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    Right, I give up, time for me to go. Despite not having had anything like an argument on here for the last year I get ban after ban after ban. The current ban is because of my "tone". The example given by Mark was that, when somebody said that Tim Martin wanted to reopen wetherspoons pubs already I wrote "that c*** would". That's it. There's a thread called 'cvnts of our time' elsewhere. The ban before was because apparently the Coronavirus thread got political the moment I got released from captivity. Has anybody seen a day where that thread isn't political? The ban b
  2. I cannot for the life of me fathom cryptic crosswords. Just don't get them at all.
  3. This definitely couldn't happen. Somebody else has pointed out the seating issues but then you have entry points, mass exodus at the end, toilets, food, travel etc. And why would anybody want to sit in a crowd of 20,000 unless they haven't seen the news for five months? The bottom six effectively want relegation knocked on the head and are using it as an excuse to try to push for that. Needs only one club to join them to vote down the premier League proposals. On the other hand, it's a bit risky for the bottom three as if the premier League suggested alternatively finishi
  4. I could go with that. Just him with that fatherly look of satisfaction he had when we were doing well.
  5. No, I've done nothing wrong.
  6. Maybe this is the route I need to go down to not get banned every week because of my "tone".
  7. Surely if they're counting Gary speed who was at Leeds and Newcastle when they were good, then shearer himself should win? The top 6 has only been the top 6 for about 4 years. It was top 4 for a good decade before that. And before that it was utd v Newcastle for a couple of years then utd v arsenal for the rest.
  8. We got more points in our title winning season (81) than Man Utd did when they won the treble (79)
  9. Champ man 97. Or possibly getting past level 1 of New Zealand Story #crapatplatformers
  10. That isn't mercenary. Think you're running out of road with your argument tbh
  11. It's a job. He isn't a City fan. If you got offered more money to work in a company with more prestige that would likely see you win other awards you'd jump at it, the same as any of us.
  12. Ok, there's an argument to be had about 1/2 years dependent on what offers he had, but my point really was that I don't think it's unfair for him to feel he wasted part of his career.
  13. Kante left for a bigger club where he won the title again, became a cog in the French team that won the world cup and is quite likely to end up at Madrid. Mahrez, and I think many people need to hear this, did waste 2 years of his career at Leicester. He stayed for the Champions League campaign and it's pretty clear we promised him an exit at that point, then we tried to keep him here despite the fact we'd become a mid table team going nowhere under puel. Whilst he did have an unprofessional paddy mid season, he still came back to be our best player by a mile (as we weren't playing
  14. I've said many times I deserved the first ban 18+ months ago. I haven't deserved my treatment since.
  15. Just from GC. Though I'm post limited across the whole forum. No idea why, can't even be bothered to ask. It's become a weekly thing.
  16. Looks like I'm banned again
  17. Absolutely ****ing sick of Morrisons staff dancing in groups on Facebook.
  18. US courts block law that is being implemented in UK despite the same limited evidence of voter fraud: A Kansas law requiring residents to prove their citizenship when they registered to vote is both illegal and unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday. The law, which went into effect in 2013, required Kansans to show a document such as birth certificate or a passport when they went to register to vote. Before it was blocked by a lower court in 2016, it prevented around 30,000 people from registering to vote. Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of
  19. My girlfriend was tested at Enderby leisure centre by staff from DHU a week and a half ago. Though she is a nurse so not sure if it was NHS staff only testing or not. It is feasible that DH might not themselves know where testing capability is as it could have either been a Leicester trust setting this up themselves for staff or the CCGs contracting DHU directly.
  20. My bosses wife works in a care home and has just tested positive. Got into the home when two residents suffered falls and went to hospital and also the NHS has bought bed space in care homes and has been putting Covid patients in recovery into the homes. Recipe for disaster really. 2 deaths and multiple positive residents, multiple positive staff 😟
  21. Apparently Hancock originally believed using an app would mean they'd be able to get a huge % response. Evidence from elsewhere like Singapore suggests they'll be lucky to get 20%. Tbf I do think they're trying and I'm almost warming to Hancock - he's got a terrifically shitty stick but is one of the few who looks like they're half trying to be honest - he's clearly the fall guy when it really hits the fan and knows it.
  22. I'm not sure there's any group as a whole (rather than a few idiots within a group) that doesn't wish individuals within the forces their best wishes and agree that they deserve much better treatment in this country for what they do - the way we treat our veterans is scandalous. There's a difference between questioning the national decision to fight some of the wars we have and opinions about individuals within the forces, which is where I think the waters get muddied in an some people's eyes.
  23. It's been run down since 2003.
  24. Thanks for your hard work. Have they done anything to speed up ED arrivals during the crisis as I'm led to believe there was often a multiple hour wait in Leicester?
  25. Excess death comparison. Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland have devolved power to act under the Corona virus Act (or whatever it's called)
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