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  1. I cant but is there any other W.A. fans on here I wonder.
  2. Is rogers the one who sacked him even? Media is wrong now and again😁
  3. Wow,6 months!!expected until maybe june. That would mean no avon decent either then.
  4. If I was a ref,id be thinking leave the close ones to Var so maybe not.
  5. I havent watched much other leagues this year but last year there was definitely howlers in theirs too.if I remember correctly,a cross which came off a players head backwards and onto a foot up to a players hand and hand ball,penalty and yellow card was given by var.🙄.another this year,a goal was scored,looked good first showing but almost 5 mins later var said all good..there was absolutely nothing to look at all.oh and time added on to half 2mins??
  6. Did they?the guys I listen too said "there was nowhere else to put his feet"was the reason it wasn't given
  7. Anyone know what the entire role involves?
  8. I think people are kidding themselves if the ref will make a different decision to VAR.Ive not seen one ref go against var after checking the monitor although I havent watched much of other countries this year. Imo they shouldnt have too,theres a ref in the room who should understand whats happened and the situation. We still seeing howlers being made which is what was meant to prevent.
  9. Im sure I heard hesky say he is taking on an embasador role at the club next year a little while a go in an interview.
  10. You must of loved his post match interview. "Classic jose win today was it ?" "no"😁. "If sterling gets red then game is different"he said. Yeah?,nah.
  11. "spurs deserved that win"Hoddle🤪😁
  12. Dont forget teams trying to avoid relegation wont be easy for anyone either
  13. Mourinho hasnt change at all,still parking the bus even with an extra man. 3 shots all game.
  14. And straight after var ruled out a penalty for Southampton.
  15. I thought that any handball was a penalty regardless of international or not. Cags wasnt intentional.
  16. And game of the week is spurs v man city,would of thought our game was.
  17. So gone is anything that hits a hand is handball now?
  18. Especially when he has played 19 games this year and why would he move?he knows he is a back up to cags and evans but seems really keen about it though. Could be a permanent signing at end of year maybe. Wes replacement going forward.?
  19. You can only I would normally agree but theres a point were you have to say "thats enough"and say something. Will be interesting to see if others start asking now and again.
  20. He couldnt see villa walk an extra 13 metres along the line on a throw in near the end (vardy put it out) so no surprise really.
  21. I wouldn't say they're mistakes,just decisions made in a split second. Seems like they're expected to know what to do every second and never get beat and other teams cant do great things.
  22. Its not just started,they've been trialling it at least a year before this year and its now 25 games in so how long do they need to tweak it. They've tried to take out the interpretation IMO and its not working.
  23. Maybe they have and he said no.or is waiting until the end of the season to decide anything. i dont think solskjaer is all that bad that they should replace him anyway.
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