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  1. I can live with £37m, slightly more than I think he's worth but if he's who Brendan wants, gerrimin!
  2. The majority of Chelsea fans say he was their best CB last season. I'm suprised he'd be the one to go if they're getting rid of a centre back. He fits the aerielly dominant mould it looks like we're going for so at the right price I wouldn't complain (73.61% win rate, slightly higher than Tarkowski's 73.16%). I think Zouma at about £30m would be better value than Tarkowski at £40m.
  3. Maybe I was a little harsh, I do think Evans was just as good as Soyuncu last season, if not better. I was just trying to be realistic about how many games he can play this season. He's starting to get on a bit so my idea would be to get 25-30 quality games out of him at full fitness rather than over straining him. He's obviously going to still be class this season though, you don't lose the sharpness of thinking he's got.
  4. There's too much tunnel vision on having one set starting lineup. We're going to play 50+ games this season. Even assuming all of our CB's stay fit, they'll have to play almost all of those games between the two of them because Benkovic is always injured and might be going out on loan, and Morgan really shouldn't be starting games for us anymore. On top of that, as good as Evans is, he's 32, in the last year of his contract and has always been known to pick up injures. No way can he play 50 games this season. We need 3 first team quality CB's to cover the two positions incase of i
  5. He's the joint 2nd highest rated CB on whoscored last season: 1st- VVD 7.32 2nd- Tarkowski and Boly 7.19 4th- Maguire 7.12 5th- Soyuncu 7.04 6th- Basham 6.98 9th- Evans 6.90
  6. These are the injuries he's had. Either this is the first time he's dislocated it since 2016 or he's just one of them that has it pop out now and then without it being a problem so they haven't put them on this.
  7. Comparisons to the other wingers we've been linked with, hopefully it'll relieve the people that have felt under-whelmed (I'm so sorry it just writes itself).
  8. Few stats... His goal and assist numbers look more impressive when you look at per 90. He's played 39 90's for Roma in the Serie A, getting 13 goals 9 assists. 22 goal involvements in 39 games doesn't look bad at all. 2.2 take-ons per 90 2.3 chances created per 90 Better numbers than any of our current wingers are capable of. I think injuries are going to be the bigger problem than his talent.
  9. Highlights from a single game. I think these give a better representation of how players actually play.
  10. The Leon Bailey rumours make no sense. Apparently Everton and Spurs want him but Spurs already have Son, Bergwijn, Lucas and Lamela. Everton have already spent 70 odd million and have Richarlison, Rodriguez, Bernard, Iwobi and Walcott. Neither team need him in the slightest. I'm not even sure he would start for either team.
  11. You're spot on with this. He also played a nice cutback that put Barnes in when he put it straight at the keeper. I think a lot of the negativity comes from the "please don't get sent off" feeling we all had for most of the game. In reality though, he never looked like getting sent off after the first yellow, he kept it sensible, stayed in his feet and was solid for the rest of the game. Great overall performance in my opinion!
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