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  1. Ahh my mistake! Both go to 2021 so we could still be in the money!
  2. Surely Monaco won't buy Silva or Slim off us, both are out of contract so they'll just wait and get them both for free next summer, or am I missing something? Maybe they could pay to avoid other clubs coming in but I don't see the players getting a better offer than Monaco.
  3. Same, at the time I thought it was a great idea. Wood was bullying Evans and Soyuncu and should've scored a few minutes before Wes came on. Wes' specialty is man marking big bastards so it was a smart change imo. Didn't work out too brilliantly but then you never know, if he didn't come on maybe they'd have scored.
  4. I don't think it's a big stretch to compare how good a left back is at left back to how good a right back is at right back. The original point was that he's one of the best fullbacks in the league.
  5. For me left backs: Robertson, Digne Right backs: Pereira, TAA, Walker I really think people are underrating Chilwell. Yes he's had a few dodgy games but he's had mostly very good games in his time with us. If he can add end product to his game he is the complete fullback in my eyes. He's very solid defensively, especially for a 22 y/o. He's quick and can drive forward with the ball well. Last season he did 86 dribbles, more than any other fullback except Pereira (110) and Wan Bissaka (90). His heading ability is also fantastic for a fullback with his big vertical leap and his first touch is exceptional when we switch the play or Schmeichel dinks the ball out to him (assuming the ball makes it to him that is). He obviously has areas he can improve like decision making and crossing but he's got about another 5 years before he hits the peak of the average fullback. Where were the lads listed above at when they were 22? Robertson was getting relegated with Hull, Digne was warming Barcelona's bench, Kyle Walker was out on loan at Aston Villa and Pereira was out getting in the French league team of the season (oh wait he's actually pretty good that lad). In short, Chilwell has amazing fundamentals and with some of Brendans magic coaching I have every faith that he'll get back in form and become one of the best left backs in the world! Oh and just like Kingy, he's one of our own in my eyes.
  6. Right, can we have this out once and for all because the different pronunciations are doing my nut in. When he first came in, people were saying it's pronounced "Prart", like heart with a p. Since then all I've heard is Prat, including from broadcasters that should know, which I feel nasty calling the nice young man. Could any of the more cultured posters clear this up please.
  7. Full debut he means, he's only ever came on off the bench before. Got a decent assist to mark the occasion too!
  8. I thought of him but that transfer was earlier than 2018 I think. Around 2015 maybe?
  9. Anyone got any idea who the player is he's referring to from 6:15 onwards? A player we had an agreement with in 2018 who was tricked by an agent to go to a foreign club on less money so the agent could get a bigger cut. It's not ringing any bells for me!
  10. Massive overreaction about that tackle. Its not vicious at all and I'm convinced he's actually trying to get the ball there, obviously making sure the man doesn't get away at the same time. Very unlucky to land on Salah's ankle and far from intentional or dangerous.
  11. Confirmation that Brendan reads my posts Probably 4141 but close enough
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