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  1. It'll be the same style as the team vs Man City. I didn't expect it but now it's there it makes sense. It's that team but with Vardy not fit, barnes gets pushed upfront and Maddison goes wide left. Iheanacho and Slim aren't fast enough for the role Barnes will be filling. It worked vs Man City, it can work against Arsenal.
  2. I'm 99% sure they mean Ndidi not Tielemans with the groin injury and Pereira is an ACL I think, definitely knee anyway.
  3. This Or this Schmeichel Fofana Evans Castagne Justin Mendy Choudhury Tielemans Maddison Iheanacho Vardy I'd prefer the 433 but I've got a feeling Brendan might go with a diamond with Choudhury doubling up on Grealish with Castagne. We did them
  4. Amazing how we've spent so little in the last 5 years but still arguably progressed more than any other team. You could make an arguement for Wolves but they've spent over twice as much as us in the last 5 years
  5. These are the injuries he's had. Either this is the first time he's dislocated it since 2016 or he's just one of them that has it pop out now and then without it being a problem so they haven't put them on this.
  6. You're spot on with this. He also played a nice cutback that put Barnes in when he put it straight at the keeper. I think a lot of the negativity comes from the "please don't get sent off" feeling we all had for most of the game. In reality though, he never looked like getting sent off after the first yellow, he kept it sensible, stayed in his feet and was solid for the rest of the game. Great overall performance in my opinion!
  7. He talks a bit about enjoying playing left back, clearly eyeing up becoming the full-time LB for next season. He makes a good point about the quality of Englands RBs vs LBs. With AWB and TAA both having the RB spots locked down, he's probably got a much better chance of getting in the England squad if he plays LB week in week out for us.
  8. Sky's level of journalism is a joke. This part is a complete lie. A quick Google shows he played 15 games at right wing-back, 15 games at left wing-back and 2 games at left back. He clearly hasn't watched him play at all, neither have I admittedly. Yet I can be arsed to research him and the man getting paid to write about him can't be arsed to take two minutes to make sure he actually knows what positions he plays.
  9. As I said it's very impressive. I'm not saying it's not. My point is just that the terms "wingback" and "fullback" are thrown around interchangeably but are different positions. A wingback is a mix between a winger and a fullback, its in the name. Wingbacks get much more creative freedom going forward and have much less defensive responsibly. There's a reason players like Albrighton and Alonso are good wingback but shocking fullbacks. As I said, it's still very impressive. His final ball is clearly class but I'm just pointing out comparing him to players who have actu
  10. Very impressive but Thomas has played all 3 games at wing back not fullback, very different roles.
  11. Has anyone got a replay of the Iheanacho disallowed goal? I can't find it and sky decided it wasn't worth their time.
  12. Doing a bit of number crunching, they've said they want 40k tests. So that's 40k for 92 games equals 435 tests per game. Now let's assume for each game they need to test 50 people per team. 25 players, 25 non playing staff. (no idea how many staff they'd need but 50 is a nice number for estimating). So for both teams thats 100 tests per day. Assuming games are played about every 4 days that means that they're planning on testing all players and staff every day before training and before games. This way if a player tests positive they are able to isolate b
  13. I'd love Grealish but I don't think we could attract him with every other team in the league after him. A similar player to Grealish doing well is Eberechi Eze. Currently the highest rated championship player on whoscored and is only 21. Plays left wing or attacking midfield.
  14. Please don't be stubborn Brendan! If we play them at their own game we lose. Wolves have beaten them twice this season sitting back with a back 5 and hitting them on the break. Schmeichel Bennett Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Chilwell Praet Tielemans Maddison Iheanacho Vardy
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