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  1. Toddybad


    That's it my friend. Me and you were the summer fresh lotion, slowly softening the rhetoric and bringing calm 😆
  2. Tbh I think Southgate will (rightly) get a ton of grief for putting mount and a only just back AOC ahead of Madison. I'll be surprised if he isn't called out for it pre match. And what is winks doing in the team btw.
  3. Toddybad


    It's strange that all the left wingers have been banned whilst all the right wingers continue to peddle nonsense.
  4. Southgate has done a decent job with limited talent at his disposal. He must now play Madison. His only real mistake was not sticking vardy on for extra time against Croatia as we needed an outlet upfield and Kane was just wandering aimlessly. Hard to argue with the rest of that campaign given where we reached despite not playing particularly good football due to the dearth of English talent.
  5. I don't think it was that they couldn't stand us, they just couldn't believe it. If it had been Southampton you wouldn't have believed it either.
  6. I'd say he wasted one. The champions League run was worth staying for. He did lose a year after that. He's right we weren't set up for success to last. But that's probably changed for the future.
  7. I never saw Worthington play. Anybody that doesn't think Mahrez wrt modern football is just bitter.
  8. The world's press were almost universally loving our story - it sold papers across the globe. You're being incredibly touchy imo
  9. It's like that time on Match of the Day when Alan Hansen turned up in a horrific old suit with a cut on his lip. Definitely had a falling out with the wife.
  10. Haven't his six goals involved one item goal tap in and at least two penalties? I haven't seen him play. He seems a confident lad but only the Leicester coaching staff know how close he is, if at all, to getting a first team look in. I don't expect to see him this season.
  11. Back in 2015/16 a Utd supporting friend told me that Leicester had to win it because we would never get a second chance. To experience the title we'd have to win it that year. Hard not to agree with the sentiment at the time. Where we are now, it's lucky we won that title because you can get easily see Liverpool hitting 100 points and us being as incredible as we can possibly imagine but not being able to match that.
  12. There's little difference in having that kind of aim. The aim has to be to win every single football match and then see what happens.
  13. A lot of threads in the general section could do with this in the header.
  14. No. This season is brilliant. Fantastic. But we half expect it. That season was perfect in every way.
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