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  1. Has anyone got a replay of the Iheanacho disallowed goal? I can't find it and sky decided it wasn't worth their time.
  2. That's a mental record tbf but does it really matter? He's had back to back brilliant seasons individually. There's only so much one man can do to save a team. Off the top of my head I can think of Evans, Maguire, Robertson and Arnautovic all got relegated but are all good Premier League level players.
  3. Starting position is wide right but does like to drift inside a lot so would probably be good at 10 too. I think he played 10 a good amount in Spain.
  4. Buendia is the wide man we should be after for the right side. He's been by far Norwichs best player this season but has somehow gone under the radar. He's 4th in the Premier League for key passes p/90 at 2.6, only beaten by KDB 3.7, Grealish, 2.7 and Maddison 2.7. He's 4th in the league for dribbles p/90, behind Traore, Zaha and Saint-Maximin. He makes the most tackles p/90 of any attacking player at 2.3, followed by Richarlison 2.2 and Anderson 2.0 Joint 4th in the league for assists with 7, beaten by KDB 16, TAA 12 and Mahrez 8. At 23 years old he could be a bargain and would offer us more than Perez does currently. 0 goals is concerning but he's only getting 1.1 shots per game because of his creative role in the team and the fact that Norwich are crap.
  5. Doing a bit of number crunching, they've said they want 40k tests. So that's 40k for 92 games equals 435 tests per game. Now let's assume for each game they need to test 50 people per team. 25 players, 25 non playing staff. (no idea how many staff they'd need but 50 is a nice number for estimating). So for both teams thats 100 tests per day. Assuming games are played about every 4 days that means that they're planning on testing all players and staff every day before training and before games. This way if a player tests positive they are able to isolate before they give it to the rest of the squad and squads can't transmit it to eachother. No need for masks or social distancing while training and playing as all staff, referees and players are tested. Sounds like a decent plan to me but its just whether they can get that many tests without affecting the NHS.
  6. I'd love Grealish but I don't think we could attract him with every other team in the league after him. A similar player to Grealish doing well is Eberechi Eze. Currently the highest rated championship player on whoscored and is only 21. Plays left wing or attacking midfield.
  7. Please don't be stubborn Brendan! If we play them at their own game we lose. Wolves have beaten them twice this season sitting back with a back 5 and hitting them on the break. Schmeichel Bennett Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Chilwell Praet Tielemans Maddison Iheanacho Vardy
  8. "A club need to have applied for a permit prior to the window closing". I might be wrong but time shouldn't be an issue as long as the application is sent before the deadline, the bigger issue is meeting the criteria. Even if he doesn't pass their "points based system", I'm sure he'd be accepted by the FA Exceptions Panel who consider the players "experience and value". A first team starter for a solid Portuguese first division team who is going to cost €20m+ is surely plenty of experience and value. If I remember correctly, Kramaric failed the points based system but was granted the permit by the panel. He was playing in Croatia and cost under £10m so it could be argued that Tapsoba has more experience and value.
  9. I wasn't one for suggesting Carrasco before because we wouldn't be able to match what he's on in China but this could make it more realistic.
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