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  1. I'm assuming from the thread title that mahrez decides he wants to come back. Much more than unlikely. Were it to happen though anybody saying no is completely nuts.
  2. In the end not a bad result. Disappointing that we didn't really offer anything going forward aside from Pereira. We seem to get battered off the ball in the wide positions. Need to do some work on beefing up Tielemans and Perez. We need more strength in the middle next season. We also need to add creativity. Did well defensively today, particularly with ten men. Ndidi injured, Mendy injured and Choudhury suspended 🙄 I feel like Praet might be able to get stuck in at the base of the midfield - I hope.
  3. Neither of our wide men offering much. Gray on for Perez for me.
  4. They attack far quicker than us. And, Maddison aside, are better on the ball. We need to go at teams more. There's no runners, not enough verve.
  5. Interesting article that includes Leicester Why Premier League clubs are turning to an Australian bank in big numbers https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/11/premier-league-clubs-australian-bank-macquarie-loans-tv-earnings?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  6. I'd say I thought better of you than this but, let's be honest, we both know I'd be lying
  7. Under no circumstances are we singing a song to this tune.
  8. This season so far. Goalkeeping performance based on expected save percentage (a gk version of xG)
  9. Good result I guess. If only Barnes had put the big chance away.
  10. Both teams going at it. Both teams could've scored goals. Would like us to be a bit tighter at the back. Decent game.
  11. Wolves fans seem to think he's decent so perhaps this is a shrewd signing for little investment. If you think about it, if we assume morgan won't play again and possibly we don't rate benkovic then this is a snip for what could be a fourth cb in the summer.
  12. I thought this about gray at the time. On the replay he goes out wide to cut out the pass down the wing. NOBODY closed the cross down.
  13. Before anybody says it, no we weren't poor. We were the better team.
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