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  1. Wow,6 months!!expected until maybe june. That would mean no avon decent either then.
  2. If I was a ref,id be thinking leave the close ones to Var so maybe not.
  3. I havent watched much other leagues this year but last year there was definitely howlers in theirs too.if I remember correctly,a cross which came off a players head backwards and onto a foot up to a players hand and hand ball,penalty and yellow card was given by var.🙄.another this year,a goal was scored,looked good first showing but almost 5 mins later var said all good..there was absolutely nothing to look at all.oh and time added on to half 2mins??
  4. Did they?the guys I listen too said "there was nowhere else to put his feet"was the reason it wasn't given
  5. Anyone know what the entire role involves?
  6. I think people are kidding themselves if the ref will make a different decision to VAR.Ive not seen one ref go against var after checking the monitor although I havent watched much of other countries this year. Imo they shouldnt have too,theres a ref in the room who should understand whats happened and the situation. We still seeing howlers being made which is what was meant to prevent.
  7. Im sure I heard hesky say he is taking on an embasador role at the club next year a little while a go in an interview.
  8. You must of loved his post match interview. "Classic jose win today was it ?" "no"😁. "If sterling gets red then game is different"he said. Yeah?,nah.
  9. "spurs deserved that win"Hoddle🤪😁
  10. Dont forget teams trying to avoid relegation wont be easy for anyone either
  11. Mourinho hasnt change at all,still parking the bus even with an extra man. 3 shots all game.
  12. And straight after var ruled out a penalty for Southampton.
  13. I thought that any handball was a penalty regardless of international or not. Cags wasnt intentional.
  14. And game of the week is spurs v man city,would of thought our game was.
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