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  1. That’s back to front surely? The problem with treatments being delayed was because all the NHS resources were needed to deal with covid19 patients - to the extent that we were trying to build Nightingale hospitals. A major goal of the lockdown was to prevent a complete collapse of the health service. If we allow a second wave by acting carelessly then we risk the same thing happening again.
  2. There are some really interesting trials going on re different forms of testing. In Hampshire they are a trialing a swab test which takes 20 mins to give a result and in Southampton a spitting test which takes several days (ie send away) but is obviously very much easier to obtain. If they work the former provides potential for super spreading environments like a&e, doctors surgeries, care homes and dentists whereas the second could support mass mail out testing of everyone in a region. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/trial-of-rapid-coronavirus-test-launched-in-hampshire https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-saliva-test-for-coronavirus-piloted-in-southampton Mind you perhaps if they could combine these you could have pubs that you cannot leave before closing time with a spittoon at the entrance. At last orders you either find you can go home or are staying for a 2 week lock in!
  3. I imagine that was shortly after writing Homeward Bound at Widnes railway station ( there is a plaque there...)
  4. 8 positive tests in the championship with 2200 tested in total. That seems worryingly high, I thought I had read that in the uk population only 1 in 1700 was thought to have it currently.
  5. This seems very good news, a cheap treatment that saves many lives (1/3 of people who die on ventilators will be saved by it) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53061281
  6. Stivo

    Corona Virus

    My household was chosen at random by ipsos Mori to take part in the first uk Covid-19 home antibody testing trial run by Imperial College. At this stage they are just testing that the public can use the test kits - the instructions stress that the current tests are not yet accurate enough and so cannot be relied upon. Anyway this morning we received our test kits. They consist of a lancet, a pipette, a plastic test stick and a small bottle of buffer solution. We will give it a go later...
  7. Stivo

    Corona Virus

    I find that the graph mapping reported deaths by the date of death shows the clearer trend. The last few points are unreliable as all they data for them hasn’t arrived yet. https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/covid-19-death-data-in-england-update-3rd-may/
  8. Stivo

    Corona Virus

    You would expect people in a closed environment on a ship to reach a herd immunity if no one is quarantined. The french aircraft carrier reached 50% which is more plausible though. So if everyone passes it on to 2 others when you get to 50% already exposed only one of those 2 people can actually get it and your R is then 1. Add a few more and it’s under 1.
  9. To be fair to Dixons 8GB of memory in the mid 90s would have been worth about £16,000 so it was quite a bargain!
  10. school milk (removed by a very famous politician ) plastic sets of decimal money England winning the World Cup steam trains from Narborough Clear plastic macs cycling at saffron lane
  11. British Shoe Corporation buses
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