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  1. I'm the kind of person that thought it'd be great. But I've changed my mind. The decisions are no less arguable. But while making those arguable decisions it stops the game for ages. It's wrecking football. Just have goal line technology and accept that there will be officiating mistakes and that they actually add to the game.
  2. Could've won money on Mount getting on before Maddison, despite being half the player
  3. I think you might be getting mixed up! I hope this lad is actually decent of we're keeping him and not just going to be kept on until it's too late for him to really get a career going elsewhere.
  4. I realised and removed the comment but you beat me to it.
  5. Toddybad


    I'm sure this is the case. Perhaps instead there could just be a clearer 'process' though , again, whether mark would really want to waste his time writing processes than talking about Leicester's latest win is probably debatable.
  6. Toddybad


    I've been banned twice. You don't get told why or for how long but the first time was presumably for being rather 'hot headed' in the politics thread. The second time was for stirring up brexit supporters without being particularly rude leading to somebody else sending me abuse. I assume they probably got a ban as well. I can't post in general chat anymore but I can post in football threads as I only discovered the other day. Personal opinion having been on the end of it is that there should be a warning sent to those close to being banned to explain reasons and the action that will be taken if they continue to post aggressively or whatever. But I recognise that could potentially be a lot of work and perhaps would just lead to a back and forth that mark and the mods don't need.
  7. Tbh I always thought he was rubbish at Newcastle. But tbf to him he had a good season stats wise last year. Hard to know whether he's just as rubbish as I always thought or whether the tactical malaise that's affecting the whole team is just affecting him also. What does concern me is a not particularly good first touch, loose passes and poor decision making.
  8. I appreciated the effort that went into this even if nobody else did.
  9. I think the Kasper question is really, really interesting. There's no doubt that he's a club legend. He's also got leadership skills and you can tell listening to him talk that he's highly intelligent compared to most footballers. The stats presented by the OP don't surprise me though. As a goalkeeper he has strengths and weaknesses. He pulls off important saves at important times. You can argue that there is luck involved in that but I'm not sure.... somehow in big moments he steps it up. Penalties - I think he's incredible at penalties. Even when he has gone through runs of not saving any he's guessed the right way and got glove on ball. Crosses - he's basically a vampire when it comes to crosses. Because he's relatively small for a gk (I actually don't know if he is but I've always thought of him this way) he doesn't seem to come for crosses much. I'm not sure modern goalkeepers do in general the way they used to though. Kicking. Really difficult here. He has a huge kick. Huge. He can also play some really nice passed balls out. But every time he plays out low into Wilf I crap my pants. I love him. He's been amazing for us. I'd be happy if he stayed until retirement. Yet at the same time I have a nagging feeling that after a back up striker and new wide player, he might actually be next in line for replacement. I'm just not sure if that's actually possible though.
  10. Hard to say from radio coverage but the problem we always seem to have against banked defences is that none of our central players gamble and make runs beyond the opposing defence. It sounds like there isn't much movement tonight either.
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