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  1. Schmeichel Justin Soyunucu Morgan Chilwell Mendy Tielemans Albrighton Perez Barnes Iheanacho Ward, Benkovic, Ricardo, Praet, Gray, Maddison, Vardy
  2. Yes we will. We have set a precedent now, which is fine but it does mean that our best players will leave if the money is right.
  3. He should really be at a championship club pushing for the play offs, that’s his level. The fact he’s apparently on £50k p/w and maybe how good he thinks he is means this won’t happen... would be best for his development.
  4. Thought he’d signed a new contract. Disappointed...
  5. The same thing happened last season. 3 games in, 0-0 away at Southampton and the team were boo’d off by some fans..
  6. Regularly in the top half of the European super league
  7. I hope he doesn’t put Maddison out wide, the midfield 3 of Ndidi, Youri and Maddison is an absolute joy; maybe against top 6 where hamza comes in but not against anyone else...
  8. Jota is the one to watch. One of my favourite footballers to watch, absolutely top class. Wasn’t sure he’d be quite good enough as he didn’t start the season too well last season but ended it in fine form. I can just see hamza snapping him within the first 10 mins, picking up a yellow. Should be a good game, just worried about Soyunucu as he didn’t seem to keep a very good defensive shape against Atlanta and kept chasing the ball, but we will see.
  9. Looks like my sauce was totally wrong, damn.
  10. Meat and 2 veg


    You don’t seriously believe that do you?
  11. A free cap? Can I have a free pencil instead.
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