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  1. Not rocket science. Get those clappers in.
  2. If he won’t sign a new contract I’d rather we just keep him till his contract runs out tbh (2023?) he’s that good.
  3. Ricardo is our best player in my opinion
  4. With respect, when one winger gets 17 goals and 11 Assists, it takes the pressure of other attacking players who do not produce as much
  5. Says everything because Albrighton is not good enough
  6. Depends on which side Chelsea decide to penertrate us. Ones side is much looser than the other.
  7. Defiantly not as tight. We’ve been pumbled regulary which has loosened us up for others.
  8. He had every chance of being the key man when riyad left. The reason he didn’t take it is because he is not good enough.
  9. You do realise our away ends weren’t partially amazing before the title win? They were better than they are now but people making excuses just to feel better about the situation is wrong. I remember people blaming the atmposhere solely on Claude puel and was told how much better it would be when he left; well? It’s managed to get worse. Stop with the all the excuses!!
  10. Unfortunate I think he’s at the ‘liability’ stage. Reminded me of Paul konsheky towards the end of 14/15 season.
  11. Barnes was also playing up against zabaleta, who is about 36.
  12. He’s always on the floor though. Brilliant for villa because he can waste more time for them.
  13. Albrighton is average as they come. The fact the manager would rather bring gray on who’s not very good either says a lot. They both start behind Barnes who isn’t premier league quality.!
  14. What? No way they can be as lucky as they were tonight in the final.
  15. Villa are not even on our level so I dread to think of what Manchester City will do to them in the final. Shame.
  16. On the pitch they seem to have got it spot on with who they employee in regards to the first team. little bit worried about what they seem to want as perceptions of the club though. Fan cams? Clappers? Light shows? Quiet all inclusive away and home atmospheres.. that I do not like, at all. Not sure if that’s from the owners or people they employee creating and inplemting these decisions.
  17. Agree. He deserves to be playing every week !
  18. If we can’t get him to sign a contract we will end up having to pay £15-20m on another back up to wilf.!
  19. I’ll reserve judgment until he plays someone who isn’t 54
  20. Not sure hamza is in any position to question performance he was utterly dreadful vs southampton and looked massively out of his depth...
  21. He’s okay. But he’s the best we’ve got without wilf.
  22. Southampton were utterly dreadful, didn’t looked particularly bothered whether they lost 20-0 that night and were down to ten men for 80 Mins.
  23. All our wingers are either garbage or central attacking players being played out on the wing. We need a winger, a good one.
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