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  1. I wasn't one for suggesting Carrasco before because we wouldn't be able to match what he's on in China but this could make it more realistic.
  2. Schmeichel Pereira Evans Soyuncu Chilwell/Fuchs Ndidi Praet Maddison Perez Vardy Albrighton Hopefully get a 2 or more goal lead and take Vardy off for Iheanacho and Maddison for Choudhury as early as possible. Barnes and Gray don't deserve to start after their performances today. The title is gone imo so we should put full effort into winning a cup!
  3. I know I wasn't asked but I watched the Rafa Benitez video on Sky about how to beat Liverpool... A couple of key points that he makes could suit us: 1. He says quick defenders that can match Liverpools attackers are important so that you can defend at "three quarters" rather than on the 18 yard box. You don't want to get pinned all the way back so that you've got no space to play out when you win the ball and the long pass option is off because you're too far away from the dangerous areas in the channels. Soyuncu, Pereira and Chilwell all fit the profile of quick defenders that can match their pace upfront and Evans' superb reading of the game adds an extra couple of yards since he always has a head start. 2. He says the best way to get at them and beat the press is long-balls into the channels. Their fullbacks push very high, usually at the same time which leaves Van Dijk and Matip/Lovren at the back with Fabinho shielding them. They obviously expect this and are good at dealing with it BUT Vardy is one of the best in the world at chasing long balls and forcing mistakes. Plus our defenders are better on the ball than most teams Liverpool will play against and that sounds like a threatening combination to me! Even if Vardy can just force a throw in in their half, it relieves the pressure and puts us in a position where we can play our game and pin THEM in. It's going to be a tough game but it's winnable! Teams that we've blown away this season have given Liverpool problems. If anyone can beat them, it's us!
  4. Ajax have just been knocked out of the champions league so maybe a January move isn't off the cards. It's not like winning the Dutch league for the however-manyth time in a row is really worth sticking around for. This is the type of signing that could take us to the next level!
  5. Has there been a noticeable change to the way the u23s play already? Is that why the results have improved or is it just coincidence?
  6. Agree, he's a fantastic player and deserves to play more. There was one pass in particular that was amazing today that I haven't seen shown on any highlights. He picked up the ball from our throw-in in our own half, spun his man with ease and played Vardy in behind with a beautifully curved pass down the line. Vardy then underhit a square ball to Iheanacho which would've made it 2 0 at the time. I'm convinced he'd start for 15/16 of the other teams in the league.
  7. Thats what I love! It must be hard enough preparing to play a team as good as us but to prepare for the game not having a clue how we're going to play must be a nightmare!
  8. What was the team back when Shakespeare was sacked? Something along the lines of: Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Mahrez ndidi Iborra Albrighton Okazaki Vardy Can anyone honestly say Rodgers would've been interested in taking over that heavily aging squad? Compare that to what Puel left: Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Tielemans Ndidi Gray Maddison Barnes Vardy The age of 7 of starting 11s ages were reduced massively while also bringing in more technical players capable of playing the possession football that Brendan wants. Simpson 32-> Ricardo 26 Morgan 35 -> Evans 31 Fuchs 33 -> Chilwell 22 Iborra 31 -> Tielemans 22 Mahrez 28 -> Gray 23 Okazaki 33 -> Maddison 23 Albrighton 30 -> Barnes 21 Brendan is a superior manager that were lucky to have at our club but he wouldn't be wasting his time on that first squad. The second squad however is full of youth, potential and players that fit Rodgers system. In my opinion our owners have played an absolute blinder with both managers, one to build the foundations of a great team and one to finish it off and win trophies. Anyway, I'm bored of talking about Puel. Hopefully as a fan base we can move on and get on with enjoying what is probably going to be the greatest period in our clubs history!
  9. That's just for attackers in the lead up to a goal, defenders get let off a bit considering they're blocking shots all game.
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