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  1. Commentator just said he had the joint most chances created in Serie A last season. Good stat to hear!
  2. I can't believe I actually saw Everton fans claiming Gomes is better than Tielemans.
  3. Hadn't heard this so looked up our results. We hadn't scored in 3 games games (Wolves, Chelsea and Man City) but we also only conceded once in the last 4 against Wolves, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal. That's an unbelievable defensive record! No doubt if it was a media darling like Man Utd or Spurs they'd have put the positive spin on the results.
  4. New song, it goes Harry Maguire, Harry Maguire We don't need you We've got Soyuncu His nobs ****ing massive
  5. Champions league winners. Barnes, Maddison, Tielemans, Ndidi, Chilwell, Benkovic, Soyuncu and Justin all become world class. The new state of the art training facility and promotion of youth attracts all the best young talent from around the world. We scrap off the stadium expansion and decide to build a 65k stadium with a giant Vichai statue standing over it like the colossus of rhodes, one foot on each side. I promise I'm not getting carried away.
  6. Luckily they'll all be at one by May.
  7. First of all I never said he was from Leicester. Secondly I have made the assumption that he's a Leicester fan which is fair enough but I've never seen anything about him supporting anyone else. Either way, the point still stands as he's surely got some sentiment towards the club and city he's lived in since he was 12 years old. Out of interest, what club does he support? I can't find it anywhere.
  8. Wouldn't sell at any cost. The Maguire money should be plenty to cover everything we need for a while and we couldn't get a left back as good as Chilwell is and will be. You can't buy heart and soul for a club, we've hit the jackpot with Barnes, Chilwell and Hamza coming into the team being Leicester fans. They should be at the core of our squad for the next 10 years.
  9. Whoops, old habit of putting Ndidi in. I definitely ment Choudhury
  10. FireFox summed it up well above but if you want more detail, watch this video. It's very detailed and accurate. https://youtu.be/G0z76jd9LKU
  11. I agree you're more likely to get it with wingers but if they see the diamond they'll quickly figure out that telling one of their strikers to drift wider will cause big problems for the full back creating easy one-two opportunities.
  12. I disagree, I think we'll play the usual 433. Schmeichel Pereira Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Choudhury Tielemans Maddison Perez Vardy Albrighton This was the 11 that played against Atalanta in preparation for this game so I'd be shocked if he changed it, especially when we played very well against a very good team. Wolves play with wingbacks so playing narrow would be suicide imo. As soon as the ball is turned over they'll have a free unmarked outball on the wing all game and will likely cause overloads out wide easily while the midfielders aren't close enough to the fullback to give support. We have the advantage going into the game with Wolves already being tired and we finished the season far better than them playing 433. There's no need to take an unnecessary risk playing a formation we've only played once in a game we're already favourites in.
  13. I cannot express how much this annoys me. It feels like every time I watch us on TV someone makes a dumb comment that exposes them for being absolutely useless. I haven't figured out if they're really thick and have no ability to analyse what's going on, or if they're just lazy overpaid wankers stealing a living. You can literally see were not a counter attacking team by looking at the possession stat, if we come out with 60% every game, how can we not be playing possession football. Also, I find it so frustrating how simple their analysis is in general. Sometimes I wouldn't even class it as analysis, they just narrate highlights. I understand they've got to appeal to the masses so everyone can follow what they're saying but I want real in depth information about the game. I'm far from an expert on tactic (as you can all probably tell) but I'm a big nerd about it and love learning. I'd love it if they could get real qualified coaches on TV that are capable of conveying information like Strider does so people can understand how and why the managers make the decisions they do.
  14. Pereira Chilwell Evans Tielemans Maddison and Vardy would all get into their team comfortably imo. Others like Perez and Ndidi aren't far off either.
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