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  1. Problem for him he is almost a Hybrid of them both 🤷‍♂️ great squad player and maybe if either one gets sold next summer then he can slot in but he is going to struggle to dislodge either
  2. Because of racist tropes many young BAME men like Wes never get a chance in the Corporate world especially if they are like him piecing together the education needed to open the doors, Wes will get a chance and you can see in this article he intends on using that to create a platform for others and effect real change going forward, he is a human being of immense standing, forget his footballing achievements it’s his leadership achievements he might actually be remembered for, love him even more this morning 😍
  3. 15 years, it feels like a few years before we won the league, I remember the game well totally shocked it’s 15 years 😳😳
  4. Dozens on here have been made to eat there words about him, me included, wonder does the Nach read FT 🤣🤣🤣 enough motivation on this thread to give a man a serious appetite to spill blood 🤣🤣
  5. 12 months till that clause expires 😳😳😳 Man City could buy him back if this continues
  6. It’s good reading of the market , no one has the big bucks this summer and next year your goods will get better rates ! rodgers is shrewd he actually one day could run a club top to bottom successfully
  7. Bravemansgame owned by a market Harborough man
  8. Coral Cup Wednesday eachway 7 and 8 places around
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