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  1. Find this thread nothing short of bizarre
  2. Team isnt supporting him, Tillermans has been a huge disappointed he isnt unlocking anything and maddison is now a playboy and showing all the signs of being the next drinkwater Rodgers needs to freshen things up
  3. Young rich man behaves like a prat Don't any of you go on instabook He is normal
  4. Very much so , I suspect she will be forever tainted by Corbyn and marxist policies she helped design I have met Sir Keir a few times he is a really genuine man, wonderfully intelligent and very very driven, One negative might be he lacks a little charisma but he has massive potential as a leader Labour are broken at present, if people truly knew the war raging at HQ and the tactics being employed they would be horrified it's truly KGB stuff, but the moderates have grown strong and Sir Keir has structured plans to take control swiftly from top to bottom in April. I'm told Red Len is also on a short pier for a long walk at Unite, some very interesting stuff developing there.
  5. My wife works for the labour party she is seconded from Unite , make no bones about it this isnt happening Sir Keir will be the next leader of the labour party and will win in a landslide
  6. Aren't they weekend games ?
  7. Grey is like a duracell bunny Makes noise, moves around and runs forever but apart from that is fairly useless It's down to hunger and desire and I'm not sure he has that now he has made his coin
  8. Looks decent against weaker teams not so sure against the top teams
  9. Was surprised how many empty seats in the home end considering it was a "sell out"
  10. They are a good team with a good coach and but their heart and soul into that game Good result The performance isnt anything to worry about
  11. Says all you need to know about this cup these days
  12. Ya guess so but its their reserve team , they have taken the fight to us which is always when we struggle good old fashioned cup game
  13. Imagine all these plane fumes in your back yard
  14. We need abig powerful option off the bench up front
  15. Biggest game of the season so far , Lose this and and the cracks become craters Momentum in football is everything and we need to stop the slide a little One win in last 5 at home is poor, and that was Wigan
  16. Still 11 points clear of Man United in 5th but we have a massive game Wednesday night It is huge in context of momentum
  17. No leadership No drive Standards have dropped Why ?
  18. Cash ? Is that the solution ? And where do we strengthen? Full back and centre midfield?
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