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  1. Wow, did not see that happening! Well done Hamza, take a bow son!
  2. Surely we should aim for 1 better at least?
  3. Oh dear.... think we could make it 0-10?
  4. Interesting if Newcastle get an injury 2nd half now they've used all 3 subs...
  5. Good to see big Nige doing the business!
  6. Might have a little to do with their quality, but I'd say it's also our team being a little scared/hesitant against them, the team needs to believe they are on their level.
  7. He didn't really predict that scoreline did he?! What a twat
  8. Leicester won't play keep ball now Hartson you bellend, did you not see the 0-9 against Southampton?!
  9. Not if it went to VAR. VAR still says it's 2019!
  10. Good on him for not falling when fouled.
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