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  1. Have 2 adults and 2 u16's available for this in family stand Not to be split and must have at least one u16 with two adults £50 for the lot Season tickets so must be collected and returned
  2. I agree we looked really leggy last night the midfield were empty after 35 mins We need a couple of massive signings in January to lift the whole team
  3. have 2 adults and 2 u16 for this game Will not split and you must have kids with you as its family stand
  4. Still available 2 adults and 2 kids in family stand You must have at least one under 16 go with you
  5. Will there be anyone left in America this christmas ? All these new members coming back for this match .....shameless scousers
  6. Story is a non story , he ain't leaving and arsenal are too stupid a club to actually try get him
  7. Have two adult and two u16 available for this Season tickets so will need to be picked up and returned
  8. Mark used to drink in our boozer when he was Kettering manager Seriously nice man
  9. Nah its Wayne boss , just off to knock the backh end out of a granny mate Calm down calm down calm down
  10. The most influential player ever at this club, set the standard, raised the bar , won the league, conquered his human failings, hamstrung by his missus but rose all the way to the top .... legend just doesn't do him justice
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