I’m suggesting that the bubble can be granite tight like mine but sometimes it can be breached. Role models and self preservation from where I’m standing.
  2. Having had CV and being late 40’s it wasn’t hugely pleasant. Apart from my own and immediate family, I have barely been within 3ft of anyone in 6 months but somehow I caught it. Footballers touching each other is unnecessary and anyone of them could’ve caught it ( like I did) after being the most anti social man in Leicestershire! To reduce the risk, just don’t celebrate- not too hard to understand is it?
  3. I must have been watching a different game to be fair, even when Armstrong hit the bar, I couldn’t see them scoring. It was mentioned 2 or 3 times in the match thread that they would tire second half and it would be a different game and so it was. A more complete outfit would maintain their press for 90 minutes if that is their thing. They looked exactly like they are talked about and nothing more.
  4. Yes, so makes your original quote even more mystifying!
  5. Highly Articulate? I’d replace the word them for those in every interview he gives for a start. Reasonably eloquent granted- highly articulate he isn’t.
  6. Steady on! Far too many people sucking them hard. They looked organised first half but very average second half. 3 months ago Leeds were getting sucked just as hard by everyone, yes, they run around a lot too. Relax a bit on the Ralph love in folks. 🙄
  7. I’ve got to Episode 8 Series 2. Very watchable and Kiefer Sutherland does these things very well. It’s a little predictable but nonetheless still enjoyable.
  8. I know he isn’t on here anymore but is he still alive?
  9. I think you need to lighten up a bit. Complaining about shoddy performances shouldn’t be dismissed just because we were in a different league once upon a time. Times have changed and so have expectations, it’s that simple.
  10. All of Brendan's decisions will have been made by Brendan. He may get people involved and butter them up but he will make the decisions. I quite like TV Brendan and his little flicked hairstyle and the way he chews his chewing gum and the fact he has to look up to virtually everybody in Premier League football but his tiny TV persona, I can live with as a rule because I can turn the TV off when he becomes too much like a little puppy can.
  11. I bet you refreshed this like no other refreshing you've ever done to see if it had a like didn't you?
  12. I agree but I'd just add that he never got above Championship level and Birmingham City knew exactly the outcome of his career and cashed in. Some players just need a new environment or a different country and league and pace of football- he isn't one of those and he really should be thinking of getting involved at Reading or somewhere like that.
  13. Alright Dems fam, you okay?
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