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  1. I thought he was a sheff u fan? Errr
  2. I think we are a much different club now. It’s not players ‘massively’ over performing like the title winning team, the quality is genuine and all around the team. Maddison is looking around him and seeing Ricardo, Tielemans and Soyunucu. Kante was looking around round and seeing players such as Danny Simpson, wes Morgan etc (with respect)
  3. KDB is the result of putting those 3 players best qualities into one. barnes pace and strength, dribbling and size. maddisons shooting and close control. tielemans vision, game management and his ability of knowing where to be at a certain time. scary.
  4. Pretty sure Barnes wouldn’t have ‘gobbled it up’ tbh.
  5. The Algerian Prince. cant remember his name though, rachid something?
  6. My favourite thing is how it seems his fellow countryman hijack all of these social media’s posts etc. I scroll through the comments and I have no idea what anyone is on about
  7. I’d say the league was stronger overall In 15/16. Southampton, West Ham finished on low 60s & Stoke were high 50s. Chelsea finished 10th with like 55 points? You’d probably get 10th with 44 points this season. Outside 3/4 teams the league is pretty drab this season and has been for the last couple. I mean, Burnley finished 7th with 56/57 points (I think) in 17/18. Hate it when people just make comments like ‘the league was crap when Leicester won it blah blah blah”. The distribution of points prove it was a much more competitive league in my opinion (rant over) We probably won it the most comfortably over the last couple of seasons aswell, bar Man City in17/18 the others have been pretty close I think (5 or 6 points between the top 2)?
  8. He was booed coming on for Newcastle and ended up scoring.. did the celebration and just kept on doing it
  9. He wasn’t any better or worse than normal Marc imo. Works hard but lacks any sort of end product and must be a dream for a full back to play against.
  10. Ward Justin Morgan Soyunucu Fuchs Choudhury Praet Maddison Gray Albrighton Iheanacho if Benkovic is fit then I hope he starts though over calgqr
  11. Wouldn’t take much notice. Everton/ Newcastle to Leicester City is a huge upgrade imo. There’s a reason we took Newcastle’s best player and were debating whether we wanted their manager too. Its pretty clear amongst football fans within this country that Brendan Rodgers wouldn’t leave us for Everton or Newcastle, just like he wouldn’t leave us for Brighton or Wolves Newcastle will be a championship club come next season and Everton will finish 8th at an absolute best.
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