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  1. paper story today: his Cardiac Arrest episode hasn’t been mentioned at all in the media this week “It seemed as if the entire world paused in shock to witness Denmark’s captain fighting for his life on a football pitch. For one former Irish footballer, Clive Clarke, who lost his career and almost lost his life to a sudden cardiac arrest at a football match, the sight of Christian Eriksen and his grief-stricken team-mates and family in Copenhagen didn’t really bring back memories of his own episode, as the impact of his own heart attack is there every sing
  2. The Moment of the match the Racists Drowned out with a passionate round of English applause 🙏🏻🙏🏻 the play of the match Philips and Stirling combining for a great Goal, coincidently products of this countries proud history of welcoming people of other races here to live and work in peace wonderful stuff ! Come on England
  3. Saw a cracking one in Sheringham last week, on some lads leg was just about it to say hello and my little one bolted and had to go after her
  4. That’s sort of a contradiction isn’t it mate what your saying is “if he moves to a team that dominates the ball and creates lots of chances in the premier league he will be a success” plenty of teams like that at top of premier league Toney has all the tools to go right to the top my mates lad played with him and said he was special beyond belief, If Toney believes that then he might just be a huge success in the premier league
  5. I know the most under appreciated was the magnificent Denis Wise
  6. Always makes me feel warm inside when I hear it blandness is where the world is headed ☹️
  7. Many of the old dears round Northfields and gipsy lane used to say m’duck when I was growing up
  8. Eddie just changed boxing TV in the UK forever, this Dazn deal is seismic Sky TV will surly turn to Frank Warren now ? They can’t be without a cornerstone sport like boxing
  9. Stringer already makes the radio booth that
  10. 40,000 Would be good as long as they don’t stick 5000 extra hospitality places in
  11. I agree ! Should be £250/450/650 and kids under 16 free 2000 of those !
  12. Season ticket money is now pocket change compared to this 😳😳😳
  13. I know that 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ and if that situation continues we will lose a generation of kids that do want to go keep up
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